A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

This is first episode of A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi Kdrama, Jin Seong Mi has ability to see ghost, so that Ma Wang sends her to take Prince Iron Fan for him, but she releases a big monster Son Oh Gong.

A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi

Jin Seong Mi (Oh Yeon-Seo) can see ghost, her classmates think she should go to ghost school. A ghost teacher appears in the classroom, nobody can see her except Jin Sun-Mi. She uses her yellow umbrella driving her away, but the ghost appears again and persuades her to return to school when she walks around the river. She begins to attack Jin Sun-Mi after she rejects her suggestion.

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At this time, Ma Wang (Cha Seung-Won) appears and kills the ghost with his black umbrella. Jin Sun-Mi is interested in Woo Whee and thinks it’s a powerful weapon. He is looking for a girl like her and promises that he will give his umbrella to her if she can pass his trial.

Ma Wang lets Jin Sun-Mi cross the forest and take the Princess Iron Fan for him, and warns her to ignore other things. But she doesn’t follow his order and saves Son Oh-Gong (Lee Seung-Gi) who promise that he will protest her if she snuffs the candles in the room after entering the house. But, Son O-Gong breaks his vow and steals Jin Sun-Mi memory so that she cannot recall his name. He even takes off the Princess Iron Fan.

Twenty-five years later, Jin Sun-Mi finds a female ghost who like singing in her new house, she feeds her delicious snacks. The ghost enters into a girl’s body and attends Ma Wang’s show. Woo Whee gives her a pass, the ghost thanks to him in his office. Woo Whee asks the ghost to be out of the girl’s body since she achieves her wish.

Son Oh-Gong pretends to be a priest and kills wooden doll who enters a child’s body and makes him sick. The wooden doll tells Son Oh-Gong an interested message that he bit a girl who is Sam Jang and feels powerful before he died. Ma Wang is jealous of Son Oh-Gong when guard gives him the flowers which someone thanks to Son Oh-Gong and lets him give it to him. He finds Son Oh-Gong is enjoying TV in his room when Ma Wang carries the flowers and returns home. Ma Wang blames Son O-Gong for hanging his clothes on his statue, Son Oh-Gong ignores it and is curious why Ma Wang gets so many negative comments from his show.

Son Oh-Gong reports to God that he has killed wooden doll, but God tells him that wooden doll has a wife who is bride wooden doll. Son Oh Gong thinks he will return to heaven if he kills bride wooden doll, but God doesn’t think so and tells him that he needs a reference. It drives Son Oh Gong mad and breaks the desk in front of God, he tells God that he found Sam Jang and reveals he will eat her.

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God fears Son Oh Gong eats Sam Jang, hence he visits Ma Wang and tells him that Sam Jang is the girl who take Prince Iron Fan for him and asks him to protect her.

Son Oh Gong find the kettle which bride wooden doll stayed, he wants to buy it, but clerk tells him it’s expensive, hence he calls Sa Oh Jeong and asks him to buy it for him.

Jin Seong Mi runs into Son Oh Gong while she is chasing a ghost. She pretends she has already remembered his name, but he doesn’t believe it and lets her call it immediately, Jin Seong Mi refuses it. He feels upset.

Ma Wang visits Jin Seong Mi’s office, her assistant Han Joo welcomes him and lets him wait in Jin Seong Mi’s room. Ma Wang is interested in her slipper and smells the scent.

Jin Seong Mi is hunted by bride wooden doll when she returns home, Son Oh Gong arrives and kills the ghost. Jin Seong Mi is very happy and thinks he protects her ultimately, but he tells her he doesn’t save her but eat her.

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