A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi Kdrama Recap: Episode 2

This is second episode of A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi Kdrama, Son Oh Gong wants to eat Jin Seon Mi, hence she asks Ma Wang for help. Ma Wang gives Geum Gang Go to her.

A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi Kdrama Recap: Episode 2

A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi

Son Oh Gong tells Jin Seon Mi that they should break the old contract and make a new one so that he can protect her from now on, but she rejects it as she sees him looks weird when they make the contract. Jin Seon Mi thinks he will eat her immediately after breaking the old contract. He accepts it and reveals he can get strong if he eats her.

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Ma Wang and Elder Soo Bo Ri are curious why Son Oh Gong didn’t eat Sam Jang. Ma Wang thinks there is something he doesn’t know and tells his assistant that he should stay away from Sam Jang as he was hooked by her blood when he entered her house.

Son Oh Gong tells Jin Seon Mi that her best choice is to be eaten by him otherwise she will bitten by evil spirits. She thinks it’s ridiculous and denies his suggestion, but she is bitten by a evil spirit while she goes home. He gives her 15 days to think about it after killing the evil spirit.

Ma Wang returns home and gets angry after he sees Son Oh Gong’s coat covers his statue. He tells him he will burn it if he does that thing again. Son Oh Gong ignores him as he is fixing Jin Seon Mi’s umbrella. Ma Wang tells him that Jin Seon Mi became Sam Jang because she released him from marble mountain. Son Oh Gong lets Ma Wang watch the fire as he is cooking sauce on there. Ma Wang thinks he is going to eat her as sauce make it taste better.

Jin Seon Mi looks for her umbrella down the street, Son Oh Gong gives it to her without letting her know. Jin Seon Mi recalls Son Oh Gong told her that his name is three words, so that she calls the three word names one by one and hopes he will come. Meanwhile, her assistant tells her that Ma Wang visited her yesterday, she isn’t interested in it at all, but she wants to visit him after showing Ma Wang’s video in his phone.

Ma Wang doesn’t remember who is she when Jin Seon Mi appears in his show. She shows his wound, the smell of her blood attract many evil spirits and Ma Wang. Jin Seon Mi asks Ma Wang to tell her Son Oh Gong’s name, but Ma Wang tells her that she won’t remember it even if he tells her. Hence, he takes her to visit the spirit shop and gives her Geum Gang Go. Jin Seon Mi sees she kisses Son Oh Gong through a jar.

Jin Seon Mi accepts Son Oh Gong’s request that she will be eaten by him, but she needs a date and asks him to be her boyfriend for one day before she dies. He accepts it and takes her to have a dinner. However, she pushes him away when he lets her be in his arm just like other couple and tells him that he needn’t to do thing like that.

Jin Seon Mi gives Son Oh Gong a present Geum Gang Go and tells him that she does want to die today as it’s Christmas Day. He agrees as he gave her 15 days to decide. Ma Wang sees Son Oh Gong puts his coat on his statue again, he finds the Geum Gang Go which costed him so much money in the coat when he is going to burn it.

The 15 days appointment is reached, Son Oh Gong goes to Jin Seon Mi’s office to take her, but she isn’t in there. He sees a weird photo in her office and takes it to ask Pk. Pk tells him that the photo demon caught Jin Seon Mi and let her be his bride, there is only one way to enter the photo is to take a photo in front of the building.

The demon agrees to return his bride if the bride accepts him when Son Oh Gong enters the photo world. However Jin Seon Mi doesn’t accepts Son Oh Gong as his groom, hence he has to wear Geum Gang Go and make her accepts him. But, the photo demon goes back when he smells the scent which comes from Jin Seon Mi and orders his henchmen to catch them. Son Oh Gong has to take Jin Seon Mi to flee, but he finds Pk closes the entrance when they are going to be out of the photo world.

At this time, Ma Wang finds Pk who is going to take off camera and begins to burn the photo so that he can kill Son Oh Gong. Jin Seon Mi recalls she saw the scene through the jar before, so that she kisses Son Oh Gong. The Geum Gang Go is active and makes Son Oh Gong’s heart uncomfortable, he returns her memory to her and tells her that he will protect her if she calls his name. Then, he sends her to the reality.

Jin Seon Mi worries Son Oh Gong so that she visits Sa Oh Jeong and looks for the method to save him. Sa Oh Jeong tells her that Son Oh Gong will return if she calls his name. Meanwhile, PK reports to Ma Wang that Jin Seon Mi remembers Son Oh Gong.

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