A Poem A Day Korean Drama Recap: Episode 2

In the second episode of A Poem A Day Korean Drama, Bo Young begins to bully Min Ho after knowing he spread her rumors. She feels regret after her patient is dead because she thought he looked down on her before.

A Poem A Day Korean Drama Recap: Episode 2

A Poem A Day

Min Ho asks Nam Woo to live with him, but Nam Woo rejects and reveals he was traumatized from sleeping somewhere after his family fled in the middle of night. Min Ho asks him not to whine his past and persuades him to drink something.

Min Ho mentions Bo Young hit him on the back of head at that night, Nam Woo asks him to hit him just like she did on him and reveals he told everyone their past at the company dinner. But Bo Young mistakes Min Ho. Min Ho shakes Nam Woo’s body and thinks he is a bastard. Nam Woo claims he will explain it to Bo Young, but Min Ho thinks they cannot get alone with each other.

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Bo Young fall asleep while sitting on chair after reading the poems, Yoon Joo thinks she must be hurt deeply by Min Ho after check a poem she read. Shi Won calls Bo Young friendly employee and asks for lunch, Yoon Joo tells him she isn’t the friendly employee anymore and tells him to stop it when he thinks Bo Young dislikes Min Ho as he rejected her before.

Bo Young goes to another room and fans her tears, telling herself to focus on work. Yoon Joo gets angry to Min Ho when he’s late, he thinks she shouldn’t get angry to him since he didn’t reject her. Shi Won asks Bo Young to treat patient for him, but Min Ho trips and takes off Myung Cheol’s pants when she is treating a amputee patient.

Shi Won asks Bo Young to submit his resignation letter as she didn’t teach Min Ho properly, Bo Young rejects it and reveals Min Ho was scared. Bo Young asks Min Ho to work hard since he doesn’t know the meaning of amputee, but he trips again when he is going to leave. Yoon Hee and Shi Eun think she kicked him while walking through.

Shi Won reports to Myung Cheol that Bo Young kicked Min Ho, Myung Cheol asks her not to bring her personal emotion to her job. Bo Young loses her temper and orders Min Ho to cut apple for patient. He is upset after cutting the apple and yells at Bo Young. She lets him leave if he cannot bear it.

Min Ho rolls on floor and asks his parents to open a cafe at their hospital, they warn him that they will take back his car and credit card if he leaves. Jae Wook is assigned to the department as famous doctor, Shi Won and Yoon Joo welcome him, but Jae Wook gives them advise separately.

Nam Woo messages to Bo Young that he told others she and Min Ho’s relationship, asking for forgiving. But she chases him around the hospital and catches him ultimately. Bo Young reveals she cannot forgive Min Ho because he spread his rumors during college, but Nam Woo tells her that it isn’t Min Ho but him, and reveals Min Ho doesn’t care to be her enemy as he isn’t intention to be close her.

Bo Young and Min Ho are told the patient passed away due to cardiac arrest when they want to treat him. The patient’s wife thanks to them and reveals it was her birthday so that his husband asked them to cut apple for her when they attend the funeral.

Jae Wook gives the poetry he picked to Bo Young, she is tears after reading the poetry which the patient wrote. she thinks she is unqualified when having dinner with Min Ho, and reveals she thought the patient looked down on her.

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