Actress Bai Lu Receives an Earphone Box

Actress Bai Lu receives a beautiful earphone box, and she shows the stuff to her fans while holding it with her pretty hand.

Bai Lu

Bai Lu comments: It’s a special earphone box, and I can hear the beauty of technology in the charming ancient rhyme.

After she posted the photos, fans think Bai Lu is good looking.

Here are the comments of fans.

Bai Lu’s Shop: Baby! You’re good looking.

FireBallon Next to Star: You’re good looking, and I wants to ask when you took the photos. Surprising! The earphone box is good looking.

Fat Fish: I’m lost under your side face.

The Star: The earphone box matches the beauty well.

Living with Bai Lu: Baby! Your hairstyle is good looking, so does the side face. Do you hear the voice I love you.

Bai Lu stars Chinese historical drama “The Legends” and “Arsenal Military Academy” with Xu Kai. She plays the roles of Lu Zhao Yao and Xie Xiang.

She also stars romantic drama “Lucky’s First Love” with Xing Zhao Lin. She plays the role of Lucky who always brings luck to her boss Xia Ke. But Xia Ke keeps concealing his love, and gets her to love someone else.

Bai Lu

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