And The Winner is Love: Episode 1 Recap & Review

Yukee Chen is the only reason making me watch And The Winner is Love.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 1 Recap & Review

And The Winner is Love

This And The Winner is Love recap contains spoilers.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 1 begins with the scene which the sword master Chong Ye is practicing sword art. It seems like nobody can defeat him, but he’s sick. He tells his daughter Chong Xuezhi (Yukee Chen) to protect herself, and challenges many martial arts sects. He disappears.

Many years later. Xue Zhi grows up and she becomes the younger master of fire sect. She is asked to take part in the martial arts meeting with the lotus manual. She intends to take back the lotus wing and prove fire sect isn’t a evil sect.

Xue Zhi and her troop set out, but they get attack by the sect. The chief Guang Pei claims that he wants to get rid of the evil for martial arts, but he actually wants the lotus manual. Mu Yuan (Zhou Tingwei) defeats Guang Pei so that Xue Zhi and her group leave. But the masked man kills Guang Peng and his men, and claims that he wants to take revenge fire sect.

And The Winner is Love catches our attention with the lotus manual and lotus wing. We wonder why the people want to get them. Xue Zhi and the men of fire sect arrive at the hotel, and the lady of the evil sect poisons Xue Zhi’s follower Zhu Sha. So Xue Zhi goes to chase Zhu Sha. But she gets attacked by the masked group. Her horse Xuan Zhi gets killed.

Shangguan Tou (Leo Luo) shows up from the sky and he helps Xue Zhi to drive the masked men away. But Xue Zhi’s eyes get hurt. Leo Luo shows his charm again on And The Winner is Love, and we last saw it was on Ashes of love. He played the heavenly prince Run Yu.

Shangguan Tou takes Xue Zhi to the cave, and she is vigilant to him. Because he is a stranger, and her eyes get blinded. But she takes down the guard after knowing he buried her horse Xuan Zhi, and she almost leaks her real identity. She asks him to open the fireworks for her so that Mu Yuan can find her. But he tells her that it’s raining outside, and he touches her lips. She mistakes that he kissed her. Xue Zhi’s flustered.

Shangguan Tou leaves, and Mu Yuan finds Xue Zhi. The brother and the sister return the hotel, and she tells him to call her name instead of younger master. He feels happy. The boy sells Xue Zhi’s portrait, and she finds out her looks on the portrait are ugly. Mu Yuan buys the portrait, and she finds out that the boy sold them with higher price.

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Xue Zhi runs into Lin Fengzhi (Tian Yitong) in the street, and the two are happy. But Feng Zhi’s master is rude to Xue Zhi. Mu Yuan shows up and scolds the master. Someone attacks Xue Zhi from the shadow place, and Xia Qingmei (Zhao Wenhao) shows up and protects her.

And The Winner is Love ends with the fight of Qing Mei’s appearing. He’s the disciple of spirit sword village. He also takes lotus wing which Xue Zhi wants to get it. The master of spirit sword village intends to return the lotus wing, but he worries that she will be brutal like her dad. So he sends Qing Mei to test her.

The whole episode is full of conspiracy. Xue Zhi as a simple girl becoming the younger master of fire sect. The world is good in her mind, and she thinks she can prove her sect is a good sect through her hard work. But the people in the martial arts don’t think so. They try to slander fire sect, and want to get the lotus manual which may help them rule the world.

Fortunately, Shangguan Tou and Mu Yuan take Xue Zhi’s side. The two try their best to protect the innocence girl. But she needs to get hurt so that she will grow up. Qing Mei seems like a good person, and on the end of the episode he shows up to save Xue Zhi. But he’s evil and the big boss on And The Winner is Love. His real face won’t show up too soon, and I thinks he will stand by Xue Zhi’s side in episodes 1-10.

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