And The Winner is Love: Episode 2 Recap & Review

Chong Xuezhi is defeated by Xia Qingmei so that she must take the promise she made on And The Winner is Love.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 2 Recap & Review

And The Winner is Love

This And The Winner is Love recap contains spoilers.

And The Winner is Love begins with the scene that Qing Mei helps Xue Zhi (Yukee Chen) avoid the shoot of silver whip sect, and he tells her that he is the elder disciple of spirit sword village. She wants to take away the lotus wing from him, but he reminds her that she must win him in the hero meeting to get the lotus wing.

Chief Feng meets with Xing Yi and Ci Ren, and he thinks the lotus wing and lotus manual should belong to him as Chong Ye killed his dad. He asks the two help him, and they agree to it after Chief Feng promised to share lotus wing and lotus manual.

The hero meeting begins, and Chief Feng gets his disciple Mu Lin to defeat the challenger on the stage. But the man of poison sect sprinkles the poison to Mu Lin, and the poor disciple dies. Chief Feng doesn’t save his disciple as his goal is lotus wing. The chief of poison sect Hua Manyue drops poison on Xue Zhi’s tea, but the servant hands over the tea to Qing Mei.

Ci Ren flies to the stage and calls Xue Zhi to stage. But Qing Mei accepts the challenge for Xue Zhi. And The Winner shows us the stunning fight in the hero meeting. Qing Mei defeats Ci Ren and he calls Xue Zhi to the stage. Feng Zi wonders why Qing Mei wants to fight with Xue Zhi. Chief Yuan explains that he wants to help her best friend.

Xue Zhi isn’t the opponent of Qing Mei, and she gets defeated. Shangguan Tou shows up and saves her. He goes to the stage and defeats Qing Mei with his fan art. He flies over the rooftop and leaves the hero meeting. Qing Mei wins as Shangguan Tou’s leaving. But he passes out because of the poison.

People finds out that Qing Mei passed out after drinking Xue Zhi’s tea. Xue Zhi shows up and brings the doctor Liu Li who is a doctor. Liu Li finds out that the poison comes from west country, and Chief Feng thinks the murderer is Hua Manyue.

Chief Wang blames Hua Manyue for not killing Xue Zhi, and wants to kill her. She explains that Qing Mei drank the tea, and gives the medicine to him when Chief Yuan takes her women arriving. Chief Yuan wonders why Chief Wang is there, and he explains that he came to catch Hua Manyue. He gives the medicine to her.

Chief Yuan brings the medicine and gets Qing Mei to drink it. Qing Mei tells Feng Zi to protect lotus wing, but she gives it to the monk. Chief Yuan gets angry as she thinks Feng Zi doesn’t trust her. Feng Zi explains that she thinks she and her master don’t have the power to protect lotus wing.

And The Winner is Love ends with the meeting of Qing Mei and Xue Zhi. He asks her to take the duty since her dad Chong Ye killed many people. She lifts her hand and swears not to learn lotus wing so that he intends to return the lotus wing to fire sect. But Chief Feng and Ci Ren are against it, and the two want to get lotus wing and lotus manual. So Xue Zhi offers to burn up the lotus manual.

Lotus wing shows up in the martial arts world, and the ambition of the chiefs come. Chief Wang claims to take revenge his disciple Guang Peng who died on the episode 1. But he actually wants to get lotus wing. Chief Feng and Ci Ren want to get lotus wing as well, and they work together to be against Xue Zhi. But they fight with each other when Xue Zhi wants to give one of them.

Xue Zhi doesn’t want to see the trouble happening in the the martial arts world again. So she tries to burn up Lotus wing to make up the hurt her dad took to people. But the chiefs won’t let her do that, and each one of them wants to become Chong Ye. This is how And The Winner is Love runs. Xue Zhi’s path is hard, and I thinks Shangguan Tou will protect her as he promised it to Chong Ye.

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