And The Winner is Love: Episode 5 Recap & Review

Xue Zhi is wronged for killing Wang Yinya, and Shangguan Tou takes her to see his sister on And The Winner is Love.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 5 Recap & Review

And The Winner is Love

This And The Winner is Love recap contains spoilers.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 5 begins with Xue Zhi suspecting Fu Yiya and his brother stole her lotus wing, so he takes her and Shangguan Tou to see Wang Yinya. The three get in the cellar. Xue Zhi finds out that Wang Yinya has died. Fu Yuya explains that he got someone to pretend to be his brother because the silver whip and chief badge are missing.

Xue Zhi and Shangguan Tou return the hotel. She is surprised that the little beggar is there. He explains that Shangguan Tou kept him, and wants to flirt with women like him. Shangguan Tou is awkward and gives the name Gu Gu to the little beggar as he’s always hungry. Xue Zhi is lost for not finding the clue of lotus wing. Shangguan Tou catches the glowworm to cheer her up.

The princess’s follower informs Shangguan Tou that Shangguan Zheng wants to see him and Xue Zhi. Shanguan Tou takes Xue Zhi to see his sister. Shangguan Zheng pretends to like the girl his brother brought, but she tells Shangguan Tou not to step in the trouble of fire sect.

Shangguan Tou and Xue Zhi ride the carriage, and the driver mistakes them as wife and husband. She asks him why he didn’t explain it, and he reveals it’s his first time to ride carriage with a girl. She feels happy and wonders why the seafood they ate were so fresh. He says that it’s because the seafood is carried with ice.

Shangguan Tou goes to see Fu Yuya and tells him that Wang Yinya was killed by someone, and it didn’t show his wound because of the low temperature. Shangguan Tou finds the lotus shape wound. Fu Yiya thinks Xue Zhi is the killer, and hurts her leg.

When Shangguan Tou is treating Xue Zhi’s leg, the followers return. She is nervous to let his hand go, and tells Gu Gu to look for the silver whip and chief badge as the killer will wrong someone with the stuff. Shangguan Zheng tells Lu Prince that her brother took back the chief of fire sect, and Lu Prince wants to see Xue Zhi.

Fu Yiya takes officials to surround Xue Zhi’s room and takes her away. Mu Yuan learns that Yuwen Elder’s body is fine, and he wants to go to see Xue Zhi. But Yuwen Elder givers the letter to Mu Yuan that the sects ask fire sect to make weapons. Mu Yuan has to stay at the fire sect.

Xue Zhi tells Minister that he cannot arrest her because he doesn’t have any evidence. Fu Yiya finds the silver whip and chief badge from her room, so Minister sends her to the jail.

And The Winner is Love ends with Shangguan Tou returning to the hotel. Gu Gu cries to him that Xue Zhi was arrested.

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