Arsenal Military Academy Chinese Drama: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap of Arsenal Military Academy Episode 3. The soldiers put Yan Zhen on the training ground, and he thinks they’re too bad. Xie Xiang returns with the wood and lies next to Yan Zhen. He swears to defeat them all, and she swears not to return finally. They laugh while seeing each other, and he doesn’t want to take big bath anymore.

Arsenal Military Academy Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

Arsenal Military Academy

Man Ting finds Ms. Yu in the bar and tells her that she is looking for Xiao Jun. Xiao Jun is surprised that Man Ting wears the sunglasses in the evening, and Man Ting fears to get recognized and reveals she got kidnapped. Xiao Jun tells Man Ting that nobody knows her, and yells that Man Ting is there. Nobody cares for Man Ting.

Man Ting wonders if the people in the bar don’t read newspapers. Xiao Jun points out that people come there cannot read and they don’t care gossip, and asks Man Ting why she came to Shunyuan. Man Ting shares that she has a filming there, and Xiao Jun thinks it’s invested by Ting Bai. She tells her not to offend him as he is her benefactor. Man Ting claims that she is a big star, not social butterfly. Xiao Jun thinks there is no difference, and tells Man Ting to marry Ting Bai as he is rich and powerful.

Man Ting stops Xiao Jun and doesn’t to listen to her grumble. Xiao Jun reminds Man Ting that Ting Bai will love someone else, but Man Ting applauds to thank the woman. She thinks there’re many men liking her and she earns money on her own. She thinks she doesn’t rely on him, but Xiao Jun points out that Man Ting got kidnapped in Palimo club without him. Man Ting wonders why Xiao Jun knew it, and Xiao Jun explains that she wanted to introduce a friend to Man Ting and saw it. Man Ting asks Xiao Jun why she didn’t save her, and Xiao Jun thinks she cannot defeat Yan Zhen and says that she wanted to leave the chance to Ting Bai.

Man Ting asks Xiao Jun if she knows people of Arsenal Military Academy, and reveals the jerk went to Arsenal Military Academy. She says that she felt embarrassed as he slapped her ass, and swears to take revenge. Man Ting asks Xiao Jun to tell her when the jerk takes a holiday, and Xiao Jun says that she knows a person of Arsenal Military Academy. Man Ting tells Xiao Jun that the jerk’s name is Gu Yanzhen.

Xie Xiang gives the medicine to Yan Zhen as she worries that he will catch a cold. But he needs to calm down. She asks him if he will be late tomorrow, and he says that it depends on his mood.

The next day, Yan Zhen refuses to get up. Xie Xiang pours water on his head, and he rages to fight with him in the corridor. Jun Shan walks across them. Yan Zhen stops Xie Xiang from hurdling. Mr. Song thinks Yan Zhen is idle, and orders the two to stand on their heads. Yan Zhen plays Xie Xiang’s nostrils after Mr. Song left.

The next day, Yan Zhen pours water on Xie Xiang, and she swears to kill him. Huang Song tells Xie Xiang not to fight with Yan Zhen as she’s always the person who gets hurt. She complains that Yan Zhen bullied her, but Huang Song thinks Yan Zhen isn’t bad. She thinks Yan Zhen is a jerk, and he asks her where she will go the day after tomorrow.

Xie Xiang says that she will go to the place of her friend, and he says that he will visit his older sister. She heard that his older sister married there, and he reveals his younger brother is in the secondary school. He shares that his younger brother is very smart, and his dad swore to make a scholar.

Xie Xiang picks up Xiao Jun, and Xiao Jun’s classmates treat Xie Xiang as Xiao Jun’s boyfriend. Xiao Jun asks Xie Xiang if the man lives with her finding out she is a girl. Xie Xiang doesn’t want to mention the person, and wants to live in Xiao Jun’s house. But Xiao Jun tells Xie Xiang that she didn’t tell her parents about Xie Xiang’s dressing up being male.

Xiao Jun takes Xie Xiang home after helping her get changed. Xiao Jun’s mom wants to cook for Xie Xiang, but Xiao Jun says that they will eat out as someone will treat them. Xiao Jun takes Xie Xiang to the western restaurant, and Xie Xiang wants to leave after seeing Man Ting. Xiao Jun stops Xie Xiang, and introduces Man Ting as the big star of Shanghai.

But Man Ting points out that she is popular in China, and holds out to Xie Xiang. She thinks she is very nervous, and thinks they saw before. But Xie Xiang denies. Xiao Jun tells Man Ting to order dishes, but Man Ting says that they need to wait for Ting Bai. Ting Bai arrives with Jun Shan, and Xie Xiang hides her face under the menu.

Ting Bai introduces Jun Shan to Man Ting, and she remembers Jun Shan followed Ting Bai with snot. But Jun Shan mentions he ran into Man Ting at Palimo nightclub. She remembers he didn’t save her that day, and Ting Bai asks Man Ting to introduce Xie Xiang to them. But Xie Xiang and Xiao Jun go to the restroom.

Xie Xiang thinks Jun Shan recognized her, and Xiao Jun comforts Xie Xiang that she wears women’s clothes and wig. Xie Xiang blames Xiao Jun for not telling her that they would meet with Man Ting, and reveals she saw her in the nightclub. She says that Man Jun treated her as rogue and beat her in the women restroom.

Xiao Jun tells Xie Xiang to leave, and Xie Xiang runs into Yan Zhen’s car at the street. She hides behind the flowers so that he doesn’t see her. Xiao Jun gets the noodles for Xie Xiang, and asks if Jun Shan is her classmate. Xiao Jun thinks Xie Xiang is happiness because Jun Shan is very handsome. She says that she will pretend to be body if she can see him each day.

Xie Xiang thinks she is lucky because they didn’t recognize her, and asks about the background of Jun Shan. Xiao Jun shares Ting Bai has liked Man Ting since childhood, and asks Xie Xiang if she fears to go to the battlefield since she joined Arsenal Military Academy. She thinks her older brother doesn’t want to see it if he is alive.

Yan Zhen runs into the thugs, who take sticks. They say that they were asked by someone, and Yan Zhen says that he can give them the money. But the leader mentions the rule and asks his friends to take action. Yan Zhen asks who he offended, and the leader shares that she is a fairy.

Man Ting shows up and mentions she told them not to leak her identity. She admits that she asked them to come, and thinks Yan Zhen knew the day when he shamed her. Yan Zhen beats away the thugs and stops Man Ting from running away. He tells her that it’s not safe to walk the thugs in the evening, and she asks him to stay away from her.

Yan Zhen tells Man Ting to fix him since he is standing there, and she offers to appoint a time. But he thinks he will lose face if he lets her leave, and asks her to give herself to him. She cries to run away, and swears to get people to kill him.

In the Arsenal Military Academy, Yan Zhen brings wine to dormitory with vacuum flask and runs into Huang Shan. He tells him to call Yan Ling, and Yan Ling and Huang Shan go to take bowl when Yan Zhen is drinking. Mr. Guo shows up with a cup, and asks Yan Zhen what he is doing. Yan Zhen shares that he is eating, and Mr. Guo asks Yan Zhen to pour water into his cup. He punishes him for cleaning restroom as he drank wine, and takes away the vacuum flask.

Mr. Guo runs into Xie Xiang, and takes away her foods. He tells her to get punished with Yan Zhen, and Xie Xiang is confused. Mr. Guo drinks the wine and eats the foods in the office, and Xie Xiang cleans the toilet. The two classmates walk in and pee. Xie Xiang asks them to leave, but they think they don’t affect her. She runs out and asks Yan Zhen why he didn’t go to clean toilet. She thinks she got involved by him, and lies like him. She reminds him that they will take a big bath tomorrow, and he brings the water car.

The two wash toilet but wet Mr. Lv. Xie Xiang and Yan Zhen are asked to carry wood. Xie Xiang arrives at the dining room, and is told that there is only soup. Yan Zhen takes the steamed bun and says that he is full. He licks the steamed bun and puts it on the table. Jun Shan notes that Xie Xiang didn’t eat, and brings cookies to her. Huang Song wants to eat Xie Xiang’s cookies, and she rejects it and explains it will be overdue.

Xie Xiang wins Wen Zhong in the sword game, but he cuts her shoulder with wood sword. Yan Zhen beats Wen Zhong, and Mr. Lv asks Yan Zhen to send Xie Xiang to infirmary. The doctor asks Xie Xiang to take off her clothes so that he can see her wound, but she runs away. The doctor gives the medicine to Yan Zhen and asks him to clean wound for Xie Xiang.

Yan Zhen gives the medicine to Xie Xiang, and asks her if she needs him to clean wound for her. She rejects it, and he thinks she is a female.

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