Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 19

This is recap of Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episode 19, Jin Mi says that the person was wearing a mask so that she couldn’t clearly see his face. Qiang Huo wonders who will want to kill Jin Mi when their tribe has always been cut off from the rest of the world. Jin Mi thinks she hinered his blade, and asks Qiang Huo not to tell Auntie and the elders about it.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 19

Ashes of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episode 19.

Jin Mi tells Qiang Huo that she can see fairies since she was little. Qiang Huo asks Jin Mi if fairies are very beautiful and have strong magic, and thinks Jin Mi lied to her and saw them in her dreams. Jin Mi says that they just stand in front of her and even wave at her.

So Jiang Huo asks Jin Mi what they look like. Yuan Ji smashed Jin Mi’s head with the potato. Qiang Huo wonders why the tree grew potatoes, and they try to move the tree. Jin Mi doesn’t know why she kept encountering bad luck, but in Jiang Huo’s company, among the slips and bumps, she grew up.

Dark Deity tells people that Jin Mi is very safe, and she just frequently encounters some small setbacks. Wind Deity asks if Jin Mi is still so thoughtless, and feels relieved that Dark Deity can take care of Jin Mi for them. Mu Dan offers to guard Jin Mi, but Dark Deity stops her as it might affect Jin Mi’s progression to an immortal.

Empress worries about Fire Deity, but Yuan Ji comforts her that Fire Deity will win all his battles and turn misfortunes to good ones. Empress says that she wants to end the life trial if she doesn’t fear that Fire Deity’s primordial spirit gets damaged. But Yuan Ji thinks going down the mortal world can help in Fire Deity’s cultivation.

Empress thinks Yuan Ji can only say good things, and asks about Jin Mi. Yuan Ji reports that Jin Mi is in sacred healer tribe practicing discerning plants. Empress reminds Yuan Ji that Sagittarius gave up the position of the Grand Minister of Nine Truths of the sky to her 500 years ago. Yuan Ji says that she will obey Empress.

Empress thinks the trial should experience a heart-wrenching pain. But Yuan Ji claims she always follows the rules and do things based on his Majesty’s desires. But Empress points out that Heavenly Emperor never says not to let Jin Mi suffer, and says, “If you cannot be deaf or mute, you cannot become an immortal.”

The story teller introduces the War of God, King of Yi. Qiang Huo thinks King of Yi is a real hero. But Jin Mi points out that the general built his success on then thousand bleaching bones, and thinks she has to be buried with him when King of Yi dies. Jin Mi notices some missing medicinal ingredients, and wants to take Qiang Huo to pick some herbs at Luoye mountain.

Qiang Huo is excited and thinks there must be a lot of fun things to play and eat outside. But Auntie asks Qiang Huo to refine medicines with her. Qiang Huo thinks Jin Mi needs accompanying when picking the herbs. But Jin Mi tells Qiang Huo to learn from Auntie, and explains she grew up among the mountains, and she has memorized all the short cuts.

King of Yi hunts with his men but is attacked by assassins in the woods. The assassin says that they come from Liang State. King of Yi orders to break out of the enclosure. But his men are killed, and he gets hurt. The masked man thinks Fire Deity became a mortal, and attacks him. But Jin Mi blocks his blade with her body. Demon King says that the Wrath of Hades has reappeared, and the Soul Destorying Tribe hasn’t completely been annihilated.

He takes care of his son Xuan Er, and complains he’s showing no signs of waking up. His man mentions Fire Deity claimed Heir Apparent will wake up after 3 days after taking in the Golden Pellet, and thinks Heavenly Realm people shouldn’t be trusted. He reminds Demon King that their future is bleak since the Demon Realm doesn’t have any heir to the throne.

Demon King swears not to forgive Fire Deity if his son cannot wake up. Jin Mi takes of King of Yi and guesses he is a fleeing bandit. She finds out the bloods coming from others, and thinks King of Yi is so fortunate. Qiang Huo checks Jin Mi’s wound and finds out it comes from a sharp object. Jin Mi remembers the blade was hacking towards her, he just got a superficial wound. Qiang Huo thinks the heaven blessed Jin Mi, and asks Jin Mi if she remembers who did it.

Jin Mi says that the person was wearing a mask so that she couldn’t clearly see his face. Qiang Huo wonders who will want to kill Jin Mi when their tribe has always been cut off from the rest of the world. Jin Mi thinks she hinered his blade, and asks Qiang Huo not to tell Auntie and the elders about it. Qiang Huo agrees it. After Qiang Huo sleeps, Jin Mi goes to steal the thousand-year-old snow ginseng.

But Qiang Huo startles Jin Mi and claims the ginseng is a guide medicine for King of Yi’s Immortal Cosmic Pill. Jin Mi explains that she plans to refine the medicine for King of Yi. But Qiang Huo thinks Jin Mi fools her as the pill hasn’t been developed. She guesses Jin Mi is intention to take it to cure some stranger, and asks her if she met someone when she went to the mountain.

Jin Mi asks Qiang Huo if she forgets what Auntie teaches them that a doctor must have a benevolent heart. But Qiang Huo stops Jin Mi and thinks she will be dead if Auntie and elders know about it. Jin Mi asks Qiang Huo if there is any saintess developing an immortality pill, and thinks it’s an unrealistic grand dream. She wants to give the medicines to those who really need them.

But Qiang Huo doesn’t want to see the tribe dying with Jin Mi. Jin Mi promises to compensate King of Yi with her life. But Qiang Huo doesn’t want to watch Jin Mi die. Jin Mi has to stun Qiang Huo. King of Yi wakes up and finds out he wears a woman’s clothing. He thinks his soul has left his body. He takes off his clothes and throws it on the ground. Jin Mi walks in and picks the the clothes.

She thinks King of Yi has such bad sleeping habits, and goes to see him. But he places her in the bed, and thinks she looks familiar. But he finds out he lost his voice, and couldn’t hear. He picks up the sword and points at her. Jin Mi regrets that she picked up the hateful sword, and goes to write the word “doctor”. She blames him for being ungrateful, and thinks he almost broke her back.

She explains that his clothes isn’t wearable. King of Yi wonders who was the black clothed man, and thinks he was sent by Duke of Nanping. Jin Mi tells him to write it down when he wants to say. He asks her why he has the symptoms. She says that illness can change, and medicinal effects can change. So she asks him for his usual diet, and is shocked that the food of a bandit would actually be this good.

She warns him that he will die in less than a year if he doesn’t get treated soon, and thinks he almost choked her to death. The woman asks Princess why she is training the Flying Phoenix Soldiers since she doesn’t like swords. Princess says that King of Yi likes it, and wants to become his virtuous wife. She asks the woman not to leak out the secret training, and wants to surprise King of Yi.

The spy reports to Princess that His Majesty got in trouble. The masked man reports to Demon King that Fire Deity has become a mortal. Demon King asks Masked Man that why he didn’t kill Fire Deity when he was half-dead. Masked Man explains that the girl saved him, and she has immortal weapon protecting her. Demon King thinks Masked Man doesn’t have face to be a demom, and asks him to be a human.

The man tells Demon King to steal the Soul Destroying Arrow and kill Fire Deity, and seeks justice for the two heirs apparent. Demon King leaves the matter to the man, and reminds him not to let King Biancheng know about it. He tells his sons that he will kill Fire Deity and eliminate Qiong Qi, and destroy their primordial spirits as revenge for them.

Qi Yuan visits Empress and shows the Soul Destroying Arrow to her. She tells him to do it and threatens to have him answer for it if Jin Mi returns. Jin Mi stares at King of Yi and thinks she has been possessed to save him. She gives the mountain grapes to him when he tests the medicine for her.

She spots him eating the mountain grapes, and guesses it must be sweet. But she finds out it ‘s very sour after tasting it. She thinks he fooled her, but he says that he loves eating sour. She asks him why he offended the soldiers. He says that they’re from Liang State, and mentions they did a lot of evil things.

She wonders why he didn’t join the army and became bandits, and realizes that soldiers and bandits are not that different. He gets angry. She finds out he looks like crow, and decides to call him crow next time. He asks her why she saved her, and he doesn’t believe, “Healers are like parents.”

She says that he is very handsome, and she doesn’t feel bad using those expensive medicines on him. She says that he is the only one who fortunately survived. If she doesn’t save him, who should she saves. She offers to find right clothes for him, but thinks he looks nice wearing a woman’s clothing.

Jin Mi leaves to gather foods, but King of Yi gets angry when spotting the crow she just drew.

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