Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 2

In the second episode of Black Knight Kdrama, Jung Hae-Ra and Moon Soo-Ho take photos together, but she finds he is a liar soon.

Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 2

Black Knight Kdrama

Moon Soo-Ho asks Jung Hae-Ra to show passport to him and turn off her phone after knowing she wants him to take photos for her. He drives with her and asks her which palace is her favorite. He drives to there after she told him. To her surprise, Moon Soo-Ho guesses she was broken up, it makes her upset, but he thinks it’s opportunity to meet a better guy.

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Jung Hae-Ra rolls down from a hill while taking photos. He thinks her right arm is dislocated after she mentions that she cannot move it. He takes her coat and hugs her back, fixing her dislocating. Moon Soo-Ho praises her figure and wants to carry her on his back, but she refuses it and claims the injuring isn’t on her feet, but arm.

Director yells at office and complaints that Jung Hae-Ra didn’t reply his call. Colleagues think she might in a accident. Choi Ji-Hoon recalls what Jung Hae-Ra said and thinks she is a good person. Detective Ji frees him and tells him that those women won’t sue him, and asks him how he did that. Choi Ji-Hoon reveals he promises to return their money.

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Moon Soo-Ho tells Jung Hae-Ra that he won’t charge her for shooting. She asks why, but he wants to keep it as secret. Kim Young-Mi and Park Gon know Jung Hae-Ra went to Slovenia. Kim Young-Mi thinks she wants to avoid her. Park Gon blames Lee Sook-Hee who messed Jung Hae-Ra’s life, but Jung Lee Sook-Hee claims she cannot control it. Kim Young-Mi asks about Jung Hae-Ra’s boyfriend. Lee Sook-Hee claims he is handsome and rich, but Park Gon reminds her that there was crook pretending to be prosecutor. Kim Young-Mi is curious why the prosecutor wants to be Jung Hae-Ra’s boyfriend. Lee Sook-Hee argues with her and thinks it’s true love.

Choi Ji-Hoon visits Jung Hae-Ra’s house and puts the present on the door, he sees Kim Young-Mi and Park Gon argue after getting out of the house. Jung Hae-Ra leads Moon Soo-Ho enjoying the scenery and asks him why he knew how to fix her arm. He reveals he studied in a medical college before.

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Jung Hae-Ra cries while seeing a ice cream shop. She tells Moon Soo-Ho that she has never been on aboard before and just saw it on books. She treats him with the ice cream, but he doesn’t accepts and asks her, “Do you know what’s meaning when you cries and eats ice cream at the same time.” She doesn’t know so that he begins to take photo while she is eating.

Moon Soo-Ho buys Jung Hae-Ra a bell ring which wakes Sharon who sees burning house and a woman falls into pool, Jung Hae-Ra enjoys the present and plays the bell ring. He finds her hand is cold and asks her why she doesn’t wear gloves while going away. She tells him that she was in a rush. Jung Hae-Ra gets a call from Sharon who lets her visit her when she lies in bed.

Moon Soo-Ho looks at the paper cuts of black knight and princess, recalling Jung Hae-Ra told him that she wanted to get marry with him. He stares at the photo shoots, “Hae-Ra, it’s me!”

Jung Hae-Ra receives red gloves with letter from Moon Soo-Ho who confesses that he isn’t the photographer she looks for and tells her that she will make a man’s heart beats fast when eating ice cream and crying. He even keeps the photos as he thinks they will meet again.

Chairman Park blames his son for performance in business and asks about Jung Hae-Ra’s job. He gets a heart attack and is sent to hospital. He tells his son and daughter-in-law that he wants to find the woman he met who won’t get old while he wakes up.

Jang Baek-Hee visits Sharon while she is making clothes. Sharon tells her she met Boon Yi who doesn’t live well. Jang Baek-Hee tells her she knew it and wants to change her miserable fate, but this isn’t what Sharon wants to see and is going to stop her. Jang Baek-Hee lifts her with one hand and says, “You become smart after living for 200 years.” Then, she confesses her sins to father in the church.

Jung Hae-Ra visits the castle after seeing the photo which Moon Soo-Ho sent to her, but she is locked up in the castle and falls asleep on bench. Jung Hae-Ra finds she lies in someone’s bed and sees Moon Soo-Ho who is changing his clothes the next day. She screams and flees, but forgets her coat. Moon Soo-Ho invites her to enjoy breakfast together when she returns.

She asks him why he lied to her, he tells her that he wants to be with her. Then, she asks him who is him, he replies he is her black knight. She blames him for his dishonest, he has to confess that he is a businessman. She leaves his castle and avoids his chasing after knowing who is him.

Chairman Park lets his son buy the land he wants and tells him he loves the money more than him. Park Gon is speechless. Kim Young-Mi lets Jung Hae-Ra take her to the tailor as she likes her coat, Jung Hae-Ra refuses her in the beginning but accepts her when Kim Young-Mi says to give her $1000.

Jung Hae-Ra and Kim Young-Mi visit Sharon Tailor, and see Jang Baek-Hee. Sharon gets angry after she finds Jung Hae-Ra takes another woman to her tailor. Jung Hae-Ra and Lee Sook-Hee move in their new house, she finds her housemate is Moon Soo-Ho.

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