Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 4

In the 4th episode of Black Knight Kdrama, Moon Soo-Ho reveals to Jung Hae-Ra that he is the guy who lived with her before and cursed her as she didn’t stand by his side when her father utilized him. Then, the Black Knight kisses her when she is in anger.

Black Knight Kdrama Recap: Episode 4

Black Knight Kdrama

Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra visit Sharon, but she falls asleep. Hence, they have the seats and enjoy her design. He approaches her face while Jung Hae-Ra praises Sharon’s design. Meanwhile, Sharon dreams she cauterized Boon Yi’s face with a piece of red hot iron and told her to die by wearing her clothes.

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Park Gon visits his father Chairman Park and gives him a paper of his competitor while he is practice shooting. Chairman Park recognizes Moon Soo-Ho through the paper and recalled he begged doctor to cure his face. Park Gon doesn’t believe it, Chairman Park lets him do his research before making a conclusion.

Lee Sook-Hee brags about her new house to Kim Young-Mi, Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra just return to home. Jung Hae-Ra doesn’t like to see Kim Young-Mi in her home. Kim Young-Mi thinks Moon Soo-Ho is handsome and invites him to her party with Jung Hae-Ra. He accepts it after knowing she is her friend, but Jung Hae-Ra refuses it. Moon Soo-Ho takes her into another room and persuades her to accepts the invitation as he won’t discourage her in that party.

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He tells Kim Young-Mi that he is going to host a party in his house and invites her and her friends to attend after knowing Jung Hae-Ra doesn’t want to go to Kim Young-Mi’s party.

Sharon sees the money and letter which Jung Hae-Ra left after she woke up. Jung Hae-Ra thanked Sharon for the clothes as it gave her confidence while wearing them, and promised she would become the woman who is suitable for the clothes one day. The assistant tells Sharon that Jung Hae-Ra took a nice guy visiting her, but she fell asleep.

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Park Gon and Kim Young-Mi talks about Jung Hae-Ra’s new boyfriend in the black gym. He thinks he is a cheater just like her previous boyfriend, but Kim Young-Mi disagrees what he said and thinks Park Gon still loves Jung Hae-Ra. Meanwhile, Sharon visits Choi Ji-Hoon in the black gym and invites him to visit her tailor.

Jung Hae-Ra gets a call from Moon Soo-Ho while she is washing. He lets her take him to tour the city, but she claims she isn’t a native woman and refuses him.

Moon Soo-Ho has a meet with Jang Baek-Hee and wants to buy her land. He recalls she was the green juice lady he met when he was a child. She encouraged him and told him that they would meet again when he was in bad luck. Jang Baek-Hee invites him to have a drink in her house and tells him that she has lived over 250 years. He thinks it’s amazing. Meanwhile, Sharon visits her and asks her to open the door, but she pretends to be out.

Jang Baek-Hee tells Moon Soo-Ho a story which took place on the land. The story is about 2 beautiful women and a handsome man’s love. The women, one is the miss who comes from rich family, another is the miss’s slave. The man is minister’s son. They fall in love with him, but the man is only interested in the slave. Although he gets marry with miss, he fell in love with the slave who he mistook as his bride, when he saw her wearing the wedding dress walking under the moonlight.

Sharon tells Jang Baek-Hee that she had bad dream recently. Jang Baek-Hee tells her that it’s because she killed Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra. Sharon says that she made the clothes for Jung Hae-Ra day and night to ease her sins. Jang Baek-Hee suggest her travel Beijing and have fun with her. Sharon accepts it, but Moon Soo-Ho calls her assistant and wants to visit Sharon, so that she sees her destined man ultimately when she is going to Beijing.

He asks her to make clothes for Jung Hae-Ra and want to pay in advance, but she refuses and lets him pay when the clothes are ready. Sharon is in tear as he doesn’t recognize her.

Moon Soo-Ho reveals to Park Gon and Kim Young-Mi in the party, he was the boy who adopted by Jung Hae-Ra’s father and utilized by him as a tool, after his father was dead and he got the scar on his face. Jung Hae-Ra knows who is him immediately and runs out with angry. He chases her and tells her he waited her in the castle each year, but she didn’t come there. She thinks he is proud from a poor boy into a successful businessman. He admits it and tells her that he promises to give her three gift, the first one is her previous house, the second one is her confidence. He doesn’t speak out the third one, but he kisses her, “This is what I owed you!”

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