Ever Night Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 1. Hao Tian wakes up Sang Sang and takes her to run through the snowfield. Fu Zi takes Sang Sang’s hands to treat her, and he coughs.

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 1.

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 1

Fu Zi tells Ning Que that Sang Sang used all of light of Hao Tian for helping him defeat Xia Hou, and asks him to get Qi Shan to save her before the leaf falls. Qi Shan catches the leaf and thinks Fu Zi likes to bring trouble to him.

The man reports to Emperor Tang that there is a small batch of army force from Yan State intruded into the border. Emperor Tang tells him to fight it back.

Qing Shan tells Emperor Tang that West Palace asks them to clarify the relationship between Ning Que and dark son. Emperor Tang claims that he will rush first if Ning Que gets bullied.

Ning Que visits Emperor Tang, and Emperor Tang tells him that his families want to see him. But Ning Que wants to report something to Emperor Tang in private.

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The familes leave. Emperor Tang hugs Ning Que and asks him when he will leave. Ning Que says tomorrow, and Emperor Tang wants to send a group of cavalry to escort him.

Ning Que rejects it, and Emperor Tang thinks people will take the chance when Sang Sang is sick. Ning Que thinks what Emperor Tang means is the son of dark, and the followers of light will be his enemies.

Ning Que thinks Emperor Tang cannot protect him no matter how many men he sends, and it will get empire involved. Emperor hugs Ning Que and tells him to return fast.

The man reports to Mo Yu that they killed some savages and blocked their way. Mo Yu is very happy, but Hong Yu walks in the palace.

The wizards asks Hong Yu to be on knees, but she says that she is only on knees to Lian Sheng. Mo Yu blames Hong Yu for putting him and Lian Sheng on same level.

Hong Yu agrees to it as Mo Yu is only with one half of power to Lian Sheng. He asks her if she knows the rule, and she says that she wants to kill him.

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Hong Yu tells those men to leave, and pulls out her sword. Mo Yu tells her to pull her sword back, and says that he can forgive her foolishness. But she says that she isn’t a tolerance person.

Mo Yu beats down Hong Yu with his first sword, but she is with power to beat him down when he takes his second sword. She tells him that she broke the level of knowing destiny, and kills him with grand river sword force. Mo Yu doesn’t believe it and passes away.

Hong Yu looks at those men and thinks they should pay for looking at her in dirty look when she was humiliated. She tells them that she is the new Grand Priest of Justice.

Er Xi chases the horse, and tells Ning Que that his horse ate the porridge his wife made for him. Ning Que intends to give out the silver as compensation, but Er Xi tells Ning Que that he has his sights on his horse. He thinks the horse is like military horse and there is an army around.

Er Xi learns that Ning Que got some military training, and thinks Sang Sang is his daughter. Ning Que says that Sang Sang is his wife, and reveals they are heading for Ghost Festival.

The men greet Hong Yu, but she announces to take off Zi Mo and his men’s power. He asks her why she punishes them since they’re shrine cavalry. She tells him that he isn’t no longer the cavalry of west palace when she calls his name.

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The follower asks Zi Mo if they cannot go back after they became the dogs just because of the woman’s words. Zi Mo says that he will give his soul and life to the person who saves him even if he is hades. He says that he doesn’t fear to corrupt.

Long Qing shows up, and Zi Mo is happy for Long Qing’s living. Long Qing says that he wants to get back what he lost, and asks them if they agree to follow him. They say yes, and Long Qing gives the sitting pill. He says that the power will be back after they eat it.

Zi Mo promises to repay Long Qing’s grace with his life. Long Qing tells them that they’re the servants of west palace but fallen knights who guide the world to ruin.

Sang Sang thinks Ning Que won’t love her too much when they’re in love. He denies and asks if he has ever been fed up with her after he has known her for 16 years. She smiles and calls him Ning Que instead of Younger Master because she cannot do that when she is talking sweet.

Sang Sang mentions Ning Que loved princess, and he thinks it’s just fantasy to princess as a miserable boy. She mentions Shan Shan, and he offers to get in the carriage for avoiding wind. But she rejects it.

Sang Sang tells Ning Que that some people are coming, and he carries her to the carriage. The horse takes the carriage to flee, and Ning Que has the disgusting smell coming from west palace.

Long Qing shows up and accepts Ning Que’s arrow. Ning Que wonders how Long Qing survived, and keeps shooting him. Long Qing reminds Ning Que that he only has 13 arrows, and he intends to wait until Ning Que shoots out.

Long Qing summons the stone beast to attack Ning Que, and Ning Que runs into the carriage. But Long Qing’s dark power gets in Sang Sang’s body, and she passes out. Ning Que uses the rain spell to block Long Qing and his followers.

Long Qing thinks Ning Que used the most powerful ace since the battle just begins, and he tells Ning Que that he will die when the rain stops.

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