Ever Night Season 2: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap of Ever Night Season 2: Episode 2. Long Qing beats down Ning Que when Ning Que is fighting with Zi Mo. Long Qing tells Ning Que to give up, but Ning Que thinks Long Qing isn’t the winner of the story.

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 2 Recap

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 2.

But Long Qing points out that he is the main role of the story, and he tells Ning Que to speak out his last wish. Ning Que remembers Man Man told him that he will join him with fast speed when he calls him.

Ning Que calls Man Man, but Man Man doesn’t come. Ning Que asks Long Qing to let Sang Sant alive. But Long Qing cannot do that as she will take revenge Ning Que.

Long Qing thinks Sang Sang’s taste will be better than Ning Que, and reveals he learnt an art from heavenly scroll which can absorb cultivator’s psychokinesis, and the art comes from Taotie of demon sect.

Long Qing adds that it doesn’t look like being eaten by beasts. He beats down Ning Que and thinks he is like a roach who will bite someone before he dies.

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Long Qing claims that he will give Ning Que the chance. Because Ning Que is only with visionary hope. Long Qing complains that he has lived in the painful circle the past years because of Ning Que.

Long Qing kicks Ning Que to the carriage and thinks he has been demonized. Because Ning Que still has power even if he is injured. Long Qing thinks Ning Que is delicious because he was taught by Yan Se.

Long Qing laughs while thinking that he will reach knowing destiny after eating Ning Que and Sang Sang. Long Qing opens his gray eyes and eats Ning Que. But the monster runs out from Ning Que’s body and beats down Long Qing.

Long Qing realizes that Ning Que used him to break the level, and rushes to Ning Que. But Fu Zi beats down Long Qing and his men with just one chopstick. Fu Zi blames Ning Que for fighting since he asked him to go to tile mountain.

Pi Pi thinks the chockstick hurt Long Qing’s head as it was given by 6th brother. Fu Zi laughs and thinks Ning Que made him worry about him when he was eating.

Ke Di reports to Chu Mo that Ning Que is taking Sang Sang to tile mountain because Sang Sang is sick. Tianyu Priest wants to escort Sang Sang. But Chu Mo still remembers darkness Guang Ming said, and thinks Ning Que exposes his real identity.

Chu Mo doesn’t want to forgive any suspect, and he asks Hong Yu to kill Ning Que. But she says that she will take action until Ning Que is proved to be the son of hades.

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Tianyu Priest tells Hong Yu that Long Qing took fallen knights attacking Ning Que, and he wants Sang Sant to arrive in tile mountain smoothly. He thinks Chu Mo is looking for the reason to get Hong Yu killing Ning Que.

Hong Yu claims that the justice department only listens to light when she sits on the throne. Priest wonders what happened on Sang Sang, and he wants to give all of his light to Sang Sang. But Ning Que tells Priest to keep it, and asks for some wine and water.

Ning Que congratulates Hong Yu on being new grand priest of justice. But she says that she has one more reason to kill him. He thinks they’re still friends, but she says that she shouldn’t be his friend since she wants to kill him.

Ning Que tells Hong Yu that she never thinks of her as an enemy, and says that she should think for Sang Sang because she is the future grand priest of light. She thinks he is a punk. He thinks she should go to see Sang Sang as she is sick.

Ning Que tells Hong Yu that she can get Sang Sang’s coldness out with her cultivation, so Sang Sang can hold on until she arrives in Tile Mountain. Ning Que thinks she isn’t Hong Yu if she sees Sang Sang dying without saving her.

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Jun Mo tells Fu Zi that Ning Que is in danger, and he asks him if they need to help Ning Que. Man Man tells Jun Mo that Fu Zi cares for Ning Que very much. Fu Zi blames Man Man for moving slowly, and threatens to get Pi Pi to replace Man Man to cook.

Jun Mo worries that Sang Sang cannot arrive in Tile Mountain, but Fu Zi thinks it’s West Palace’s turn this time.

Hong Yu treats Sang Sang, and she is tired. Sang Sang thinks Hong Yu never thinks about killing Ning Que. But Hong Yu says that Ning Que is lucky to meet the situation which she has to forgive him.

Sang Sang begs Hong Yu to forgive Ning Que when they meet on the battlefield. But Hong Yu says that she won’t let him go when they’re on the battlefield. She remembers that she told Ning Que to live well because his life belongs to her.

Sang Sang thinks Hong Yu is like Ning Que and the two should be friends. Hong Yu tells Sang Sang not to tell Ning Que that she gave her luminance.

Ning Que tells Hong Yu that she can kill him if she saves Sang Sang. Hong Yu tells Ning Que that West Palace and the world want to kill him. She says that killing him is her responsibility, but she lets him live because she doesn’t like the people of West Palace.

Ning Que mentions Hong Yu promised to take care of Sang Sang before he fought with Xia Hou. But she says that she only promised that he won’t die without her permission. He begs her again and wants to trust her. She tells him that Sang Sang and him won’t die. He says that he will work hard to live before Sang Sang is healthy.

Hong Yu promises to let Ning Que live before Sang Sang is healthy. He asks her why she has to kill him, and promises to wash out his neck and let her to cut. He worries that Sang Sang won’t arrive in Tile Mountain before Yulan festival, and she promises to kill the person if he blocks Ning Que and Sang Sang’s way.

Chu Mo thinks people are going to Yulan festival, and wants to give them a special festival. He says that the son of hades will appear in front of people, and the world will kill him. Chu Mo asks his man to get Tianqing sect to take Yulan bell to Tile Mountail.

The master Bao Shu takes the Yulan bell, and his men follow him. Qu Ni wonders why Bao Shu takes the bell to go down the mountain. He says that he is going to check the identity of the son of hades. She thinks the son of hades is Ning Que.

Bao Shu reveals the son of hades will appear when Yulan bell moves, and the world will see who he is at that time. Qu Ni joins Bao Shu, and she wants to see who is the son of hades.

Ning Que arrives in the Tile mountain, and he is scared as there isn’t any leaf left. Sang Sang tells him that the tree is the one in front of cave of Qi Shan.

Ning Que calls Qi Shan. Shan Shan shows up with a white horse, and tells him that Qi Shan is far away from him.

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