Ever Night Season 2: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 4. Ning Que takes the pear away from Sang Sang, and promises to buy her a whole basket after she’s fully recovered. The last leaf falls, and Sang Sang passes out. Ning Que carries her and asks Qi Shan what wrong is with Sang Sang.

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 4 Recap

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 4

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 4.

Qi Shan tells Ning Que that Sang Sang went to the chessboard. Sang Sang yells at the sky, and says that she feels comfortable. Goddess shows up and tells Sang Sang to follow her. Ning Que tries to break the chessboard but he fails.

Qi Shan thinks the couple are fools, and moves the piece. So Ning Que enters the world of chessboard. But Sang Sang doesn’t recognize him. He tells her that he is her young master, and she runs in his arms. The two laugh and lie under the tree.

Ning Que and Sang Sang feels comfortable after having a good sleep. But they get up after noting that Qu Ni and Bao Shu are staring at them.

Bao Shu wants to know if Ning Que is the son of hades because he got in the chessboard. But Qi Shan tells Bao Shu not to be blind by resentment. Bao Shu says that it isn’t related to his son’s death, and claims that he must kill all of the evils.

Qi Shan says that he doesn’t see any mercy on Bao Shu, and asks him if he knows why Ning Que could break the situation. Bao Shu still wants to fight with Ning Que even if he broke the composition. So Qi Shan takes away the Yulan bell. Bao Shu doesn’t dare to fight with Qi Shan.

Sang Sang asks Ning Que if she is a good person, and he tells her that she is the daughter of light. But she thinks she’s not worth of the title.

Sang Sang tells Ning Que that she kept Shan Shan’s letters, which Ning Que threw away. She intended to read the letters when they grow old. But she thinks she cannot grow old with him. Ning Que comforts Sang Sang that Qi Shan will cure her.

Bao Shu thinks Qi Shan should know it if Ning Que is the son of hades. Qu Ni says that Qi Shan is too old and blind, and and thinks he should’ve given up the chessboard. She reminds Bao Shu that Chu Mo got him there was to find the son of hades.

Bao Shu tells Qu Ni that Yulan bell was taken away by Qi Shan. She thinks they cannot explain it to Chu Mu, and reminds Bao Shu that it’s the only chance. He swears to keep Ning Que in the mountain, and she promises to take back the bell for him.

Qi Shan treats Sang Sang and feels a sense of chill from her body. He thinks it comes from abyss and it’s painful when the chill breaks out. He wonders why she stood it these years. Ning Que asks for the way to get rid of the chill.

Qi Shan says that the chill gets in Sang Sang’s bones and blood, and it’s hard to separate. He asks Sang Sang if she wants to practice the art of Tianqing with him, and reveals the art can suppress it. Sang Sang is on knees and calls Qi Shan master. He holds her hand.

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Fu Zi spouts the water, and blames Ning Que for switching his wine. Man Man comforts Fu Zi that it’s good to change tastes sometimes. Fu Zi says that Ning Que switched it to water.

Qi Shan thinks the wine is good, and doesn’t expect that Fu Zi agreed to give it to him. Ning Que feels sorry for stealing Fu Zi’s wine. Fu Zi forgives Ning Que because Qi Shan cured Sang Sang. Qi Shan takes away the wine and gives the classic book to Sang Sang.

Ning Que notes that Sang Sang is writing letter, and he wants to take a look. But she refuses it as it’s privacy. He reads the letter when she falls asleep, and learns that he is the most important person in her life. Ning Que wonders what Sang Sang experienced in the composition.

Ning Que asks Qi Shan if he is the son of hades, and he worries that he will get Sang Sang involved. Qi Shan tells Ning Que that it isn’t future if it can be predicted. Ning Que says that he can accept any future if Sang Sang can live well.

Qi Shan gives a book to Ning Que, but Ning Que says that he gets sleepy whenever he reads. Qi Shan says that he picked an interesting one. But Ning Que finds out that the book is for little kids. Qi Shan says that Ning Que is a little kid in his eyes.

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Qi Shan gets Guan Hai to send Yulan bell to Xuan Kong. The follower wonders if people can stop Ning Que in the Yulan festival. Chu Mo thinks people know that they will be popular if they kill the son of hades. The follower worries that Ning Que isn’t the son of hades. Chu Mo says that Ning Que has to be the one because he needs to ruin Tang empire and academy.

Cheng Jia walks Qu Ni and asks if the people want to go to Yulan festival. Qu Ni says that the people are stupid because they think the festival is joyful. Cheng Jia says that Tian Qing left Yulan bell was to find eternal night, and thinks people won’t care about a fake legend now.

Qu Ni thinks there should be a person to defend light. Cheng Jia says that the person she believed was ruined by the arrow. Qu Ni thinks Long Qing is a loser, and believes Yulan bell can make Ning Que show his real shape. Sang Sang tells Ning Que that they will go back after attending Yulan festival.

Qu Ni takes Yulan bell from Guan Hai with her power, and thinks his level is too low. Qi Shan hints Sang Sang to leave, but she wants to take Yulan festival.

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