Fates and Furies Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are Fates and Furies Korean Drama Recaps: Episodes 1-2. Hae-Ra is a poor woman who lives tough because her father’s debt. He meets the rich man In-Joon in the bar. He is going to get marry to the anchor Soo-Hyun. But he falls for Hae-Ra.

Fates and Furies Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

Fates and Furies

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Fates and Furies Korean Drama Episodes 1-2.

There was a man who said good shoes take people to good places, but I hated it when he said that. It was like giving false hope. So I said it’s wrong. I said all the time that he was wrong, but today, he was right.

Ui-Gun takes the goods home Hae-Ra is fixing a shoe. He sees the news that In-Joon is getting married to the anchor Soo-Hyun. He says Soo-Hyun is his dream girl and takes her dad’s watch. She robs it and is informed the police arrive.

They run away, but someone hits her. Hae-Ra trips and the watch drops. She picks it up and continues running. She runs into Chang-Soo who thinks there is only one thing she can sell to pay off the debt when they’re in the restaurant. She threatens to hit him and claims she won’t sell herself.

He pours her a drink and mentions she studied in Italy, but she is making fake shoes. So he suggests her to put that to use again. But she attacks him with chopsticks. He avoids it and asks her to take the Italian businessman to Gukje market, and be is interpreter. Chang-Soo gives Hae-Ra some cashes to dress up herself.

In-Joon arrives at the building site with nice car, and wants to hit Jung-Ho. Jung-Ho claims he is his older brother on paper. In-Joon asks Jung-Ho close his shopping mall there. But Jung-Ho kicks In-Joon’s shoes, and thinks he is using the precious land to make cheap shoes. He tells him that he has to beat him first if he wants to brag about being Dad’s legitimate son.

In-Joon trips his older brother. Jung-Ho gets up and tells In-Joon to convince the board of directors, he will give up then.

Hae-Ra steps in the room, her sister Hyun-Joo falls asleep. The caretaker blames Hae-Ra for didn’t answer her phone, and she hasn’t paid the hospital bills. She suggests her to transfer Hyun-Joo when Hae-Ra lacks money. Hae-Ra rejects it because her sister should get treated. She is against it when the caretaker is going to cut Hyun-Joo’s hair, and thinks taking care of her sister is what she pays her for. The caretaker leaves with temper.

When In-Joon returns home, his father Pil-Woon just slaps Jung-Min for driving drunk. But she talks back that she just drank. He is furious to ask her to stay abroad. She yells at her father and rejects it.

Pil-Woon breaks the stuff in the house. The maid asks Sung-Sook to stop him when she is eating the noodles. Sung-Sook persuades Pil-Woon to calm down. But he thinks everyone brings trouble, and asks In-Joon to go inside with him. A-Jung stands there and doesn’t how to do. So Sung-Sook asks her to clean it. But A-Jung hurts her hand then. Sung-Sook tells her daughter-in-law to be grateful that they haven’t kicked her out since her family went bankrupt.

Pil-Woon thinks the shoemaking business is no longer prosperous, so he persuades In-Joon to give up and marry Soo-Hyun. But In-Joon wants to keep doing it because his mom used to do it. Pil-Woon asks his son when he isn’t going to acting like a teenager. In-Joon says, “Until you sincerely apologize to both me and my mom.” He asks him to take Jung-Ho out of land. Pil-Woon says In-Joon can do whatever he wants as he wishes if he marries to Soo-Hyun.

In-Joon steps out and finds out Sung-Sook is eavesdropping. He asks her if she is done. She claims she couldn’t even hear anything, and asks him to be nice to Jung-Ho because he will be taking over the group. She thinks he is becoming more and more like his moms as he grows up. But he scolds her, “The least you can do is not talk about my mom at all. Aren’t you old enough to know that much now?”

In-Joon goes out of the house, and sees another him, the kid leaves home with tears, “I’m going to come back. I won’t get kicked out so easily.”

The anchorman reports that Gold Group’s third daughter got caught drunk driving, but Soo-Hyun threatens not to release witch-hunting reports based on false facts. He throws the paper on the table and yells at her. She leaves gracefully.

In-Joon arrives at the building, Soo-Hyun welcomes him with an expensive wine. But she blames him why his family always causes trouble when they’re outside the elevator. He feels sorry for it with a smile. But she teaches him to say, “it’s really hard for me too.” She thinks his smile only tells her that he doesn’t care. But he thinks it’s like how she smiled in front of the entrance.

She sighs that she met some paparazzi, so she puts up an act for the sake of his company’s stocks. He asks her if she wants to marry him or become his business partner. She wants to marry when she asks him the same question and his answer is business partner. She reveals her dad reserved a hotel for him in Busan, and shows off her family’s power. She thinks he should said he needs to seal the deal no matter what, when he says he roughly knew about it. She reveals her intention is to have full control of Gold Shoes.

When she gets in the elevator, she says, “I’ll leave in about an hour or two. You can sleep or do whatever you want.”

Hae-Ra lead the italian to tour Busan. But he touches her hand when she introduces the fabric.

He thinks she is pretty when they’re in the restaurant. But she reveals she has never dated anyone because she is poor. But he points out life is all about love, and offers to stay with her tonight. He explains that he just wants her to stay as his interpreter. He gives her the business card of Kim-Ji-Gyu, and asks her to tell them they don’t need to come to Busan and the deal’s off.

Ji-Gyu rushes into the office and informs In-Joon that Union Leather cannot sign the deal with them. So In-Joon decides to go to Busan.

Tae-O is in the plane and sees the news that Soo-Hyun is getting ready to marry In-Joon. His daughter asks him where they’re going, he says Busan and hugs her. When she falls asleep, he puts the kit on her ear. It shows 38.

The two guys treat the italian in the bar, and the italian hugs girls. In-Joon breaks into, and asks Hae-Ra to tell Mr. Montella that they cannot back out because they already made a sample, since she is an interpreter. He claims he cannot abuse the verbal contract, and threatens he won’t be able to sell rawhide in Korea.

Mr. Montella looks for Hae-Ra’s advice. She says, “You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” She asks him to decide who is the sow.

The guy thinks she badmouthed him, and pours wine to her. He says, “You got wet. Doesn’t it feel uncomfortable? You ruined the mood, so you should take that off and lighten things up.”

But she gets the ice on her head, “It doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you’re soaked.”

Fates and Furies Korean Drama Recap: Episode 2

In-Joon takes Hae-Ra’s hand and sees her watch. He asks her to help him win Mr. Montella’s heart. She thinks he wants her to sleep with him.

He gives her some cashes and thinks she needs money. But she disagrees and thinks it’s because he is offering her money. He thinks she wants to get whatever she wants since he looks desperate, and claims it’s more than enough money. She slaps him, “The way you came all the way here looking so desperate reminded her of how hard her life is, so I thought I’d go easy on you. But I guess not.”

She tells him that he will never get to sign a contract with him while she works as his interpreter.

He blocks her way outside and thinks she needs to repay him for slapping him. He puts her into his car then.

He asks her if she makes shoes when she wants to get off. He takes her hand and thinks only sewing stuff gets the callus. She yells at him why he always treats her like her friend.

But he asks her why he got slapped in order to sleep at night, and points out that they all sell things for a living. He offers to drive her home, but she ignores him. So he apologizes and asks Secretary Kim to turn up the heater.

She thinks he will get fired if he fails to seal the deal, since he is a team manager. Secretary Kim wants to explain it, but In-Joon stops him.

She suggests him to get Mr. Montella’s daughter the BTS’s signature before she gets off.

When Hae-Ra returns home, Chang-Soo is asking his followers to move out the stuff from the shop, since he thinks she cannot pay off her debt. She tries to stop them and claims it’s her dad’s shop. But he points out that she didn’t manage the shop well. She is furious to yell at him, “You’re the ones who tormented us and drove us carzy. You messed with the interest, so we wouldn’t be able to pay you back!”

He gets her on the ground, and asks her if she thinks he is a pushover.

In-Joon watches it in the car. Secretary Kim thinks his boss wants to help the woman. But he isn’t intention to do that and says, “She does make shoes, and she does have a difficult life. She had a nice watch, but her time seemed to be broken.”

Hae-Ra steps into the disordered room and tears up when taking the broken frame with his father’s certification. She remembers her father gave her the handmade shoes, and says, “They say good shoes take people to good places. Let them take you to good places in Italy.”

Tae-O steps in and thinks he is in the wrong place. But Hae-Ra recognizes him through his shoes. So he asks her to replace the heels. She says she can do it and reveals it’s the last pair of shoes that she will repair there. But she informs him the heels she cannot get.

They drink outside. She stares at the building and thinks people live up there must have a different life, and they’d always look down at everything. He asks her if she wants to see what kind of life they have. She says it will only make her see where she belongs more clearly.

He says she can bring the shoes to his hotel tomorrow. But she finds out he still wears slippers. He points his car to her.

Sun-Young asks Hae-Ra what’s going to happen to her workshop when she visits. Hae-Ra thinks it’s good riddance. But Sun-Young mentions Ui-Gun says she has been crying a river. Hae-Ra is in tears and says she is hungry.

Sun-Young grumbles many people are renting and picking up clothes tomorrow. Hae-Ra guesses it’s for the collaboration party, and mentions someone offered to take her there.

Sun-Young persuades Hae-Ra to say yes. But Hae-Ra points out that it’s hard for her to survive each day. Sun-Young says, “what’s wrong with having just one special day?” But Hae-Ra’d rather sleep, and wants to leave. So Sun-Young tells her friend to go to the party and get herself a man.

Secretary Kim walks In-Joon in the hall, and thinks the BTS’ autographs won’t work. In-Joon threatens Secretary Kim that he will have many late nights if they lose Montella. Secretary Kim says he is going to pick up Soo-Hyun. But In-Joon tells him not to say anything to her.

In-Joon arrive at the restaurant, but Hae-Ra says Montella left the country. He sighs, “What’s this meeting for?” She gives him to contract. and he finds out Montella signed it. He pats the table and guesses the BTS tip-off worked.

She reveals Mr. Montella was touched when he heard In-Joon talk about work ethics. He apologizes for offering her money.

He leaves the cash on the table, and claims he is paying her what she deserves. He gives her the business card, and says that he will do whatever he can to repay her. A girl shows up and asks him to take a look about the changing of the hotel. He leaves with the girl.

When Hae-Ra is going to check the cashes and the business card. Soo-Hyun takes it and thinks Hae-Ra shouldn’t keep her fiance’s card.

She says, “I was born here, and I grew up here. It will only take me an hour to find out where you were born and how yo’re living right now. So stop being clingy, and take your money.”

Soo-Hyun gets up with a smile, and hopes they never meet again. But Hae-Ra takes the cashes and says she has an affection for stolen property, and tells Soo-Hyun to keep him under control.

She goes outside and sees In-Joon and Soo-Hyun laughing while talking.

She returns home and finds In-Joon’s photo on the magazine that he is going to be the CEO of Gold Shoes.

Hae-Ra visits Sun-Young’s shop. Sun-Young wonders why she changes her mind, and tells her to choose one that doesn’t have a price tag on it. Hae-Ra chooses a red dress.

Hae-Ra arrives at the party, Tae-O just leaves. He arrives at the hospital, and his daughter Jenny J is undergoing surgery. He tears up to call someone, but she doesn’t pick up.

Hae-Ra leaves the shoes at the reception, and asks the girl to call Tae-O. But he doesn’t pick up. Hae-Ra runs into In-Joon, and he thinks she looks so different.

Soo-Hyun meets with Tae-O, and yells at him that she told him to never contact her again. She thinks he is dead to her, but Tae-O says their daughter is going to die.

Hae-Ra walks the stairs, and In-Joon welcomes her with his hand. She says, “People say good shoes take people to good places. Well, they’re wrong. Because people who wear good shoes would never be in a bad place. So, if anyone wearing good shoes ever approaches me, I should steal their heart.”

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