Fates and Furies Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

These are recaps of Fates and Furies Korean Drama Episodes 3-4, Soo-Hyun slaps Hae-Ra when she gets off the chopper, and tears up the dress. In-Joon doesn’t expect the designer he looks for is Hae-Ra, and kisses her when asking her to make shoes together.

Fates and Furies Korean Drama Recap: Episode 3

Fates and Furies

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Fates and Furies Korean Drama Episodes 3-4.

In-Joon walks Hae-Ra in the party, and introduces her as his acquaintance when his client arrives. The waiter hits Hae-Ra and her heel is broken. So she goes to the restroom. She hears the client’s secretary talks to someone that she is going to leave.

Tae-O meets with Soo-Hyun and reveals their daughter is going to die. But she claims they died seven years ago.

Sun-Young takes the drink to upstairs and sees colleague apologizing to Soo-Hyun for missing the dress. The dress is worn by Hae-Ra, so Sun-Young calls her friend. But Hae-Ra doesn’t pick up her phone.

Secretary Kim breaks the electricity when he is told that the guest singer will be late. The client places the wine glass on the table and wants to leave. But he is obsessed by Hae-Ra’s singing.

Hae-Ra wants to see some fireworks from the sky, so the president asks In-Joon to take Hae-Ra riding the chopper.

But Soo-Hyun slaps Hae-Ra when she gets off the chopper, and thinks she stole her dress. Hae-Ra offers to pay the dress, but Soo-Hyun tears up the dress instead.

Hae-Ra walks in the rain with bare feet. In-Joon blocks her way and gets his suit to her. When he returns, Soo-Hyun asks him to explain why he hands out to Hae-Ra. He mentions she slapped, and thinks she concerns she will lose to something cheap. She leaves with anger.

Sun-Young is taking care of feverous Hae-Ra, and suggests Ui-Gun to get her to hospital. Hae-Ra sits outside the next day, and tells Sun-Young that she wants to go back.

She walks on the tracks and stares at the tall buildings. Tae-O stares at her in the car, and sees the news that Soo-Hyun is getting marry with In-Joon.

In-Joon runs into Jung-Ho in the elevator. Jung-Ho thinks the party is good because of Hae-Ra, but In-Joon doesn’t get the president’s signature.

Tae-O visits Hae-Ra and gives her the cashes for the fixing fee. But she cannot accept the cashes because they’re too many to her. He asks her to seal someone’s heart, and she finds out he is In-Joon.

Fates and Furies Korean Drama Recap: Episode 4

Hyun-Jung gives the sample to In-Joon when he is sleeping. Jung-Hye blames him for pulling an all-nighter alongside the workers. In-Joon thinks it will work this time, and Suk-Jin gives In-Joon his mother’s stamp.

Tae-O tells In-Joon that their chief designer is not completely persuaded, and his company isn’t the only one they collaborate with.

Hyun-Jung walks In-Joon and complains they spat on her face. She shows the photo of shoes to him, and reveals it comes from a Korean designer. In-Joon calls Secretary Kim and asks him to look for someone.

In-Joon waits for Soo-Hyun with flowers when she is off duty. He asks her what her father likes when they’re in the car. She realizes things got complicated, and asks him why Centan is giving him such a tough time. He says that he thought they spoke the same language as Koreans, but that complicated things even more.

Soo-Hyun checks her phone and finds out Centan’s leader is Tae-O. She remembers his words, “You can keep making your effort. Vigorously and energetically. Because I will bully you. Starting the day until the day you die.”

Hae-Ra waits for Tae-O at the hospital. He asks her to give him the answer, but she needs the information first. So he leaves. She gets a call from someone and goes to another hospital.

Hyun-Joo is sent to the operating room. Hae-Ra tries to wake her sister up, but Hyun-Joo doesn’t reply her. Hae-Ra is blocked by the nurse, and she cries out.

Sun-Young arrives when Hae-Ra is sitting in the lobby. She is told Hyun-Joo had fluid in her lungs, and they have to pay the bill tomorrow. Sun-Young curses the money, Hae-Ra asks Sun-Young to get some clothes for her. Sun-Young is in tears because she doesn’t know what will happen to Hyun-Joo.

Hae-Ra stares at Hyun-Joo from the window, and her eyes are wet. She decides to take her to Seoul.

In-Joon walks Secretary Kim in the building and asks him about the designer he looked into. But Secretary Kim doesn’t get the person’s information. In-Joon yells at Secretary Kim, “If a phone call was enough, I would’ve done it myself.”

In-Joon is satisfied with the designers, so he asks them out. Secretary Kim talks with In-Joon about the cleats, but the designer corrects him that those are studs. She asks him to find her stud, and is surprised that Hae-Ra applied the job. She mentions Koo’s Workshop. He realizes Hae-Ra is the designer he looks for.

When In-Joon arrives at the airport, Secretary Kim reminds his boss it’s Soo-Hyun’s father’s birthday. So In-Joon tells Secretary Kim to blame Centan.

Hae-Ra walks to Tae-O and tells him that she will do it. She thinks she is the one who has to grab hold not knowing of it’s hot or cold. But he points out that she can pick the temperature.

She asks him what they should do next. He thinks In-Joon will come looking for her, and hands out. But she doesn’t accept it.

In-Joon goes to Hae-Ra’s shop and looks for her. Chang-Soo reveals the place after getting $100. Hae-Ra arrives at the karaoke and pays off the debts. But the thug wants to sleep with her, and she tries to open the door. But another thug closes it from outside.

Soo-Hyun calls In-Joon but he doesn’t pick up. Secretary Kim smiles at her with the present. In-Joon hears Hae-Ra crying from outside, and beats up the thug who guards the door. He holds her hand to flee when the thugs get up.

They have a meal outside, and she wears his suit. She says, “Every time they meet, I lack clothing.” He asks her to return that one since it’s more expensive than the last. She says that she will return both of them.

He asks her to make shoes together, and shows her design to her. He wants to buy it at an immensely expensive price, and thinks it’s fate. He kisses her later.

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