Go Ahead: Episode 1 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Go Ahead Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Jian Jian draws something on the ground. The truck parks, and the chair falls from the truck. Jian Jian sees Ling Xiao and smiles at him. But he ignores her and continues reading his book.

Go Ahead: Episode 1 Recap & Review

Go Ahead

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Go Ahead: Episode 1.

Hai Chao and He Ping go to check if Jian Jian is hurt. He Ping feels sorry for putting too many goods in the truck. But Hai Chao thinks it’s only since the kid is fine, and introduces himself as the boss of the noodle restaurant. He Ping reveals he just moved there. Hai Chao asks He Ping if he is the cop Aunt Fang mentioned. He Ping admits it and asks Hai Chao to help him.

But Chen Ting reminds He Ping that they should move stuff first. He Ping introduces Ling Xiao to Hai Chao. Hai Chao thinks Ling Xiao is very cute, and tells Jian Jian to say hello to Ling Xiao. Jian Jian waves to Ling Xiao.

Hai Chao asks Jian Jian if she feels happy for the new neighbor, and blames her for going out without eating up the noodles. She tells him that she is preparing to draw him. He thinks she drew well, and wants to reward her an ice cream. But she asks for two.

Chen Ting mentions what Aunt Fang told her not to ask about Hai Chao’s wife as his wife passed away. He Ping thinks Jian Jian is very pitiful. But Chen Ting points out that their family is also pitiful.

He Ping fixes the electric fan and blows to Chen Ting.

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