Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 23-24

These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 23-24, Empress dowager takes Xiao Feng to visit the grave of Li Dynasty’s heroes, and tells her to her grandpa killed Ming Yuan princess’s grandpa. She says that she loves Ming Yuan but her father married her to Xi Zhou. The blood and wound stay on the tombstones, but cannot stay in her mind.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 23

Good Bye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 23-24.

Ming Yue plays pipa. Gu Jian invites her to go to street because it’s Lantern Festival. She asks him which identity he uses. He says friend, and asks her to accompany him. Yong Ning tells Cheng Yin to take care of Xiao Feng when they arrive at the street. Cheng Yin walks Xiao Feng and thinks she looks pretty when she wears red dress. He wants to buy her sugar sculpture, but finds out he doesn’t take money. She thinks it’s ok and offers to leave.

Yong Ning and Luo Xi show up at the cosmetics store. Luo Xi thinks it’s too fast to get Xiao Feng and Cheng Yin together because the position of crown prince isn’t decided. Yong Niang thinks they match well, and Xiao Feng blushed just like Xiao Wei’s rouge. Xiao Wei brags that the rouge comes from Xi Zhou. Yong Ning remembers Xi Zhou is Xiao Feng’s hometown, and wants to give the rouge to her as a present.

Cheng Yin waves sword to earn some money, and holds Xiao Feng’s hand while running through the street. They arrive at the sugar sculpture. Xiao Feng reminds Cheng Yin to pay money when he still holds her hand. He walks away and runs into Se Se. Xiao Feng takes two sugar sculptures, but one of them is broken by someone. She spots Cheng Yin and Se Se, so she walks away. Chen Yin looks around but doesn’t find Xiao Feng. Se Se offers to find Xiao Feng with him.

Xiao Feng runs into Ming Yue and Gu Jian. He wonders why Xiao Feng is alone. When she wants to explain it, Yong Ning calls her. Xiao Feng walks Yong Ning. Se Se tells Cheng Yin that she doesn’t look for any position, but wants him to put her in his mind. Cheng Yin is moved. But he is lost when seeing Xiao Feng. Yong Ning pushes Luo Xi and makes her walk Pei Zhao. Luo Xi asks Pei Zhao what he does when he is off the duty. He says reading military book. So she asks him to borrow his book to her.

Yong Ning tells Xiao Feng that Cheng Yin will find her kind, and she is the only crown princess. But Xiao Feng doesn’t marry a man who loves someone else. Yong Ning mentions the envoys live in Honglu temple congratulate her marriage. Xiao Feng wants to visit the envoy of Xi Zhou. Xiao Feng talks with A Do and worries her father doesn’t accept her marriage since he didn’t write back. Gu Jian visits Xiao Feng and sees that she isn’t happy. He explains that he just treats Ming Yue as sister.

But Xiao Feng is happy to see Gu Jian and Ming Yue are in relationship. He smirks to mention that she was in anger when spotting him visiting hairpin shop, and she didn’t talk with him for three days. He explains that he asked Di Mo to pick present for Xiao Feng. He says that he worried that she would get angry when he ran into her in the street. But she says that she doesn’t remember what he said. Chai Mu plays chess with Cheng Yin, and offers to make fourth prince take action first. Cheng Yin smiles.

4th Prince takes the bow, and tells emperor that he wants to take a break at Jiangnan. Emperor agrees and leaves. He drinks with Cheng Yin and asks him to speak out what herb is in the tea. Cheng Yin says that it’s hibiscus flower. Emperor reveals he is furious all the time so that he uses the flower as medicine. But Cheng Yin doesn’t agree to cool down with medicine of a cold nature when the evil minister harmed nation. Because it may provoke him.

Emperor gives the title of crown prince to Cheng Yin at the court, and the ministers are on knees to the new crown prince. Cheng Yin walks in the crown prince house, and remembers Cheng Ji died of protecting him. Cheng Ye touched his face with the bloody hand. He sits on the throne when 4th prince leaves capital. Gu Jian visits Xiao Feng and tells her that he can take her to Xi Zhou if she doesn’t want to marry Cheng Yin.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 24

Gu Jian wants to take Xiao Feng away. But she doesn’t move. A Do asks Gu Jian where he was intention to take Xiao Feng to. Gu Jian says that he wanted to take her to place that won’t harm her, and thinks Cheng Yin is too dangerous. But A Do points out Gu Jian is the person Xiao Feng wanted to forget as well. Gu Jian sighs that he will become sinner when Xiao Feng remembers her past. A Do says that every place is ok if Xiao Feng can live happy, and she will protect her.

Cheng Yin takes Kongming lock visiting Xiao Feng. But she says that she doesn’t like it. He mentions she said that she doesn’t like complicated things, and nobody really cares about her. She realizes the person sent her isn’t Pei Zhao but Cheng Yin. He tells her that he will do the complicated things for her. She asks him if he wants to keep her. He says yes.

Xiao Feng visits Honghu temple, but the guards block her because she doesn’t have token. Pei Zhao shows up and leads Xiao Feng to see the envoy of Xi Zhou. Xiao Feng is surprised that Qi Liken doesn’t come, and the envoy explains that he returned to his hometown. She looks for the envoy of Dan Chi, but La Hemeng isn’t sure. Xiao Feng points out that La Hemeng stays with He Shi all the time, and asks about Tie Daer. But La Hemeng refuses to answer her and leaves.

Cheng Yin visits empress and Gao Yuming and thanks them for helping him. He asks empress to marry Se Se to him. She disagrees because emperor won’t accept it. So he is on knees and begs her to ask emperor a favor. Gao Yuming offers to marry both Xiao Feng and Se Se. But Cheng Yin thinks it will wrong Se Se. Empress threatens to marry Se Se to other person if she doesn’t want to be side princess. Gao Yuming slaps Cheng Yin that he can only love Se Se when he gets married.

Pei Zhao tells La Hemeng to control his mouth because it’s good for Xiao Feng and Xi Zhou. Xiao Feng spots the soldiers carrying the goods of Dan Chi. She follows them to Zhao Jingyu’s house and wants to see him. But the steward tells her that Zhao Jingyu is defending Dan Chi. Se Se walks out and tells Xiao Feng that Dan Chi is ruined by Cheng Yin. Xiao Feng is shocked to leave. The maid tells Se Se that the palace doesn’t allow to tell Xiao Feng about Dan Chi gets ruined. Se Se thinks she doesn’t belong to palace, so she doesn’t have to obey the rule.

Xiao Feng messes up Cheng Yin’s table with candle and asks him if Dan Chi gets ruined by Li dynasty. He says yes. She thinks he killed her grandpa and asks him what revenge he has with her grandpa. She says that he stepped the bones of Dan Chi to get the position of crown prince. But he says that he just did the thing he needed to in the battlefield. She threatens to ask her father to cancel the marriage. But he points out that her father knew Dan Chi got ruined, and he needs the protecting of Li dynasty. He tells her the marriage contract is written the names of Xi Zhou and Li Dynasty.

Xiao Feng thinks A Do and her father knew Dan Chi gets ruined, and sent her to marry the person who murdered her grandpa. She thinks she wasn’t his daughter but a gift when he sent her to Li Dynasty. Xiao Feng asks A Do why she cheated her so long, and thinks she wanted to make her regret all her life. She tells her to leave. But A Do takes out her knife and wants to take her life. Xiao Feng stops A Do and hugs her. She cries out and feels sorry because she knows A Do was concealed.

Cheng Yin asks Pei Zhao when Se Se told Xiao Feng the truth of Dan Chi. Pei Zhao feels sorry because he didn’t escort Xiao Feng when she visited Honghu temple. Cheng Yin doesn’t know how to face Xiao Feng since they’re getting married. Gu Jian grabs his fist when A Do tells him Xiao Feng knew it. But he thinks the marriage is related to two countries. A Do asks Gu Jian to run away from the wedding because Xiao Feng will die when she sleeps with her enemy. She asks him if he wants Xiao Feng marry Cheng Yin in his mind.

A Do gives the note to Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng realizes A Do asked Gu Jian a favor. A Do burns out the note but Yong Niang spots it. Yong Niang reports it to empress dowager. Empress dowager asks Yong Niang to watch Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng and A Do are going to flee. But they runs into empress dowager. Empress dowager asks Xiao Feng what she is doing. Xiao Feng is on knees and cries out that she cannot marry Cheng Yin because she hates him.

Empress dowager takes Xiao Feng to visit the grave of Li Dynasty’s heroes, and tells her to her grandpa killed Ming Yuan princess’s grandpa. She says that she loves Ming Yuan but her father married her to Xi Zhou. The blood and wound stay on the tombstones, but cannot stay in her mind. Xiao Feng wonders if Ming Yuan ever hates it. Empress dowager says that Ming Yuan took down her revenge for peace, and thinks Xiao Feng forgets her mission. She mentions the white candles keep burning is for peace.

Xiao Feng understands it. Empress dowager asks Xiao Feng to hate her instead of crown prince because she is his grandma. Xiao Feng tears up and says that she misses home. She walks in empress dowager’s arms. Empress dowager says that it’s her home.

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