I Am Not a Robot Kdrama Recap: Episode 12

This is 12th episode of I Am Not a Robot Kdrama, Kim Min-Kyu asks Aji 3 to help him to have a kiss with his first love Ye Ri-El, but the robot kisses him when it’s rain.

I Am Not a Robot Kdrama Recap: Episode 12

I Am Not a Robot

Kim Min-Kyu tells Aji 3 that he wants to have a kiss with Ye Ri-El, but he doesn’t have any experience. Hong Baek-Gyun looks at Jo Ji-A’s work (two heart style bulbs), he thinks she always made useless things. Jo Ji-A tells Hong Baek-Gyun that Kim Min-Kyu wants a kiss, she cannot do it. But, Hong Baek-Gyun persuades her to do. However, everyone in team doesn’t have a kiss before. Jo Ji-A thinks they have loveless life.

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Jo Ji-A invites her friend Hwang Sun Hye to teach Kim Min-Kyu how to kiss, and Hwang Sun Hye is told that she should treat Ji A as robot in front of Kim Min Kyu. Hwang Sun Hye tells Kim Min Kyu that he needs three dates to kiss a woman, and lets him and Ji A walks round his house. She pushes Ji A towards him while they walking, so that he has to hug her. Kim Min Kyu lets her tell him the point of kiss, but Hwang Sun Hye says it’s point that he is dating her when he hugs Ji A. She also gives him a dating tip for free that he needs a umbrella when it’s rain.

Hong Baek-Gyun thinks he should stay with Aji 3 while Kim Min-Kyu takes her out. Kim Min-Kyu dates Ye Ri-El on the street, she dislike the place he picked and thinks it is too noise. She refuses it when he buys her a black hat. Hong Baek-Gyun and Aji 3 follow them and enter a coffee shop.

Kim Min-Kyu notices Ye Ri-El’s feet is hut, he buys her a pair of black shoes and lets her wear it. She is very happy for what he did on her. Then, they go out and return to street. Ye Ri-El is interested in the earrings, Kim Min-Kyu wants to buy it for her. But she refuses it and tells him that she is just interested in the design.

Hong Baek-Gyun goes to shop to take umbrella and leaves Aji 3 when it’s rain. Ye Ri-El has to go as well because she gets a call from someone. Kim Min-Kyu lets her take his umbrella, but Ye Ri-El rejects it and reveals that she doesn’t think it will be rain.

Kim Min-Kyu holds umbrella and share it with Aji 3 when it’s rain. He tells her that he feels happy when he uses the umbrella to looks up the sky. Kim Min-Kyu thinks the creator is a genius and wants to meet her. Aji 3 looks at him with smile. At this time, a person just passes by and hit her. Kim Min-Kyu hugs her in his arm, she kisses him and tells him that he needs a kiss at this time.

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