Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 4. Bei Dao texts Bu Zui that he came back, and she is very happy.

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 4 Recap

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk

Bei Dao texts Bu Zui that he came back, and she is very happy.

It flashes back. The man wets Bu Zui’s hair after knowing she is sick. Bei Dao hits the man’s head with a ball and tells him not to bully girl. Bei Dao takes off his clothes and wears it on Bu Zui’s wet hair. He tells her to visit her when someone bullies her.

Wei Xun finds out that the house is in a big mess, and his fishes was eaten by the cat. He catches the cat and asks Bu Zui to clean up the house.

The employees talk about Chun Feng and Wei Xun’s fight. Mia thinks Wei Xun won’t lose but he doesn’t have to accept the challenge.

Wei Xun asks Bu Zui not to eat spicy, and she thinks she is his plugin. But he says that she is just the container of him.

Editor tells Mia to persuade Wei Xun to accept the challenge because Mia is Wei Xun’s only friend. But Mia points out that Wei Xun doesn’t have any friend and rejects it.

Wei Xun asks Bu Zui to remember the tastes, but she says that she has an appointment. He tells her to remember the tastes before she leaves.

Mia wonders why Editor wants Wei Xun to accept the challenge when the magazine is top one. He asks her if Wei Xun will fail. She isn’t sure about it but promises not to get the magazine to fail.

Wei Xun is going to go out, but Bu Zui says that she is hungry. He allows her to eat but asks her to take a photo of what she eats and send it to him. She flatters him that he is very nice.

Mia treats Wei Xun with the wine in the bar, and she asks him to accept the challenge. But he rejects it. Bu Zui asks Bei Dao why he didn’t come that day. He shares that he had a car accident.

Bei Dao thinks Wei Xun is Bu Zui’s boyfriend, but Bu Zui badmouths Wei Xun. Wei Xun opens the door, and Bu Zui is surprised to see him. Mia recognizes Bu Zui, and Bu Zui asks Wei Xun to give her the face. She reveals Bei Dao is her senior.

Wei Xun and Mia go out, and he says that he won’t accept the challenge. Wei Xun stops Bu Zui from fleeing, and she introduces Bei Dao to him. But Wei Xun refuses to shake hands with Bei Dao.

Bei Dao thinks Wei Xun isn’t like him at all, and Bu Zui takes Wei Xun away.

Wei Xun tells Bu Zui not to be in love with someone else and have a kiss. She asks him what she will do if she cannot marry off. He promises her the money, but she thinks love and youth cannot be bought by money.

Wei Xun asks Bu Zui why she has to be in love, and she thinks he has never been moved by any girl. He says that he is only moved by red wine, and she thinks the girl who loves him is blind. He boasts that love is very easy to him, and thinks nobody will accept her because she isn’t beautiful.

Mia thinks Bei Dao’s following is illegal harassment, but he says that his home is on the path. So she tells him to take the path first. He thinks she is illegal harassment on her. Mia takes the taxi.

Zhu Zhu calls Mia and tells her something about Chun Feng.

Mia meets with Chun Feng and she gets a tea for him. He says that he isn’t in a hurry, but she doesn’t think so.

Bu Zui thinks Wei Xun should deal with the acne, and tells him to stop the car. The two get in the convenience store, and Bu Zui applies the glue on Wei Xun’s forehead to cover the acne.

Bu Zui and Wei Xun watch the news, and they learn that President Lu wants to give the rose chateau to Chun Feng if he wins Wei Xun.

Wei Xun and Bu Zui arrive at the magazine, and Bu Zui learns that Wei Xun’s father wants to deal with him.

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