Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 5 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 5. The waiter brings the wine to Mia, and she visits Bei Dao. She thinks the wine wasn’t made by him, and reveals the lemon covered the taste of the wine. He says that he just added extra piece of lemon.

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 5 Recap

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk

The waiter brings the wine to Mia, and she visits Bei Dao. She thinks the wine wasn’t made by him, and reveals the lemon covered the taste of the wine. He says that he just added extra piece of lemon.

Bu Zui wonders why Wei Xun’s dad wants to hurt Wei Xun. Wei Xun remembers Chun Feng thought Wei Xun’s talent of taste came from his dad. He texts Mia that he accepts the challenge. Mia smiles.

The girl gives Mia the article which Wei Xun wins, but Mia asks for the article that he fails. Editor thinks they don’t have to do that, but Mia points out that Chun Feng isn’t simple.

Wei Xun takes Bu Zui to arrive at the hotel, and the fans crowd him. Chun Feng watches it from his car, and tells President Lu that his son is alway the focus. President Lu wishes Wei Xun not to be the focus after tonight, and Chun Feng promises to help President Lu.

Bu Zui is nervous for Wei Xun, and she wants to go out. He agrees to it.

Bu Zui bumps Uncle Wan, and she recognizes him. She learns that he is a president, and he guides her the room of Wei Xun.

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Bu Zui runs into Hao Yong at the door, but Wei Xun pulls her into his room and closes the door. Hao Yong thinks Wei Xun will be indecent of Bu Zui again. But the chief bodyguard thinks Wei Xun won’t fall for Bu Zui.

Wei Xun intends to push Bu Zui, but she pushes him over. She asks him if there are only two times, and wishes it to end soon. He asks her if she feels pain when he kisses her. She says that she feels uncomfortable when she gets kissed by someone she doesn’t like. He asks her if she dislikes him, and kisses her when she is going to flee.

Wei Xun blames Bu Zui for biting him and asks her if she doesn’t want to be on duty. She says that she didn’t have better way to deal with the gangster like him. But he reminds her that she will always get benefit no matter what happens.

Wei Xun walks on the stage, and Bu Zui is stunned by his temperament. Wei Xun and Chun Feng are required to taste out the wines. Wei Xun cannot taste out the two different flavors in the wine, so Chun Feng wins.

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Xia Fan cannot believe that Chun Feng won his idol, and rushes to him. But he is taken away by the bodyguards. Wei Xun walks away, but the fan throws the water bottle to him as she doesn’t believe that he would fail. Bu Zui blocks the water bottle for Wei Xun.

Editor thinks Wei Xun will fall down the shrine, and the man worries that they didn’t prepare Chun Feng’s article. Mia reveals she prepared the article early.

President Lu watches Chu Feng’s interview, and Chun Feng is surprised that he won. The follower thinks President Lu is too cruel to Wei Xun. But President Lu says that he has to do so.

Bu Zui and Wei Xun return home, and she thought he would get beaten because he is with bad temper. He asks her why she follows him and claims that it’s his house. She says that she wants to accompany him when he failed the game. But he thinks she wishes him to fail like other people.

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Bu Zui lies that she wished him to lose, and Wei Xun tells her to disappear. She says that the one who doesn’t leave is a dog. Wei Xun remembers his mom left him because he failed.

Bu Zui complains to Hao Yong that Wei Xun is very disgusting. But he points out that she protected Wei Xun without caring her life. She says that she did it for her salary, but he thinks she wasn’t because of money because she still doesn’t get it. He asks her if she decides to leave when Wei Xin is in the hard situation. She says that Wei Xun drove her out, and he congratulates her.

Wei Xun runs into the child at the library, and the kid thinks Wei Xun needs help. But Wei Xun tells the kid to leave. The kid tells Wei Xun that he is drunk.

Wei Xun is drunk and lies on the floor. He tears up. Mia is writing the resignation letter, and she refuses to pick up Mi Qin’s call.

Bu Zui goes downstairs with her suitcase, and she wants to get a cover for Wei Xun. But he holds her hand and asks her not to leave. Because he treats her as his mom. She promises him not to leave but she said that the one who doesn’t leave is a little dog. He begs her again, and she thinks puppy is cute.

Editor tells Mia that Doctor One will cancel the contract with Wei Xun, and she asks him if he received her resignation letter. He wants to know the reason, and she thinks she should take the duty for Wei Xun’s failure. He gives her a month of leave and tells her to think about it.

The employees learn that they cancelled the contract with Wei Xun, and they think it’s a good news. The girl runs to tell them that Mia gets a month of leave with salary after she gave the resignation letter. The employee wants to give resignation letter, but her friend points out that she will be fired.

The man wishes Mia to promote his wine with the failure of Wei Xun, but she rejects the promoting. So he asks her to badmouth Wei Xun. But she says that her wechat only be written with the one she wants to write.

Bu Zui takes care the goldfish and greets Wei Xun. But he ignores her and takes the wine. Wei Xun watches the news that Doctor One cancelled the contract with him, and Bu Zui turns off the TV. She tells him that he will lose if he treats what the media says seriously. He admits that he failed.

Bu Zui thinks she has duty for not safekeeping his taste, and she doesn’t expect that he is so sad. He tells her to leave, but she says that she didn’t repay her debt. But he says that he failed and she means nothing to him. He says that he cannot stand any failure in his life.

Bu Zui takes away Wei Xun’s wine and tells him to give himself a chance.

President Lu praises Chun Feng, but Chun Feng asks President Lu to tell him the answer. President Lu admits that he asked to use the mixed wine. Wei Xun tells Bu Zui that he doesn’t need her pity, and asks her to leave.

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