It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 Review: Mom

The dead mom keeps showing up in front of Moon-Young. Kang-Tae comforts her on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 Review: Mom

It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 Recap: Abandoning

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay recap contains spoilers.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay begins with Sang-In visiting Moon-Young. Sang-Tae opens the door to see Sang-In and Seung-Jae. But he closes the door soon.

Seung-Jae recognizes Sang-Tae, and she tells Sang-In that the person is Kang-Tae and he brought trouble at the bookstore. He gets angry and tries to rush to break the door.

Sang-Tae opens the door and makes Sang-In trip. Sang-In gets up and tells Moon-Young to kick Sang-Tae out. But Sang-Tae says that he lives there and he is the illustrator of Moon-Young.

Sang-In is against it as the two cannot control themselves. Moon-Young says that she has her safety pin, and gets him to see Kang-Tae. She kicks Sang-In and Seung-Jae out, and takes away Sang-In’s car key.

Soon-Duk slaps her mouth and regrets for saying it to Kang-Tae. Joo-Ri shows up and startles her mom. Soon-Duk has to take out the medicine to take.

Moon-Young thinks Kang-Tae chose his brother again, and he tells her to respect Sang-Tae. She promises it. Jae-Soo runs into Kang-Tae and finds out that he moved out. He calls him and blames him for living with Moon-Young. Soon-Duk tries to stop Jae-Soo. But Joo-Ri knows it and gets angry.

Sang-Tae feels happy after seeing the books. Moon-Young mentions Sang-Tae asked her to buy him a camping car. She asks Kang-Tae if he likes travel.

Kang-Tae says yes. But his lie is debunked by Sang-Tae. Sang-Tae says that he moves out many times because they’re followed by someone. Kang-Tae stops Sang-Tae.

Moon-Young takes Sang-Tae to see his room, and he thinks the room is pretty. She reveals it was her room when she was a kid. Kang-Tae sits in the bed, and his sleeves get some dust. He asks her when she washed it, and she says that it was 20 years ago. Sang-Tae thrills to jump in the bed, and he doesn’t believe the bed belongs to him.

Pil-Wong goes to see Ji-Wang, and tells him that Dae-Hwan saw him and he almost made him get a heart attack. He adds that he was startled to wet his pants.

Pil-Wong drinks the beverages and thinks it’s delicious. But Ji-Wang tells Pil-Wong that it’s just soda. He asks him to tell him about the patients, and thinks only those who has suffered truly understand suffering.

Sang-Tae goes to basement. But he is stopped by Moon-Young. She tells him a story about Bluebeard. Sang-Tae wonders why the villagers fears Bluebeard. Kang-Tae thinks it’s because Bluebeard is different.

Sang-Tae asks Kang-Tae if he has to live alone in a castle when he is different. Kang-Tae thinks Bluebeard will find her true love who understands him. Joo-Ri drives Soon-Duk and she is with big temper. Soon-Duk tries to make Joo-Ri think about good side. But Joo-Ri complains to the driver who is in front of them. Soon-Duk tells Joo-Ri to lash out at her and stop honking because she has a mouth. Joo-Ri glares at Soon-Duk and thinks she would staple her lips together if she weren’t her mom.

Dae-Hwan tells Haeng-Ja that Moon-Young’s mom is like an angel. Ji-Wang thinks Dae-Hwan saw someone when he hurt Moon-Young. Moon-Young wakes up, and Sang-Tae tells her that they washed her sheets. She sees Kang-Tae cooking for her, and asks for rice.

Ji-Wang notes that there isn’t any butterfly in Sang-Tae’s painting, and wants to add it. But Sang-Tae stops Ji-Wang. Moon-Young notes that someone is tailing her. She finds out that the person is Eun-Ja. Eun-Ja tells Moon-Young that she is her mom.

Eun-Ja tells Moon-Young that she arranged a blind date for her. Moon-Young rages to take Eun-Ja’s clothes. Kang-Tae reminds Eun-Ja that she needs to take medicine, and takes her away. Haeng-Ja tells Kang-Tae that Eun-Ja’s daughter died in the car accident, and she cannot accept the truth.

A-Reum is reading a book aloud. Moon-Young yells at her and tells her to be quiet. Jung-Tae tells it to Kang-Tae. Sun-Hae thinks there was a ghost talking with Moon-Young.

Sang-In visits Kang-Tae and tells him to move out of Moon-Young’s house. He says that he cares for Moon-Young, and thinks Kang-Tae steals his spot. But Kang-Tae says that he won’t move aside.

Eun-Ja follows Moon-Young and tells her to marry Kang-Tae. But Eun-Ja is taken away by Sun Byeol. Kang-Tae calls Moon-Young but she doesn’t pick up his phone. Soon-Duk sees Kang-Tae and lets him join them.

Joo-Ri thinks Kang-Tae lives with Moon-Young because of Sang-Tae’s work, and she asks for a copy when Sang-Tae’s book comes out. But Sang-Tae tells her to pay for it. Moon-Young sees Kang-Tae eating with Joo-Ri. Eun-Ja tells Moon-Young to get Joo-Ri away from Kang-Tae. But Moon-Young tells Eun-Ja that her mom is dead. Eun-Ja is shocked and passes out.

Kang-Tae brings the food to Moon-Young. But she ignores him and sleeps in the bed. Moon-Young asks Mom why Bluebeard killed his wives. Mom tells her that they didn’t listen to him, and asks her to listen to her all the time. Moon-Young promises it. But Mom grabs her hair and asks her why she brought Kang-Tae there.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ends with Moon-Young waking up from the nightmare, and she cries when seeing Mom. Mom mentions she told her that she would kill the prince who comes to her. Kang-Tae opens the door and hugs Moon-Young. She grabs his clothes and tells him to leave. But he tells her that he won’t leave, and holds her hand. She falls asleep in his arms.

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