Joy of Life: Episode 1 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Joy of Life: Episode 1. Zhang Qing walks in the book room, where Ms. Ye is working. She mentions what she said that she doesn’t want to take students. He asks her to check his papers, but she says that she disagrees that he uses modern concept to analyze History of Ancient Literature.

Joy of Life: Episode 1 Recap

Joy of Life

Zhang Qing walks in the book room, where Ms. Ye is working. She mentions what she said that she doesn’t want to take students. He asks her to check his papers, but she says that she disagrees that he uses modern concept to analyze History of Ancient Literature.

Zhang Qing explains that it’s not thesis but the schedule of Sci-fi network competition. He thinks that she is against the crash of modern concept and ancient literature because she thinks it’s a topic which cannot be proved. He wants to change a method, and reveals that he applied the competition.

Zhang Qing says that the story is about the crash of modernism and ancient rules, and the theme is “When I get a second life.” She asks him why he chose the subject. He thinks everyone thought to live again in their mind. Because there are many regret in the life. So the true meaning of the story is to cherish the present and live for glorious.

Zhang Qing says that the story is lack of a title, and finds out the song “Joy of Life” is suitable for his story. He asks Ms. Ye to connect his laptop with the screen.

The story begins from here. A young modern man with Muscle weakness becomes the baby staying in the bamboo basket, when he wakes up. His brain keeps the memories of modern society. But he is hunted by the ancient costume killers. A brand new world comes when he is confused.

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Wu Zhu carries Fan Xian but he is surrounded by the black knights. Someone helps Ping Ping go to Wu Zhu when he sits on the wheelchair. He asks him about Miss, and Wu Zhu reveals it was too late when he arrived. Wu Zhu adds that the people of whole city are going to kill her, and Ping Ping asks Wu Zhu if the baby belongs to Miss. Wu Zhu says yes, and Ping Ping wants to take a look at the baby.

Wu Zhu opens the bamboo basket but stops Ping Ping touching the baby. Ping Ping asks Wu Zhu where he is going to take the baby to, and Wu Zhu says, “A place of safety.” Ping Ping thinks the capital is the most secure since he returned. Wu Zhu asks Ping Ping why he and his black knights weren’t in the capital when Miss was murdered.

Ping Ping says that he got the order, but he turns the wheelchair. He asks Wu Zhu if he thought someone hides deeply behind the case. Wu Zhu rages that he doesn’t trust the people in the city. Ping Ping thinks Wu Zhu can teach Fan Xian nothing except killing. He reveals there is a place is suitable for Fan Xian, and it’s Dan State. Because Grandma lives there.

Wu Zhu arrives at the Fan house, and he puts the book in the basket.

Mr. Zhou is hitting the maids with the stick, and the girl stops him. He is happy to see his miss. Fan Xian asks Mr. Zhou why he hit his maids. Mr. Zhou thinks Fan Xian cannot take the duty if the miss gets hurt. He thinks the maids should get punished because they didn’t know where they went. Fan Xian thinks the maids can only be managed by him, but Mr. Zhou points out that Old Madam got him to be the steward.

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Fan Xian brings a chair and stands on it. He tells Mr. Zhou to walk to him, and gives him a big slap. Mr. Zhou gets up with the broken tooth, and Fan Xian asks him if he isn’t convinced. But Mr. Zhou thinks Fan Xian should beat him.

Grandma notes that someone hit Mr. Zhou, and he feels wronged that Fan Xian gave him a lesson. Grandma asks Fan Xian if he beat Mr. Zhou. Fan Xian admits it, and Ruo Ruo explains that Mr. Zhou beat the maids first. Grandma asks Mr. Zhou to change the maids of Fan Xian, but Fan Xian says that he doesn’t need anyone because he likes quietness. Mr. Zhou glares at Fan Xian.

Grandma tells Ruo Ruo to return to capital, but she keeps Fan Xian. Fan Xian sees off Ruo Ruo, and the two are tearing up.

Mr. Zhou tells Fan Xian not to feel sad, and thinks Ruo Ruo should return to capital because she is highbred. He reminds him to be careful because he is alone in the yard at the night. Fan Xian asks Mr. Zhou of he dropped the front tooth. But Mr. Zhou says molar tooth. Fan Xian says that it leaks out just like fart.

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In the evening, someone sneaks into the yard. Fan Xian is waiting for the person Fei Jie, and tells him that his mom prepared the tea for him. Fei Jie doesn’t believe it as Fang Xian’s mom died when he was born. Fan Xian catches the chance to hit Fei Jie’s head with the porcelain pillow.

Fan Xian knocks at Wu Zhu’s door, but Wu Zhu claims that the shop was closed. Fan Xian says that someone wants to kill him, and Wu Zhu asks if he needs him to call the officer. Fan Xian calls Wu Zhu uncle, and Wu Zhu lets him in. Fan Xian says that he killed someone.

Wu Zhu sees Fei Jie and finds out that he isn’t dead. But Fan Xian smashes Fei Jie’s head again because he worries that Fei Jie is going to wake up. Wu Zhu reveals that Fei Jie is the person on Fan Xian’s side. Fan Xian asks Wu Zhu why he didn’t speak out when he smashed. Wu Zhu says that he didn’t ask. Fan Xian wonders if Fei Jie remembers revenge and asks why his looks is so creep.

Fei Jie wakes up and asks Fan Xian what the matter was with him. Fan Xian tells Fei Jie that he just sat to fall asleep. Fei Jie shows the blood to Fan Xian, and Fan Xian reveals that Fei Jie was smashed by someone else.

Fan Xian takes Fei Jie to break Wu Zhu’s door, and tells Fei Jie that the murderer is Wu Zhu. Fei Jie thinks Wu Zhu is still young after he saw him off in the capital. Wu Zhu asks Fei Jie why he came, and Fei Jie reveals that Fan Jian and Ping Ping asked him to be the master of Fan Xian. Fei Jie thinks his action was stealth so that Wu Zhu smashed him. But Wu Zhu reveals Fan Xian smashed Fei Jie.

Fei Jie’s head is with bandage and he gives Fan Jian’s letter to Madam. She asks him about his head, and he reveals that he was attacked by the scoundrel. She asks him if he caught the attacker, and he says that he caught him. She asks him what he can teach Fan Xian, and he asks her what she wants him to teach Fan Xian. She tells him to decide it on his own.

Fei Jie asks Fan Xian where the kitchen is, because he starves. Mr. Zhou shows up and asks Fei Jie for a private talk. He asks him what he wants to teach Fan Xian, and mentions Madam’s words. Fei Jie offers to only teach Fan Xian how to read, and Mr. Zhou thinks it’s too mean. So Fei Jie wants to teach Fan Xian medical skill. He thinks Fan Xian won’t starve if he can become a doctor after he gets driven out. Mr. Zhou likes the idea and laughs with Fei Jie.

Fei Jie tells Fan Xian that his father got married again and had a son. Fei Jie sees Mr. Zhou bullying the maids, and he asks Fan Xian if he wants him to kill Mr. Zhou. He promises to make him die without being found out. But Fan Xian doesn’t want to kill Mr. Zhou even though he is hateful.

Fei Jie takes Fan Xian to arrive at the cemetery, and tells him to dig the grave and open the coffin. Fei Jie wonders why Fan Xian doesn’t ask him why. Fan Xian thinks it’s reasonable as autopsy is the first step of studying. Fei Jie gives the knife to Fan Xian and thinks he is scared. Fan Xian thinks there are many bacterium, but Fei Jie doesn’t get his point. Fan Xian says that it’s dirty and wants to wear a glove. But Fei thinks the glove isn’t convenient to do the autopsy.

Fan Xian says that the glove he talks about is the surgical glove. Fei Jie says that he hasn’t heard it, and tells Fan Xian to wash hands after he uses the knife.

Fan Xian asks Fei Jie if Wu Zhu is sharp. Fei Jie reveals that Wu Zhu can challenge the four chief masters. He adds that Wu Zhu is the servant of Fan Xian’s mom, and Fan Xian thinks his mom is sharper than Wu Zhu. Fei Jie says that his mom is the legend heroine. Fan Xian asks how his mom died, but Fei Jie doesn’t want to reveal and thinks Fan Xian cannot stand it. Fan Xian vomits and claims that he is still a kid.

Wu Zhu chops the white radish, and Fan Xian blames Wu Zhu to cook such food since he had done the autopsy for one night. Fan Xian asks Wu Zhu what kind of woman his mom is. Wu Zhu reveals her name is Qing Mei when he gives the radish to him.

Fan Xian shows the book Wu Zhu gave him to him, and asks him how to drill his qi. But Wu Zhu doesn’t know as he never drilled it. Fan Xian hits the wall with his head, and mentions Fei Jie thought Wu Zhu is very sharp. Wu Zhu agrees to it and tells Fan Xian to follow him after he eats up the radish.

Wu Zhu takes Fan Xian to the bamboo forest, and tells him to avoid his hitting for training his qi. Fan Xian eats the vegetables on the table and he passes out. Fei Jie comforts Madam that the kids are liking to sleep.

Fan Xian wakes up, and Fei Jie asks him to think about what poison he ate when he’s playing the fan. Fan Xian thinks Fei Jie did the poison when he picked the chopsticks up. Fei Jie tells Fan Xian to pick the bottle, and gets him to eat the pill. Fei Jie moves away his chair, and Fan Xian’s nose begins to bleed. Fei Jie says that Fan Xian chose it wrong, but Fan Xian points out that the smell of the rest bottles are wrong. Fei Jie says that he didn’t say the antidote is in the bottles.

Fan Xian thinks Fei Jie did it too much. But Fei Jie asks him why he didn’t say it’s too much when he smashed his head. Fei Jie tells Fan Xian that he can be the master if he can poison him out.

Wu Zhu takes the class for Fan Xian, and Fan Xian thinks he will never avoid him. Wu Zhu thinks Fan Xian needs time. Fan Xian wonders how Wu Zhu challenged the four chief masters when he didn’t study martial arts. Wu Zhu thinks Fan Xian just needs strong enough. Wu Zhu takes Fan Xian to the cliff, and he jumps off with a cool style. Fan Xian thinks Wu Zhu isn’t a human.

Fan Xian asks Fei Jie to taste the tea, which he put the poison. Fei Jie is nosebleed, and he asks Fan Xian what kind of poison it is. Fan Xian says that it’s not poison but time, and reveals he gave him good tonic. Fei Jie thinks Fan Xian can be the master.

Fan Xian walks Fei Jie, but Fei Jie tells him not to see him off as the people will part one day. Fan Xian tells Fei Jie that he only trusts him except him the past years. He tells him not to forget the naughty student in Dan State. Fei Jie gives the token to Fan Xian, and reveals Ping Ping got him to give it to Fan Xian. Fan Xian asks if Ping Ping knew him, and Fei Jie reveals that Ping Ping is the friend of Qing Mei. Fan Xian gives the gloves to Fei Jie, and tells him that it’s made by sheep intestine.

Fei Jie likes Fan Xian’s present and thinks he would get married and has a kid like him if he met him early. Fan Xian promises to bury Fei Jie after he dies.

Fan Xian doesn’t want to eat, and Madam comforts him that Fei Jie will draw the gaze of people in the capital if he stays there. She tells him that the real danger will come when the red knights appear at the street in Dan State.

Fan Xian sits outside and waits for red knights until he grows up. The red knights arrive, and Fan Xian wonders who got them to come. Madam says that it was his dad Fan Jian, and reveals she has rejected him. She thinks capital isn’t a good place as his mom died there. She thinks he will live long when he stays in Dan State. But Fan Xian points out that they’re on knees outside. Madam tells Fan Xian to keep the bodies for them when the red knights die.

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