Joy of Life: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Joy of Life: Episode 3. Fan Xian walks in the temple, and the bodyguards block him from walking into the main palace.

Joy of Life: Episode 3 Recap

Joy of Life

Fan Xian walks in the temple, and the bodyguards block him from walking into the main palace.

Fan Xian steps in the side palace and takes the pear. He asks the deity to send a messenger to explain it for him.

Fan Xian is startled by the sound, and opens the cloth under the shrine. The maid is looking for her miss outside.

Fan Xian sees a beauty Wan Er who takes a chicken leg. He asks her if he is a assassin or the person who is sent by immortal. She denies, but he thinks she is.

Wan Er goes out of the shrine and asks Fan Xian who he is. He vomits blood, and she worries about him. He says that he is used to vomit blood. She titters but intends to leave when the maid looks for her.

Fan Xian asks Wan Er if she came with the noble who is at the main palace. She gives the chicken leg to him and turns around to smile before she leaves. He chases her out because he forgot to ask for her name.

The maid and Wan Er get in the carriage, and Wan Er smiles. Maid complains that Wan Er startled her each time she went out, but she smiles. Wan Er thinks going out is better than drinking medicine in the room.

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Maid mentions Doctor thought Wan Er shouldn’t get blown by wind. She notes that she vomits blood again, but Wan Er thinks she will be used to it when she keeps vomiting.

Fan Xian sees the bodyguards off, and he goes outside. But Wan Er left. The servant is waiting for him, and Fan Xian asks him to chase the carriage. But the servant chooses to return their house.

The bodyguards clean up the street, and Chief Bodyguard Gong Dian asks for punishment because Fan Xian appeared at the temple. But Emperor Qing points out that Gong Dian has credit because there wasn’t any wave.

Gong Dian asks for looking into Jin army because he suspects there was a spy helping Fan Xian. But Emperor Qing rejects it.

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Another group of bodyguards run to Emperor Qing’s carriage, and Gong Dian gets his men to stop them. But Emperor Qing lets the Chief Bodyguard pass. Chief Bodyguard reports that the maids prepared to do something bad and they killed them.

Maid notes that the Jin army left, and Wan Er shares that she ran into an interesting man. Maid wishes Fan Xian to be an interesting man, but Wan Er’s smile is frozen. Maid reminds Wan Er that the marriage was arranged by Emperor Qing.

Gong Dian gets the wonton for Emperor Qing, and thinks Fan Xian was arranged by Emperor Qing. Because Emperor Qing wanted to see Fan Xian. Emperor Qing asks who got maids to stain Fan Xian’s reputation, and Gong Dian thinks the person was Crown Prince.

Emperor Qing asks Gong Dian if Fan Xian was on knees, and Gong Dian denies. Emperor Qing thinks the wonton tastes bad, but he asks Gong Dian to leave money. He asks him if he likes the painting Crown Prince gave him. Gong Dian is scared to be on knees, but Emperor Qing laughs that Gong Dian doesn’t have sin because everyone has his hobby.

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The servant drops Fan Xian and tells him to get in the house on his own. Fan Xian learns that the servant doesn’t belong to Fan family.

Fan Xian knocks at the door, but the maid tells him to take the side door and reveals it’s Ru Yu’s arranging. Fan Xian passes the side door and notes that the servants don’t speak. The maid reveals Ru Yu is sleeping so that they don’t dare to speak.

Si Zhe chases the bookkeeper, and Fan Xian tells Si Zhe to chase after he takes a breath. Si Zhe wonders why Fan Xian takes a chicken leg, but Fan Xian says that it’s a girl. Si Zhe asks Fan Xian to open his box, but Fan Xian tells Si Zhe to try it.

Ru Yu wonders why Fan Xian doesn’t come, and gets the maid to tell him to wait for her. Fan Xian cheers Si Zhe up to open his box, and Si Zhe tells Fan Xian to open the box as he is the chief of the house. But Fan Xian confuses Si Zhen to get people kill him if he is the chief.

Fan Xian learns that Si Zhe is his brother and asks why he chased the bookkeeper. Maid reveals Si Zhe caught the chance to ask for money when Ru Yu is sleeping, and she says that Ru Yu asked him to wait for her at the yard.

Gong Dian takes the paintings to visit Crown Prince, and tears up the paintings he likes in front of Crown Prince. He reveals he has burnt up the rest paintings at home, and he says that he won’t have any hobby anymore.

Gong Dian asks Crown Prince to take back his painting, and reveals Emperor Qing saw Fan Xian at the temple.

Ru Yu wonders if Fan Xian is anger or not. But Maid tells her that Fan Xian wants to sleep. Ru Yu learns that Fan Xian takes a chicken leg, and wonders who took chair for Fan Xian. Maid says that he took it on his own, and Ru Yu wants to see Fan Xian because he isn’t the one who can be bullied.

Ru Yu wakes Fan Xian and feels sorry for neglected him. But he asks her to have a seat. She thinks he is innocent, and he learns that what she means that he is a monkey. So he says that people will treat her as main madam if they don’t know. Ru Yu learns that Fan Xian thinks her position isn’t primary.

Ru Yu notes that Si Zhe runs to them with stick, so she leaves. Si Zhe blames Fan Xian for playing him as he won’t kill himself.

Maid thinks Si Zhe is going to beat Fan Xian as he didn’t get money, and Ru Yu points out that Si Zhe won’t take action if she is there. She thinks Fan Xian won’t life his head if he gets beaten the first day. Maid worries that Fan Xian beats Si Zhe. Ru Yu points out that Fan Jian won’t keep Fan Xian if he does so.

Si Zhe learns that Fan Xian is the illegitimate child, and asks him to hold out. But Fan Xian tells Si Zhe that he is his dad because elder brother is like father. Si Zhe is furious and wants to beat Fan Xian, but Ruo Ruo stops him.

Ruo Ruo runs to call Fan Xian older brother, and he says that he promised to come. Ruo Ruo asks Si Zhe to be on knees and scolds him for bullying bookkeeper. Si Zhe says that he couldn’t reach him as he ran so fast. Ruo Ruo asks Si Zhe to give her the stick, and she hits his palm with the stick. Because he was rude to elder brother.

Si Zhe yells to call mom, and Ruo Ruo invites Fan Xian to her room. Ru Yu thinks Fan Xian hit it well, and tells Si Zhe to report it to Fan Jian. But Si Zhe tells Ru Yu that the one hit him was Ruo Ruo.

Ru Yu wonders why Ruo Ruo returned, and Si Zhe asks his mom to put some money on his palm to cure his pain. She thinks he cannot deal with the fox of Dan State.

Fan Xian is surprised that Ruo Ruo received many gifts, and she reveals the girls ask for update of the novel “Red Tower”. Fan Xian wonders why Ruo Ruo knows the word “update”, and she says that he wrote it on his letters.

Ruo Ruo tells Fan Xian that the girls don’t know the novel was written by him, but he says that the novel was written by Mr. Cao. But she doesn’t believe it as there isn’t any person who named Mr. Cao. She tells him that she will keep the secret for him.

Gong Dian reminds Crown Prince that Emperor Qing will worry about it if they’re too close. Gong Dian thinks Emperor Qing wanted to know if he will hurt Fan Xian. So he took him. Crown Prince reveals he didn’t hurt Fan Xian, and he takes back the painting. He promises not to see Gong Dian again in private, and Gong Dian leaves.

Ruo Ruo gives the note to him that was written the time Fan Xian returns. Fan Xian thinks Si Zhe fears Ruo Ruo, and she says that Si Zhe fears her in his bone. Ruo Ruo says that Ru Yu doesn’t dare to offend her.

Maid tells Ru Yu that Ruo Ruo knew the right time of Fan Xian’s arriving. Ru Yu wonders how Ruo Ruo knew it. Si Zhe offers to ask Fan Xian out and beat him. Ru Yu thinks it’s a good method.

Ruo Ruo reveals Ru Yu didn’t dare to bully her, and she wonders who helped her. Fan Xian thinks it’s Wu Zhu who taught him to climb cliff. The servant reports that Fan Jian wants to see Fan Xian. Fan Xian asks Ruo Ruo to keep his chicken leg.

Ru Yu learns that Fan Jian wants to see Fan Xian, and she worries about it. Si Zhe points out that Fan Jian never went to Dan State to see Fan Xian. Ru Yu points out that it’s what she worries about, and thinks she cannot protect Si Zhe all her life. But Si Zhe asks for money. Ru Yu yells at Si Zhe that she is broke.

Fan Xian opens the door of the study, and Fan Jian is waiting for him.

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