Joy of Life: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Joy of Life: Episode 4. Ru Yu asks the maid to get Fan Xian to move in the room of servants. Another maid reports to Ru Yu that the study is very quiet.

Joy of Life: Episode 4 Recap

Joy of Life

Ru Yu asks the maid to get Fan Xian to move in the room of servants. Another maid reports to Ru Yu that the study is very quiet.

Ru Yu asks Si Zhe to take a look at the study for her, and he promises it. But he runs away after he went out of the room. Because he isn’t silly.

Fan Jian asks Fan Xian if he is anxious. Fan Xian denies and mentions he has waited for Fan Jian so long in Dan State. Fan Jian asks if he needs to hug Fan Xian and cry to express his regret. Fan Xian rejects it.

Fan Jian asks Fan Xian what kind of person he wants to be. Fan Xian says that he wants beautiful wife and concubines. So Fan Jian asks Fan Xian what he will develop his family.

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Fan Xian says that he wants to produce glass. But Fan Xian holds the glass and tells Fan Xian that his mom Qing Mei had made it.

Fan Xian mentions his another skill of making soap, but Fan Jian guides Fan Xian to take the soap. Fan Jian says that what Qing Mei made was scented soap.

Fan Xian claims his third skill of making white sugar, but Fan Jian says that his mom had made it. Fan Xian wonders why he didn’t see those things in Dan State, and Fan Jian reveals those things only are used by wealthy and they are only traded in big city.

Fan Xian thinks the place he lives is countryside, and he doesn’t have any idea. Because Qing Mei did it. Fan Jian reveals Qing Mei’s trade name becomes the center of wealth, and Fan Jian heard that the trade name belongs to nation storehouse. But Fan Jian reveals it’s managed by imperial family and it’s called inner storehouse.

Fan Xian thinks the name isn’t cultured as the name can be treated as underwear. Fan Jian says that the name was given by Emperor Qing. He says that Emperor Qing didn’t have time to manage inner storehouse so that he asked elder princess Yun Rui to manage it.

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Fan Jian adds that Yun Rui is very beautiful and trusted by Emperor Qing. He says that she doesn’t get married. Fan Xian thinks Fan Jian fell for Yun Rui. Fan Jian denies it and reveals Run Rui and Ruo Fu have a daughter. Fan Xian needs to marry their daughter Wan Er.

Fan Jian mentions Emperor Qing’s words that the person can take over inner storehouse from Yun Rui if he can marry Wan Er. Fan Jian admits that he picked up Fan Xian when Ping Ping and Fei Jie aren’t there. He tells Fan Xian that it’s the great chance to take back the industry of his mom, and he tells him to take back the stuff, which belongs to him.

Fan Jian gives the list of inner storehouse to Fan Xian, and reminds him that there are many people who don’t want Fan Xian to take over inner storehouse. Because it’s a cash cow for royal family.

Yun Rui visits Queen and thinks Fan Xian cannot match her daughter. Fan Xian learns that Yun Rui doesn’t agree to the marriage, and he thinks he doesn’t need to marry Wan Er. But Fan Jian points out that Yun Rui cannot care for it because royal family does the job instead of Yun Rui.

Queen knows Yun Rui’s intent, and gets Chief Eunuch Si Yang to give Yun Rui a slap. Queen tells Yun Rui that the things of palace are only decided by Emperor Qing, and nobody cares what she likes. She tells her that the slap is to remind her to keep discretion.

Fan Xian wonders why Emperor Qing wants him to marry Wan Er, and Fan Jian reveals Yun Rui supports Crown Princess. Fan Xian realizes that it’s big taboo Crown Princess controlling property ownership, and the foundation of Crown Prince is moved if Fan Xian controls inner storehouse.

Fan Jian tells Fan Xian that the person who wants to kill him is Crown Prince, but Fan Xian thinks his dad wants to help Ru Yu.

Gong Dian stops Yun Rui and tells her that Emperor Qing wants to see her. Yun Rui and the maid have an eye contact.

Ru Yu, Ruo Ruo and Si Zhe are waiting for Fan Jian and Fan Xian to have meal. Si Zhe is hungry. Fan Jian shows up with Fan Xian, and he asks Si Zhe to get out.

Fan Jian asks Ru Yu if she sent Mr. Zhou to Dan State, and she reveals that she got Mr. Zhou to take care of Fan Xian. Fan Jian reveals Mr. Zhou assassinated Fan Xian, and Ru Yu says that she doesn’t know it as she doesn’t receive the letter of this month. Fan Jian points out that there won’t any letter as his mom sent Mr. Zhou to the fishing boat.

Ru Yu thinks Mr. Zhou is with tiger and wolf heart, and she feels lucky that Fan Xian is safe. Fan Jian reveals that Mr. Zhou confessed that Ru Yu asked him to unite Jiancha institution to kill Fan Xian. He thinks the person comes from royal family when he can arrange spy to Jiancha institution. He adds that the mother of little prince is Ru Yu’s younger female cousin.

Ru Yu denies it, and Fan Jian asks her to explain it to Fan Xian. Ru Yu says that she isn’t so stupid to get Mr. Zhou to kill Fan Xian, and Fan Jian will drive her and Si Zhe out if Fan Xian dies because of her. Ruo Ruo agrees that Ru Yu won’t get Mr. Zhou involved if she wants to kill Fan Xian.

The maid visits another maid and gives the white cloth to her. She says that it was given by Yun Rui.

Yun Rui visits Emperor Qing, and he asks her if she hates Queen for the slap. She is on knees and explains that she just doesn’t want Wan Er to marry a countryside guy. He asks her why she corrupted Fan Xian’s reputation, but she denies it. Emperor Qing asks Gong Dian to look into who allowed the maids to go out.

Fan Xian and Ru Yu take dishes for each other. Si Zhe is surprised that his mom and Fan Xian are so close, and he asks Ruo Ruo about it. Ruo Ruo reveals that Ru Yu is suspected to kill Fan Xian. Si Zhe is startled, and the chopsticks drop.

Gong Dian reports that the person is Ms. Han and she took her life. Yun Rui tells Emperor Qing that she will tell him about Ms. Han if he asks her. But he tells her to have a seat and waits. Crown Prince shows up and admits that he got the maids to block the road. But Emperor Qing points out that Yun Rui confessed nothing.

Crown Prince thinks he shouldn’t do thing on his own as the candidate of inner storehouse is decided by Emperor Qing. But Emperor Qing thinks Crown Prince cannot be crown prince if he doesn’t fight for it. He adds that the method they used disappoints him, and asks the difference of royal blood and normal people. Crown Prince says that they’re like cloud and mud.

But Emperor Qing says that prince and ordinary person are same as they’re with eyes and hands. He asks Crown Prince what rules is used for. Crown Prince says that it’s fundamental of protecting nation. Emperor Qing says that it’s for building tower and makes pride at the top. He thinks they used reputation of palace to ruin someone else’s reputation, and it becomes their joke.

Emperor Qing adds that the revering is gone when jokes are more, and he asks where is the pride in the mind when the revering is gone. He thinks they ruined foundation on their own. Crown Prince says that he understands it, but Emperor Qing doesn’t think so.

Emperor Qing gives Crown Prince the list of officials, who need to be fired. He asks him to take a look if his followers are on the list. Emperor Qing sighs that he fought for it when he was the crown prince, and he thinks there should be a bottom line. He tells the two to get out.

Fan Jian thinks Fan Xian wasn’t cautious to take back Zi Jing, and reveals the people who picked Fan Xian up were elites. He gives the warrant to him, and Fan Xian wonders why Zi Jing needs to be arrested. Fan Jian doesn’t know and he tells Fan Xian to be careful of Zi Jing.

Fan Jian tells Fan Xian that he will look into if Crown Prince wants to kill him, and he asks him not to take action. Fan Xian says that he won’t rush into the palace to kill Crown Prince. Fan Jian reveals Qing Mei did it and she could take the move which other people couldn’t think of.

Fan Xian asks how his mom died, and Fan Jian reveals someone wanted to hurt Qing Mei. The enemies were dead, but Fan Jian and Ping Ping thought there is the danger in the capital. So Fan Jian let Fan Xian stay in the Dan State. Fan Xian mentions Fan Jian let him come to the capital. Fan Jian says that it’s a great chance to take back the industry of Fan Xian’s mom.

Fan Jian tells Fan Xian not to worry about marrying Wan Er as he will arrange it. But Fan Xian doesn’t want to marry Wan Er. Because he fell for a girl who stole chicken leg. He doesn’t want to exchange a firm with his life, but Fan Jian reminds Fan Xian that he controls wealth if he controls inner storehouse. But Fan Xian thinks Fan Jian stayed with his mom was because of her money. Fan Xian wants to live for himself one time.

Yun Rui takes a look at the list, and learns that they’re followers of Crown Prince. Crown Prince thinks Emperor Qing wants to give him a lesson. But Yun Rui points out that Emperor Qing wants to tell Crown Prince to do anything, except the military leadership. Crown Prince learns that the inner storehouse they can take.

Yun Rui mentions Emperor Qing didn’t ask them not to hurt Fan Xian, and she asks why Emperor Qing chose Fan Xian. Crown Prince thinks Fan Xian never came to capital and he doesn’t belong to any group. She says that there’re many people like him, and reveals Fan Xian wrote a book with nickname. She thinks they should choose the point of reputation to ruin Fan Xian’s foundation.

Fan Xian tells the servants and maids to leave as he doesn’t need them. But they’re on knees and tell him not to startle them. Fan Xian tells them that they’re masters, but they say that they don’t have second mind. Fan Xian learns that he needs to be rude to them, and he tells them to get lost. But they think that Fan Xian is very cordial.

Zi Jing sneaks into Fan Xian’s room, and he hides himself when Si Zhe visits. Si Zhe mistakes Zi Jing as Fan Xian when Zi Jing pretends to sleep. Si Zhe picks up the knife Zi Jing drops, and tells Fan Xian that he wants to treat him a meal tomorrow. Si Zhe puts the knife on the table and leaves.

Zi Jing closes the door but he finds out that the knife is gone. So he looks for it. But he is spotted by Si Zhe. Si Zhe asks Fan Xian who is Zi Jing. Fan Xian says that Zi Jing is his bodyguard while taking the knife. Si Zhe wonders why Fan Xian kept the bodyguard when he drove the maids out.

Si Zhe tells the servant that he is going to give Fan Xian a lesson, but the servant is against it as Fan Xian is a young master. Si Zhe claims that he is the young master as well.

Fan Xian gives the warrant to Zi Jing, and asks him to explain why Jiancha institution hired him when he is a criminal.

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