Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Episode 1, Qiao Yi spots Yan Mo when Yuan Shui is talking with him. Yan Mo notes her, and they’re frozen. She sits with him, and tells herself that it’s work. She asks him how long he will stay. He says that he will leave tomorrow as there is nothing he wants to see. She bites her thumb and mentions he has a girlfriend.

Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Le Coup de Foudre

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Le Coup de Foudre Chinese Drama Episode 1.

Qiao Yi calls Yan Mo brother-in-law, and thinks they let her older sister down. The waiter stares at her while pouring drink. She introduces Yan Mo as her husband. He grabs her hand and thinks her older sister will spray bless them in the heaven. The waiter feels sorry to Yan Mo when the water overflows from the glass.

Qiao Yi and Yan Mo sit in the couch, and she says that they have married for 4 years and they were classmates. She clarifies that they didn’t make puppy love, and they lived together after graduation. He says that they lived together after he returned from UK. She complains that there wasn’t any contact during college.


Qiao Yi walks along the street. She says that the God made the joke to her, but she believes that she will meet the person one day. But she didn’t expect the waiting was six years. She says that she became a PD after graduation. The chief asks Jiao Yi if she completes the script. But she mentions he just gave it to her one hour ago.

He says that Shenjiu satellite moves a circle around the earth in an hour, and thinks they cannot catch the hot of shit with their speed. He spots the photo of Qiao Yi on the desk, and tells her to respect her job. Qiao Yi sees the title “How’s the man you liked during school-days?” She says that she was the not eye-catching girl at school, and she needed courage to rise hand and speak.

She thinks she can act it when it’s filmed the girl nobody hits. Chief asks for the ideas to the subject. The woman says that the heroine is self-abasement and has a crush on the outstanding deskmate, but she doesn’t have courage to confess. They part after graduation. She asks for looking for her deskmate after 10 years. Another woman adds that the deskmate is waiting for her after finding him.

But the man thinks the deskmate should get married since he is outstanding. Chief asks Qiao Yi what she thinks. She thinks the setting has a problem, and asks who had a crush on someone for 10 years. She thinks the heroine will try her best to collect his any message if she really cares about him. So she can find him if she wants, except she doesn’t dare.

Wu Yi introduces herself as Qiao Yi’s best friend, and reveals Qiao Yi brought breakfast for her each day. But Qiao Yi says that she didn’t get along with Wu Yi at first, and reveals she got abused by teacher because she got the last one. So Qiao Yi decided to be nice to Wu Yi and made him feel the love of classmate. Because Qiao Yi feared to get last one.

Qiao Yi asks Wu Yi what about the person she liked during school-days. Wu Yi says that he got married. Qiao Yi asks Wu Yi if she was sad. Wu Yi says that she was relieved since the bride wasn’t prettier than her. She asks Qiao Yi if she will go to the reunion. Qiao Yi says yes, and Wu Yi asks if Yan Mo will go. Qiao Yi says that she doesn’t know.

Wu Yi doesn’t believe that Qiao Yi didn’t contact Yan Mo, and mentions she met Miao Miao. Miao Miao said that she mistook calling Yan Mo, and he picked up. Wu Yi asks Qiao Yi if she knows what it means since he didn’t change his number after many years. Qiao Yi thinks his number ties with bank card. Wu Yi tells Qiao Yi that Yan Mo is waiting for her.

But Qiao Yi thinks nobody will care since it’s past many years. Wu Yi tells Qiao Yi to call him if she doesn’t feel guilty. Yan Mo runs home and looks for something in the washing machine. He returns the hall and asks his friend about his wallet. The friend tells Yan Mo that the TV Station of Nanshan wants to interview him, and suggests him to go home since Nanchuan is his hometown.

But Yan Mo tells his friend to reject it and gets a call from his dad. Wu Yi reminds Qiao Yi to take a look at classmate group chat. Someone reveals he met the legend of school, Yan Mo. He thinks Yan Mo went to UK because Qiao Yi rejected him. Wu Yi tells Qiao Yi that Yan Mo’s return means that he still misses her, and thinks he wants to live together with her.

Qiao Yi tells Wu Yi to keep the beautiful lines in her novel. Qiao Yi spots Guan Chao and wonders why he didn’t get in the house. He says that he will return home after the smell is gone since he drank. He wonders why she is so late. She says that she worked overtime, and mentions she is writing about the person she liked during studenthood.

He says that the first went abroad, the second debuted, the third is famous, the fourth became a monk, the fifth just got a baby. Guan Chuan notes his sister Qiao Yi glaring at him, and says that there isn’t any rule that she should only love one person in her studenthood. She says that she didn’t ask him about it, and asks him if he will go to reunion.

He thinks she will understand that most of place cannot be gone if she has many exes. She massages his thigh and call him older brother that he is her closest person in the world. But he rejects it and thinks it’s not a good thing since she called him older brother. She asks him to go to reunion for her, and asks him a favor. But he thinks he helped her as he went out 5 minutes early for her.

She grumbles that Yan Mo returned. He tells her not to go. But she says that she wants to see other classmates. He pinches his ear and thinks she doesn’t believe the excuse she makes. They both are hungry. Qiao Yi remembers she left a piece of cake in the fridge. Guan Chao wants to get it first. Mother tells Guan Chao not to return if he thinks he isn’t related to the family.

He lies that he went to pick up Qiao Yi, and eyes her that he will share the cake with her. But she asks him to accompany her to the reunion. He agrees. She asks him where is his principle. He says that his biggest principle is no principle. So she tells mother that her brother did pick up her. The next day, Guan Chao spots Qiao Yi lying in bed, and asks her if she wants to go to the reunion.

She says that her left hand hurt because he drew her yesterday. But he points out that he just drew her right hand, and asks her to get changed. Qiao Yi walks Guan Chao and claims someone calls her. She lies that it’s chief, who asks her to attend the emergency meeting. He takes the phone and tells that his sister is getting married. He teases her that she knows the chief of mobile company.

He tells her that Yan Mo won’t come and slaps her head when she doesn’t believe. They join the party, and people mention the classmate Da Chuan liked fighting. Da Chuan arrives. Wu Yi asks if everyone came. The fat man says that there is an important person will come. He says that he is someone Qiao Yi doesn’t want to see. She wants to go to restroom but finds out he is Old Gao.

He thinks they didn’t respect him and tells them to call him teacher. Qiao Yi mentions Old Gao asked them not to call him teacher after graduation. He tells her to get out and says that restroom is outside. Qiao Yi thought she will interview some outstanding men after she became PD. But she didn’t expect that she was required to write the weird script, and she had to act sometimes. She says that she is a senior actress.

The MC introduces Qiao Yi as a single mom who looks for the baby’s father. Qiao Yi wears the mask and cries that she has to sell fruit when the baby is 7 months. The man claims he earns money for them. She shows the wound to people, and tells that the man hit her when he was drunk, and ignores she has the baby. She regrets to marry him.

Qiao Yi gets the coke from the vending machine. The man passes by and teases her that pregnant woman shouldn’t eat coke. She complains that the husband couldn’t talk the lines well. He thinks it was good that he came, and praises Qiao Yi. He tells her that Chief Hu wants her to improve the lines. Qiao Yi complains that Chief Hu always brings terrible story that baby-sitter loves master.

The woman spots them and brags that her boyfriend wants to take her to have French dish. She claims that she doesn’t have time because the new show will be launched. She says that she and Chief Hu will join the show. Qiao Yi gives the space model to Chief Hu and asks for following him to the show. But he rejects. She claims she has professional ideal and she won’t develop if he leaves.

She tells him that she wants to be a great TV person like him. He tells her not to flatter him and asks for the truth. So she admits that she wants to get the salary like him. He thinks she should wait some years. She complains that she doesn’t want to do the family show. But he tells her that she will get the position if he leaves. She thanks him and is happy to go out.

Father asks Yan Mo to accept the interview, as the producer is his classmate. Yan Mo agrees but doesn’t want to do it again. He spots Qiao Yi crying in the show as a pregnant woman. He visits the TV station and asks about the pregnant woman. The woman is awkward and says that she couldn’t contact her. Yan Mo thinks they didn’t take duty, but spots the photo of Qiao Yi. He realizes that she works there.

The president asks Qiao Yi to contact Yan Mo as they wants him to give speech at the anniversary of school. Qiao Yi calls Yan Mo but the woman picks up the phone. Qiao Yi realizes that she is kicked out when the coke sprinkles. The man reports to Chief Hu that the anchor tripped because she stepped on the coke. Qiao Yi feels guilty and wants to sneak out. But Chief Hu asks her to be the anchor.

Qiao Yi claims she didn’t do the anchor. Chief Hu points out that she didn’t do pregnant woman but she did a great job. The woman gives the shoes to Qiao Yi and asks her to wear it. Yuan Shuai suggests Yan Mo to dress up. But Yan Mo says that he doesn’t have the habit. Qiao Yi wants to talk with the guest first. But Chief Hu says that it’s too late. She walks bad because the shoes.

Qiao Yi spots Yan Mo when Yuan Shui is talking with him. Yan Mo notes her, and they’re frozen. She sits with him, and tells herself that it’s work. She asks him how long he will stay. He says that he will leave tomorrow as there is nothing he wants to see. She bites her thumb and mentions he has a girlfriend. He asks her who said that. She reveals she called him, and the girl picked it up.

She asks him why he keeps the old number. He thinks she will bite nails when she feels guilty, and asks her why she rejected him. She is silent, so he walks away. Yan Mo returns home and is informed that his wallet is found, and there is a phone inside, when he opens the package. Qiao Yi is in the bus. She opens the photo frame, and it’s she and Yan Mo’s group photo.

In the classroom, the fat classmate asks Qiao Yi smiles naturally when he is taking photo of her. Yan Mo reminds Qiao Yi that her homework didn’t complete. The fat classmate takes photo of them.

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