Legend of Awakening: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Legend of Awakening: Episode 2. Qin Sang and Xi Fan fight with Situ Kong, and the two are defeated. Lu Ping shows up and takes away Shanhai badge.

Legend of Awakening: Episode 2 Recap

Legend of Awakening: Episode 2

Lu Ping shows off the Shanhai badge on the tree, and provokes Situ Kong to attack him. Situ Kong is blown away, and he doesn’t believe there is a person who can master six souls.

Situ Kong thinks Lu Ping is a monster, and Lu Ping points out that the monster was created by Shanhai sect.

Situ Kong sees the real face under the mask, and recognizes Lu Ping who’s the Awakener mastering six souls.

Lu Ping kills Situ Kong and wears his mask again. Qin Sang attacks Lu Ping but she is tied up on the tree by him.

Xi Fan wakes Ru Yu, and she cries to hug him as she mistakes him as You Dao. The disciples show up and ask how to deal with the property.

Xi Fan thinks the person the thief will return, and he rushes to attack Lu Ping. Su Tang stuns Xi Fan from his back. Lu Ping tells Su Tang not to kill Xi Fan.

The disciples wake Xi Fan up, and he finds out the thief left a tortoise drawing on his face.

Xi Fan goes to see Lu Ping who is enjoying the drumstick. He scolds him for not watching the thief. But Lu Ping tells Xi Fan to learn from the tortoise.

Qin Sang asks for help, and the man recognizes that she was the woman who replaced Ru Yu to marry him.

When the man is going to take off Qin Sang’s clothes, Tian Qi shows up to beat the man. But Tian Qi is put into a jute bag.

Tian Qi’s archer shoots the man, and Qin Sang intends to leave with Zi Yan. Tian Qi invites Qin Sang to his house. She agrees to it and swears to catch the thief of Shanhai sect.

Lu Ping takes the Shanhai badge and remembers he was taken away by the woman of Shanhai sect. Su Tang finds out that Lu Ping is injured, and tries to give her candy to him.

Lu Ping thinks Su Tang shouldn’t flee with him, and he got her involved. She denies and thinks Lu Ping keeps protecting her.

It flashes back. Lu Ping asks the thief to save Su Tang when she is alone in the cage.

Su Tang tells Lu Ping that she has lived well the past three years. But he points out that her hands don’t shake when she hears killing.

Lu Ping tells Su Tang not to flee with him, but she tells him not to kick her away. Lu Ping notes that You Dao is bugging them, and he gets Su Tang to open the door.

You Dao trips and asks for the fees of the wall. Su Tang throws the gold to his back side of head, and You Dao tells Lu Ping to get lost after repaying the debt.

Su Tang wonders why You Dao keeps driving Lu Ping out, Lu Ping says that he will leave even if You Dao doesn’t drive him.

It flashes back. The thief saves Lu Ping and opens the chain for him. He tells them to flee when he gets caught.

Lu Ping guesses that Ge Cheng is the thief, and reveals he get the power of six souls from the chain.

Lu Ping remembers the tag on the sword Qin Sang takes is same to the carriage of Ge Cheng, and he goes to look for Qin Sang in the woods.

But Qin Sang disappears. Lu Ping tells Su Tang to get Xi Fan to speak out the background of the sword with beauty trap. She is against it, so he promises to buy all of the candies in the town.

Su Tang invites Xi Fan to practice sword art, and asks about the sword the fake Ruyu took. He reveals she was the miss of Qin family.

Tian Qi takes Qin Sang to see Wei Zhong, and Qin Sang tells Wei Zhong that she won’t leave Chan state before she find the masked thief.

Lu Ping drowns in water to steal the power of souls. Xi Fan jumps into water to save Lu Ping, and he scolds him for taking life as a joke.

Xi Fan remembers the man was killed by the woman of Shanhai sect for protecting him. Xi Fan asks You Dao about Lu Ping’s background.

You Dao reveals that Lu Ping was just a beggar, and he tells Xi Fan not to put all of lives on his shoulders. Xi Fan says that he needs to repay the life since he owed it ever.

You Dao tells Xi Fan that he is going to go to Luoyang, and gets him to take care of Lu Ping. Xi Fan wonders why You Dao keeps visiting his older friend since he gets beaten each time.

Tian Qi tells Qin Sang that he has posted the posters to look for the person who can find the thief. Zi Yan thinks Tian Qi’s idea will work. But she is scolded by Qin Sang.

Mo Lin climbs into the room, and Qin Sang points the sword at his ass. He explains that he came for the poster.

Legend of Awakening: Episode 2 Review

Lu Ping continues looking for Ge Cheng in Legend of Awakening: Episode 2. He thinks Ge Cheng is the thief who saved him.

But Qin Sang wants to catch Lu Ping because he tied up on the tree. Xi Fan gets angry because Lu Ping drowned himself in the water.

But Xi Fan doesn’t know Lu Ping did it for getting his power. He has some painful past that someone died for him. So Xi Fan doesn’t want to give up any life.

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