Legend of the Phoenix Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

This is the recap of Legend of the Phoenix Chinese Drama Episode 2, Ning Zhi takes Wei Guang to the temple and tells him that she decides to be his woman. She asks him when he will asks for marriage to her family. But he tells her that he is going to get married with the girl Qian Qian. Ning Zhi asks Wei Guang why he wanted her to be his women, and thinks he is a jerk.

Legend of the Phoenix Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Legend of the Phoenix

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of the Phoenix Chinese Drama Episode 2.

Queen laughs and thinks they have filial piety when Ning Zhi speaks out the congratulations, “Stealing peach to congratulate grandmother on your birthday.” Ning Zhi laughs awkwardly. Ning Zhi stops Wei Guang, and he is surprised that she didn’t leave. He shares that Empress will change her mind at any time.

He asks her why she changed her mind when Empress took her to see Emperor. Ning Zhi shares that she knew that she would die no matter she chose Empress or Elder Princess. So she chose her own path. Ning Zhi asks Wei Guang why he cares about her, he thinks she is smart and walks away. She stops him as she has a question for him.

He thinks she wants to ask why they can win the bet, and remembers Queen asked him how to stop the the thing she worried about. Wei Guang tells Ning Zhi that Queen knew that they didn’t have good end if she didn’t laugh, and the ministers didn’t dare not to laugh when Queen laughed.

Wei Guang tells Ning Zhi to leave as it’s not suitable for her. Empress thrills that they defeated Elder Princess, and offers to promote Lang Kun. She complains to Wei Guang that he didn’t discuss with her before he bet at the court, and tells him to show his value if he wants her to help him.

Half a year later.

Empress impeaches Elder Princess and Guangding Prince with the power of her family, so Emperor cancels the military leadership of Guangding Prince and exiles Elder Princess.

Empress runs into Elder Princess and tells her to take care of herself as the weather of North State is terrible. Elder Princess tells Empress that she will come back. Ning Zhi twists ass with the girls in the street, and the girls share that Ning Zhi wants to get in the palace.

Ning Zhi is shy and tells that she won’t go to palace all her life as Wei Guang thought she wasn’t suitable there. The girl thinks Ning Zhi wants to see Wei Guang but doesn’t have path. Ning Zhi covers her mouth, and she shares that Ning Zhi calls Wei Guang in her dream.

Ning Zhi runs into Wei Guang, but he ignores her and leaves with Lang Kun. The girls get Ning Zhi at the restaurant, and tell her that Luo Ying asked her to practice juggling. Ning Zhi shares that she hates juggling most, and wishes to know what Wei Guang thinks with magic.

The girl asks A Jiao if she believes there is magic in the world. A Jiao only believes chemistry, and shares that Uncle Tong appears when she thinks of him. Ning Zhi casts magic to Wei Guang with magic, and he turns around. She thrills that there is really a chemistry.

Ning Zhi gets changed and asks maids that if Wei Guang will like it. They thrill to nod. But Luo Ying worries about it when she stands outside. Lang Kun recognizes Ning Zhi and thinks she is very pretty. He asks his man Yang Biao to get Ning Zhi for him. The maid tells Ning Zhi to confess her feelings to Wei Guang.

But Ning Zhi thinks girls need to be reserved, and worries that Wei Guang likes gentle girls. Wei Guang hears it and walks away. Luo Ying remembers Wei Guang pushed the girl off the tower, and the girl said that she isn’t willingly before she died. Luo Ying asks Ning Zhi if she likes Wei Guang, and shares that Wei Guang is a stalker who killed many girls.

Ning Zhi thinks Luo Ying should see a doctor. Luo Ying shares that she saw it, and reveals Wei Guang flirted with Miss Wang and pushed her off. But Ning Zhi thinks someone wrongs Wei Guang, and wants to leave. But Luo Ying doesn’t allow Ning Zhi to step out.

Lang Kun gets drinks for Yang Biao and Wei Guang, and asks them to get along. But Wei Guang doesn’t want to drink with Yang Biao as he bullied the girl. Yang Biao claims that Xiao Li liked him so she visited him. Lang Kun asks Wei Guang to drink and mentions he buried his father’s body when he got beheading.

Wei Guang has a drink and decides to leave. But he spots Ning Zhi and returns his seat. He tells Lang Kun that he will get the girl who passes through to be his woman. Lang Kun doesn’t know what Wei Guang intends, so he asks his man to follow Wei Guang. Wei Guang takes Ning Zhi to the temple, and she shares that someone spotted him sexually assault a girl and kill her.

But he wants to kiss her and asks her to be his woman. She thinks it isn’t suitable as they didn’t get married. But he hugs her to kiss her. When Ning Zhi closes her eyes, Wei Guang casts the knife to the man. So the man runs away. Ning Zhi thinks the man in front of her isn’t Wei Guang, and tells that Wei Guang is a gentleman.

Wei Guang wants to do the last step, and Ning Zhi is scared. He leaves and tells her to tell others that she is his woman. The man reports to Lang Kun that the woman Wei Guang assaulted was Ning Zhi. Ning Zhi asks Xiao Li’s fiance if the official he wanted to kill was Wei Guang.

The man denies and shares that Xiao Li asked Wei Guang to give the letter to his fiance A Lang. Xiao Li tore up and thought she had no face to see A Lang as she was assaulted by Yang Biao. She ran to upstairs, but Wei Guang thought she cannot punish Yang Biao if she dies. Xiao Li jumped off, and Wei Guang tried to stop her.

Ning Zhi blames Wei Guang for pretending to be a jerk, and mentions he said that she is pretty and wants to kiss her. But he claims that he didn’t said that she is pretty. She asks him why he said that she is his woman, and steps on his foot. But he tells her to improve herself.

The maids thinks Wei Guang and Ning Zhi are in relationship, and mentions he followed her. They think Wei Guang fell for Ning Zhi. But Ning Zhi thinks it’s normal that he fell for her. Ning Zhi wonders why Wei Guang still didn’t confess when he is going to leave. She runs into a merchant who asks for the east gate.

Ning Zhi decides to confess to Wei Guang if she arrives at east gate before the merchant. Ning Zhi runs but fails to reach the merchant. But the merchant returns to thank her. She thanks him instead and thrills that God is too good. Ning Zhi takes Wei Guang to the temple and tells him that she decides to be his woman.

She asks him when he will asks for marriage to her family. But he tells her that he is going to get married with the girl Qian Qian. Ning Zhi asks Wei Guang why he wanted her to be his women, and thinks he is a jerk. He tells her that he said it because he wanted to protect her as Lang Kun targetted Ning Zhi.

She wishes that he has a good marriage and runs away with sadness. But she almost hits the tree. He asks her if she is ok, but she leaves.

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