Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 1, Hua Lian kills Blood Demon because he helped Shi Shui attack her sect. Shi Shui defeats Hua Lian and want to take Demon Blood’s daughter Jing Rong to return Listening Snow Tower. But she refuses it as she thinks Shi Shui killed her father, and doesn’t trust anyone.

Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Listening Snow Tower

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 1.

The Sect of Worship Moon is popular in south river region. They do witchcraft spell with the excuse of worshipping Moon Deity, and murder people. The chief of Listening Snow Tower, Xiao Shishui, inviting the authorities of martial arts, White Emperor, Snow Valley and lonely swordsman Blood Demon, fighting with Worship Moon Sect in the South State.

Both sides fail. Worship Moon Sect sneaks into Center State. Listening Snow Tower and Worship Moon Sect begin the war.

Jing Rong takes flowers to run through the field and waves to her father Blood Demon, who rides a horse and stop. Jing Rong tells Blood Demon that her mother took her to write text on the heaven lantern before. He thinks her mother will see it and feels happy after she releases the lantern to the heaven. But the heaven lantern is broken after they released it.

The men of Worship Moon Sect surround them with swords. Blood Demon kills some of men while protecting Jing Rong. The Chief of Worship Moon Sect, Hua Lian, arriving. She thinks he didn’t have qualification to represent martial art world to attack them since he killed many people. She asks him to help her get rid of Listening Snow Tower, and promises to keep the father and daughter’s lives.

Blood Demon tells that he only killed hypocrisy people, and blames her for killing his wife. Hua Lian tells him that he should think about that his family will have the day when he helped Shi Shui to attack Worship Moon Sect. She tells him that Shi Shui did it only for saving his wife, but Blood Demon sacrificed the life of his family for Shi Shui. Jing Rong is moved, but Blood Demon lifts his sword.

Hua Lian catches the change to plant blood insect in him. Blood Demon turns red, and Hua Lian orders him to kill Jing Rong so that no one will trip him. He takes the sword of rose and is close to Jing Rong. She is scared to call her father, but Blood Demon is controlled by Hua Lian. She asks him if he really wants to kill his daughter.

Blood Demon lifts his sword but stabs his belly. He turns around and tells Hua Lian to forgive his daughter. He tells Jing Rong it’s time to pay it back since he killed many people. She cries to hug him, and he tells her not to take revenge. Blood Demon dies, and Jing Rong cries to ask him if he abandoned her. She picks up the sword of blood rose and swears to kill Hua Lian.

Hua Lian orders her men to kill Jing Rong. Shi Shui shows up and kills some men. He asks Zhong Lao to take Jing Rong away, and tells Hua Lian that he will perform justice for heaven. But she points out that he does it for his love Xue Wen. He asks her why she cannot forgive Xue Wen since she is her junior. She tells him that Xue Wen won’t return to him, and says that she killed her.

Shi Shui is furious to fight with Hua Lian. Both vomit blood, and Hua Lian flees away. Shi Shui calls Xue Wen to the sky. Jing Rong worships Blood Demon’s grave, and Zhong Lao suggests her to go to Listening Snow Tower with him. Yi Qing arrives, and Lao Gao tells Yi Qing that Jing Rong doesn’t want to go to Listening Snow Tower.

Jing Rong points the blood rose sword to Yi Qing when he is close to her. He tells her that his father was injured in the fight of last night, and he regrets that he didn’t catch Hua Lian. He says that he will accompany her until she makes the decision, and pays his respect to Blood Demon. He wears his cloak on her when she trembles. But he keeps cough.

Jing Rong passes out, and Yi Qing takes care of her. Zhong Lao persuades Yi Qing to return Listening Snow Tower because he gets illness again because of the cold of the woods. Yi Qing tells Lao Zhong to visit his master at Sinking Sand Valley.

Snow Valley asks White Emperor if he can save Yi Qing’s evil of chill. White Emperor thinks Yi Qing cannot live over twenty years of age, even if he and Snow Valley extend Yi Qing’s life with martial arts. Zhong Lao is on knees and begs Snow Valley to save his Yi Qing. But Snow Valley points out that it’s on White Emperor when it comes to treat illness.

He tells White Emperor to save his disciple no matter what method he uses. White Emperor decides to try it. Jing Rong wakes up and points her sword at Qing Lan when he walks in with food. He tells her that she is safe and asks her to put down her sword. But she runs out.

Snow Valley spots Yi Qing sinks in the barrel, and asks White Emperor if he is sure to save Yi Qing. White Emperor isn’t sure about it, and injects pure Yang power into Yi Qing’s wind pool point. The disciple reminds Snow Valley that Yi Qing cannot stand, Snow Valley injects his martial arts into Yi Qing’s body.

Qing Lan stops Jing Rong when she arrives at the cliff. He introduces himself as the elder disciple of White Emperor, and tells her that he wants to help her. But she says that she doesn’t need his help. He tells her that she doesn’t have to feel scared as White Emperor and her father are best friends. But she says that nobody can be trusted by her, expect his parents, and jumps off.

She sinks into the water and thinks she won’t separate with her parents. White Emperor helps Snow Valley have an seat, and didn’t expect that he gave half of power to Yi Qing. Snow Valley claims he is his master, and says that he will send Nan Chu to visit White Emperor if Yi Qing gets sick again. White Emperor asks Zhong Lao why Jing Rong came with him.

Zhong Lao reveals Jing Rong didn’t want to go to Listening Snow Tower, and Snow Valley persuades White Emperor to adopt Jing Rong since he doesn’t have any child. But White Emperor tells Snow Valley that it’s his business, and makes his illness get worse. Qing Lan gives Jing Rong piggyback ride walking through the water, and tries to wake her up. Qing Lan jumped off with Jing Rong and saved her from the water.

Jing Rong remembers that Blood Demon told her to live well, and Qing Lan presses her belly getting the water out of her mouth. He slaps her back, and she asks him if he saved her since they’re not related. He tells her to survive since her life was given by her parents. Jing Rong points the sword at White Emperor when seeing him. Qing Lan tells Jing Rong to take down her sword and introduces White Emperor as his master.

White Emperor tells Jing Rong that Blood Demon create the blood rose sword art after they drank for three days. He asks her to stay at Sinking Sand Valley, but she runs away. White Emperor asks Qing Lan to take care of Jing Rong. Qing Lan hits Qing Yu when chasing Jing Rong. He stops her running forward as White Emperor set up trap at the entrance. He grabs her arm and offers to walk her.

But she is stubborn to reject his kindness. She trips on the end, and he takes her to fly away. She asks him if White Emperor will teach her martial arts just like him, and doesn’t want to get bullied by bad guys. He tells her that nobody will bully her if she joins White Emperor’s sect. He tells her that he will always accompany her even if White Emperor doesn’t teach her martial arts.

Jing Rong is happy to see glowworms and spots Qing Lan taking a bamboo bag. Qing Yu thinks Qing Lan biases toward Jing Rong and complains he refused to catch glowworms in his birthday. But Qing Lan ignores Qing Yu and smiles at Jing Rong, and he wants to accompany her forever. White Emperor wonders why death star moves while staring at sky. Qing Lan takes Jing Rong arriving.

White Emperor realizes that Jing Rong is death star. He tells her that the person can be trusted is only herself if she leaves Sinking Sand Valley. Jing Rong tells White Emperor that she wants to learn martial arts from him. He stares at the sky, and he tells himself that all the people who are related to death star will fall. He decides to only teach her light martial arts, and makes her stay away from killing. He names her Qing Ming, and keeps blood rose sword for her. He wishes the sword never appears at the martial art world.

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