Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

This is the recap of Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 2, Bing Yu pours wine on the ground, where her fiance passed away. She wants to inform him her chastity, and takes his life with the jade hairpin. But someone stops her with a little stone.

Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Listening Snow Tower

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 2.

Jing Rong gives blood rose sword to White Emperor and calls him master. She asks him about Yi Qing, and White Emperor says that Yi Qing will leave with his master and never returns. She visits Yi Qing when he falls asleep.

She thanks him for guarding her that night, but decides to stay at the place. They hook Yi Qing’s health when they meet again. He peeks at her back when she leaves. White Emperor sees off Snow Valley and reminds him not to use Martial arts.

Snow Valley thinks White Emperor is too verbose, and Nan Chu claims he will take care of his master well. Qing Lan waves to Jing Rong with flowers when she walks across the brook. He gives the flowers to her, and wants to practice the sword art with her that White Emperor taught him.

Qing Yu gives the cookies to them, and reveals he stole the cookies from kitchen when White Emperor was inattention. But Jing Rong thinks Qing Yu worried to get punished, so he intented to share it with them. Qing Lan gives his cookie to Jing Rong, and tells her to practice sword with Qing Yu.

He thinks her sword art will be over Qing Yu soon. Qing Lan helps Jing Rong to fly, and she gets the flowers when she is away from the ground. Qing Lan and Qing Yu stare at her with smiling.

Yi Qing arrives at Listening Snow Tower, and Nan Chu helps Yi Qing get off. The disciple tells Yi Qing that the Chief is waiting for him. When they walk in the tower, the masked killers attack them.

Yi Qing kills most of them with his spinning sword, and kicks out the alive one. The killer is surrounded by the disciples, but he is killed by Qian Cheng. Qian Cheng thinks he didn’t do the guard job and makes Yi Qing get attacked.

He promises to look into it, and Yi Qing asks Qian Cheng to fix the door that he just broke. Qian Cheng laughs and thinks there are man woods in Listening Snow Tower. The old man tells Yi Qing that the business of Listening Snow Tower is done by Qian Cheng, and nobody knows the Chief Shi Shui now.

Yi Qing asks Nan Chu what he means to the disciples. Nan Chu thinks the enemy comes from inside of Listening Snow Tower, and swears to accompany Yi Qing. Shi Shui stares at Xue Wen’s portrait, and remembers Hua Lian told him that she killed Xue Wen.

Yi Qing passes by and spots Shi Shui drinking. He finds out his father cannot even hold the wine cup well. Hua Lian have a seat on her throne and asks about Listening Snow Tower. The man reports that Listening Snow Tower is downfall because Shi Shui doesn’t manage it.

Jing Rong follows the bandits from the trees when they ride horses and kidnap a girl. Zi Mo tells Yi Qing that Xie family asked them to save the Lady Xie because she was kidnapped by bandits before her wedding.

Nan Chu wonders why Li Zhou gave the job to Listening Snow Tower. Zi Mo reveals Li Zhou cares his reputation more than his daughter’s life, and he is very cautious. Nan Chu praises Zi Mo for getting them the message so detailed.

She says that her father was wronged to be in prison, and she had to become Li Zhou’s 5th wife. Yi Qing asks Zi Mo to reply Xie family that they accept the job. Bing Yu pours wine on the ground, where her fiance passed away.

She wants to inform him her chastity, and wants to take his life with the jade hairpin. But someone stops her with a little stone. The bandits take their swords and ask who she is. Jing Rong beats up one of the bandits, and guards Bing Yu.

Cang Lang orders his men to attack Jing Rong, and kidnaps Bing Yu again because Jing Rong only takes a wood sword. Yi Qing takes Nan Chu showing up, and kills most of men. Nan Chu’s sword is on Cang Lang’s neck.

Nan Chu forces Cang Lan to tell them the behind. Cang Lang says that he doesn’t have behind. Nan Chu makes Cang Lang’s neck bleed. Cang Lang admits that someone visited him with gold leaves and asked him to kidnap Bing Yu. But he doesn’t know the buyer.

Jing Rong thinks Yi Qing is very special since the master is used by him. He tells Bing Yu that Xie family asked him to save her. Jing Rong stares at Yi Qing and remembers they appointed that he would be health when they met again.

Ye Huo escorts prince to walk through the bamboo forest. She asks her men to protect prince, and plays the flute. Qing Lan shows up from the bamboo, and Ya Huo tells her men that Qing Lan is to protect prince. She thinks Qing Lan is White Emperor’s disciple as his sword power was very sharp.

He thanks her for guiding him with her flute, and she offers to call him brother with smiling. But he ignores her and offers to let Qing Yu act prince to catch the killer. Qing Yu takes a shower, but a knife flies in. He takes his sword to stab the window and kills the killer. The man bursts into and informs prince that there is a killer.

But he sees the blood on the sword. Bing Yu wants to tell mother her safety, but Yi Qing thinks she cannot return Xia family anymore, and her father publishes her death. Bing Yu knows that her father cherishes his reputation, and it’s better doing a chastity girl than broken reputation.

Yi Qing takes out the jade hairpin Bing Yu tried to use it to take her life, and gives it to her. She reveals that her father looked someone to make it when she was 15 year old. She wanted to keep chastity when she tried to take her life.

Jing Rong thinks blood relationship is more than anything else, and wonders why there is so ruthless family rule. Yi Qing notes that Bing Yu cannot make decision, and offers a plan to prove it. But he asks for Bing Yu’s jade hairpin.

Zi Mo walks in and leads Bing Yu to her room. Yi Qing asks Jing Rong why she was alone at the mountain. She says that she intented to visit her parent’s grave, and he coughs. She asks him if the old illness isn’t cured. He walks to her and asks her how she knew it.

She steps back and stammers to explain that her master has medical skill, and she learned it when following him. She asks him how to deal with Bing Yu. He offers to return Bing Yu’s body to Xie family, but he needs Jing Rong’s help.

Zi Mo wonders why Yi Qing treats Jing Rong so different. Nan Chu thinks they knew each other before, and shows the golden leaves to her. She recognizes that the leaves come from Qian family, and Qian family got robbed a few days ago.

The coffin is sent to Xie family, and Yi Qing orders to open it. Li Zhou says that he won’t hate God when having a daughter like that. He touches the coffin and cries out. But he spots something inside and orders to close it and carry to backyard.

His wife wants to see Bing Yu. Li Zhou stops her and tells her not to disturb Bing Yu. Yi Qing apologizes to Li Zhou as he didn’t complete the job. Li Zhou says that he only blames that his daughter got the disaster.

He tells himself that he has to do it because everybody knew her suicide, and asks to nail the coffin. Bing Yu is in tears after watching it.

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