Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

This is the recap of Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 3, Jing Rong spots the flowers at Blood Demon’s grave, and doesn’t expect that someone remembered her father’s death anniversary. She tells them that she won’t hate Listening Snow Tower anymore, and she swears not to forget Blood Demon’s last words.

Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

Listening Snow Tower

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 3.

Li Zhou finds out Bing Yi’s body disappears, and notes that Jing Rong wears his daughter’s wedding dress. She asks him if the false reputation is more important than Bing Yu’s life. Yi Qing reveals Bing Yu looks at it from people when coffin is closed.

Li Zhou laughs and thinks Bing Yu will get blamed by people all her life, even if she is chastity. Jing Rong thinks Bing Yu knew Li Zhou most and took her life with hairpin. But Bing Yu didn’t expect the false reputation was more important than her life in her father’s mind.

Li Zhou thinks Bing Yu cannot step back because she took her life in front of bandits. Yi Qing offers to change Bing Yu’s name and make her not return to Xie family. So it keeps Xia family’s reputation. Li Zhou tells Yi Qing that he will obey him if he can save his daughter.

Yi Qing wishes to insert his men to prince’s army and protect him. Li Zhou asks Yi Qing why he wants to step in prince’s case. Yi Qing thinks the court will be chaos if the prince dies. Yi Qing walks Jing Rong and wants to thank her. But she says that she was happy to help Bing Yu, and think he wanted Bing Yu to live better when he made her put down jade hairpin.

She spots the mother and daughter passing through with heaven lantern, and remembers Blood Demon accompanied her to release heaven lantern. He asks her if she likes to release heaven lantern, but she leaves.

The man reports to Qian Cheng that Yi Qing failed to save Bing Yu and returned her body to Xie family. Qian Cheng intented to keep Shi Shui’s life, but Shi Shui summoned Yi Qing. Qiao Cheng decides to ignore their friendship.

Zi Mo tells Bing Yu that tears only can catharsis pain at the moment, and gives the handkerchief to her. Bing Yu asks Zi Mo why she helped her since her mother sold Zi Mo to brothel when Li Zhou wasn’t there. Zi Mo thinks it’s a retribution to her mother when she lost her daughter.

She remembers Li Zhou wanted her to marry him after her father got arrested. Li Mo complains that everybody looked down on her when she was in Xie family, and remembers Bing Yu’s mother told Bing Yu not to lose her pride for benefits like Zi Mo.

Zi Mo tears up and thinks only Bing Yu treated her differently. Bing Yu is surprised and admits that she just feel pitiful to Zi Mo. Zi Mo thinks people will remember a glimmer of warm when they’re despair.

Someone rode horse to push Zi Mo over, and she got up and picked the dirty steamed bun. Yi Qing helped her up and put a bag of money in her hand. She found out the bag belonged to Listening Snow Tower. Bing Yu tells Zi Mo that she didn’t want to die. Zi Mo thinks Lady Xie died but Bing Yu lived.

Ye Huo tells Qing Lan that the prince’s fever is gone on the end. He thinks Prince got fever because of walking too long. Ye Huo thinks the medicine is effective and asks him to teach her how to make herb, so she can treat clansman when she returns South State.

Qing Lan thinks he only knows a little, and offers to give her some medical books. He thinks South Prince trusts their stockade since he only takes her. Ye Huo explains that Prince fears to get planted, and she knows some plant skills. She is excited when she is told that they will arrive Luoyang in two days as it’s very prosperous.

Nan Chu asks Yi Qing if Jing Rong explained her identity to him. Yi Qing thinks Jing Rong has her plan when she knew him but didn’t want to mention it. He thinks she chose right when she stayed at Sinking Sand Valley. Nan Chu wonders if the case of Xie family moved Jing Rong.

Yi Qing thinks she knows that her the loves of her parents to her cannot be matched by everything. Nan Chu thinks Shi Shui will let go if he knows Jing Rong lives well. Yi Qing asks Nan Chu to prepare it since the death anniversary of blood demon is tomorrow.

Nan Chu tells Yi Qing to take it easy, and reveals he inserted spy in Heaven Reason Sect. He thinks they will find who betrayed Listening Snow Tower. Xiao Tai attacks Yi Qing and thinks she should accept the task of protecting Prince since she accepted 10 steps of Yi Qing.

Yi Qing thinks Xiao Tai is nonsense. She mentions Yi Qing promised her to join Listening Snow Tower when she accepted 10 steps of him, and asks Nan Chu for help. Yi Qing asks who told her that Listening Snow Tower wanted to protect Prince, and glares at Nan Chu.

Nan Chu remembers Xiao Tai was on knees so that he told her about it. He whispers to Yi Qing that if he can stand it when Xiao Tai is coquetry. Yi Qing coughs to leave, and Xiao Tai thanks him. Jing Rong spots the flowers at Blood Demon’s grave, and doesn’t expect that someone remembered her father’s death anniversary.

She tells her mother that they had many happy time, and remembers her parents got food for her. She tells them that she won’t hate Listening Snow Tower anymore, and she won’t forget Blood Demon’s last words. Xiao Tai wonders why the jade hairpin can get in Immortal Weapon Pavilion since it’s not a weapon.

He thinks the jade hairpin is a sharp blade when they caught Li Zhou’s weakness. Nan Chu tells Yi Qing that Qian Cheng wanted to visit Listening Snow Tower tomorrow. Xiao Tai wants to help Yi Qing with Nan Chu. But Yi Qing thinks Snow Valley doesn’t want Xiao Tai to get involved. She tells Yi Qing that she will flee first when Prince is in danger.

Nan Chu thinks Prince will be in crisis if Xiao Tai protects him. Yi Qing thinks he cannot stop Xiao Tai, and she promises to deal with his master. Jing Rong is sad to sit on the stairs and bury herself in her arms. Yi Qing takes off his cloak and wears it on her. She stares at him when he sits next to her.

He hugs her and make her lean on his shoulder. He hooks with her, and she is relieved to fall asleep. Jing Rong wakes up and looks for Yi Qing. He watches her at the corner and walks away. Qian Qing takes his men arriving at Listening Snow Tower, and wonders why Yi Qing is there.

He slaps his shoulder and steps in. Nan Chu reports to Yi Qing that the person poisoned Shi Shui is the disciple in the kitchen, and the behind is Mr. Tang. Qiao Cheng thinks Yi Qing is weak and worries that he cannot keep Listening Snow Tower. Yi Qing thinks it’s his business of family.

Shi Shui scolds Yi Qing and tells Qian Cheng not to put it in his mind. Yi Qing tells Qian Cheng that he will help Shi Shui, and thinks Qian Cheng’s burden will be reduced. Qian Cheng thinks Yi Qing brought troubles to Listening Snow Tower. Yi Qing knows what Qian Cheng means, and reveals he dealed with the lady of Xie family.

He tells Shi Shui that the master killed the killer and protected Prince. Yi Qing asks Qian Cheng for his men to welcome Prince. Qian Cheng agrees but thinks Yi Qing is hard to deal with. Nan Chu asks Qian Cheng when Prince will arrive. Qian Cheng says tomorrow. Nan Chu thinks Qian Cheng got the message so fast.

Qian Cheng grabs his fist. Yi Qing asks Shi Shui why he indulges Qian Cheng. Shi Shui mentions he needs Qian Cheng’s power to destroy Worship Moon Sect. But Shi Shui wants to destroy the power Qian Cheng built, and he says that it’s his first step when he transfers his men. Shi Shui worries that he cannot explain to his mother if Yi Qing is hurt, and vomits blood to pass out.

Doctor Mo thinks Yi Qing’s illness gets in his heart arteries and veins. Yi Qing wants to take down Moon Soul. But Doctor Mo reminds Yi Qing that Moon Soul keeps his life. But Yi Qing asks Doctor Mo what he will do as a son, and wears Moon Soul on Shi Shui.

Qian Cheng tells his men that Shi Shui wants to give the power of Listening Snow Tower to his son.

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