Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

This is the recap of Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 4, Jing Rong asks Yi Qing to take the medicine, and panics to leave. He thanks her for saving him, and she shares that she was surprised that his martial art is so outstanding. She thinks she wasted her power, and he explains that he didn’t mention because she didn’t ask about it.

Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Listening Snow Tower

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Listening Snow Tower Chinese Drama Episode 4.

Xiao Tai rides horse and rushes to prince, and the bodyguards surround her. She says that she comes from Listening Snow Tower and gives the token to the man. Nan Chu and Zi Mo fight with Heavenly Principle Sect in the woods. The man realizes that Nan Chu knew their plan, and Nan Chu tells him to get arrested.

But he stabs Nan Chu, so Nan Chu kills the man. Zi Mo takes off her veil, and thinks she cannot run away from the disaster without Nan Chu’s help. Nan Chu thinks Qian Chen cannot stand it, and Zi Mo shares that Yi Qing asked prince to choose another path. Nan Chu thinks Xiao Tai and Prince got into Luoyang.

Zi Mo offers to pick up Yi Qing, and Nan Chu thinks they will bleed more in the future. Jing Rong sees Yi Qing off and wonders why the place is so quiet. Yi Qing reveals that Listening Snow Tower is cleaning up the sect, and asks her to leave. She is surprised that he recognized her early, but he takes her away.

Qian Cheng takes his men arriving, and asks Yi Qing to get out. Yi Qing steps out with his men and doesn’t expect that Qian Cheng didn’t stand it. Qian Cheng thinks Shi Shui didn’t have man to use and left some rubbish. Yi Qing tells Qian Cheng that Shi Shui will forgive him if he gives up his plan.

Qian Cheng pulls out his sword and attacks Yi Qing, but Yi Qing gives Qian Cheng a palm on his chest. The man attacks Yi Qing, and Jing Rong goes to block him. But her wood sword gets cut off. Qian Cheng gives the man a palm on his belly, and blames Jing Rong for showing up. She says that she worries about his illness.

Qian Cheng tells his men that they come there to kill people, so the men attack Yi Qing. Jing Rong runs in front of Yi Qing and readies to die for Yi Qing. But he kills those men with his knife. Jing Rong realizes the person killed bandits was Yi Qing, and doesn’t expect his fencing art is so fast.

But Yi Qing is sick. Qian Cheng points out that Yi Qing forgot to wear Moon Soul, and thinks he will die there. Yi Qing thinks Qian Cheng cannot explain to his lord if he cannot get Moon Soul. Qian Cheng reminds Huang Quan the purpose of Heavenly Principle Sect, and Huang Quan asks his men to attack.

Jing Rong blocks the sword with her back for Yi Qing, and he thinks she is crazy. Nan Chu takes his men to return, and Qian Cheng is stabbed by Yi Qing. Huang Quan is going to flee, and Nan Chu asks Zi Mo to stop him. But she hesitates while recognizing Huang Quan. Ye Huo tells Qing Lan that prince passed out.

Qing Lan checks Prince’s condition and thinks his illness isn’t fever. Ye Huo finds out it’s worm, and Qing Lan wonders why Prince got worm. She thinks Prince gets worm before meeting them. Qing Lan pulls out his sword and wants to kill Ye Huo, and she cries that her families will die if Prince cannot return to Prince Palace.

Prince trusts Ye Huo because she is chosen by his mother. Just then the mood music comes and controls Prince’s mind. Ye Huo plants worm into Prince’s body and resists the music. Huang Quan flees into the house, so the people of Listening Snow Tower don’t find him. Zi Mo spots him binding up wound, and remembers Huang Quan stopped the Man to hit the old horse.

Huang Quan thinks the horse cannot carry the goods and tells the man to pick a young one. Mr. Qian shares that Huang Quan’s father gave the horse to him, and it belongs to him now. Huang Quan accepts the hit for the horse, and vomits blood. Huang Quan doesn’t allow Mr. Qian to hit his horse, and claims he will redeem the horse.

But Mr. Qian points out that he is never lack of money, and thinks animal is born to get bullied. He asks his men to catch Huang Quan, and he keeps hitting the horse. Zi Mo spots it and is in tears. Qin Lan finds out that Ye Huo is wounded, and pulls out the knife on her arm. When he is binding up for her, Zi Mo feels sorry for didn’t help him.

But he thinks he cannot resist the attacking without her help. Prince asks Qing Lan to get Qing Yu to pretend to be him, but Ye Huo passes out. Qing Lan finds out that the needle contains poison. Doctor Mo asks Nan Chu why he didn’t stop Yi Qing to meet with Qian Cheng, and Nan Chu asks about Yi Qing’s wound.

Doctor Mo shares that the illness got into Yi Qing’s lung, and thinks Xue Gu cannot save Yi Qing even if he treats him with his martial arts. Nan Chu is on knees and begs Doctor Mo, and Doctor Mo shares that Shi Shui returned Moon Soul to Yi Qing after he woke up. Zi Mo shares that the man fled, and thinks they should be careful of Heavenly Principle Sect.

Zi Mo shares that the person went to Qian family, and his name is Huang Quan. Jing Rong gets medicine for Yi Qing from Doctor Mo, and runs into Shi Shui. She remembers that Hua Lian told her that Shi Shui did it for his wife. Shi Shui shares that he intended to save Blood Demon, but they got attacked on the road. So they didn’t arrive in time.

Jing Rong tells Shi Shui not to put it in his mind since it’s past so long. He asks her if she still hates him, and she thinks he cannot return her parents to her. He says that he won’t complain if she wants to take revenge. She says that she knows who is the murderer. He thought she hate him, but she shares that her father asked her not to take revenge.

She thinks the medicine will be cold if she doesn’t send to Yi Qing, so Shi Shui leaves the path for her. Jing Rong asks Yi Qing to take the medicine, and panics to leave. He thanks her for saving him, and she shares that she was surprised that his martial art is so outstanding. She thinks she wasted her power, and he explains that he didn’t mention because she didn’t ask about it.

She is surprised that he smiled, and he shares that he doesn’t show the mood because some things aren’t important. She asks him if his life isn’t important, and he says that he just wants to live well. She asks him if there is a way to cure his illness, and he thinks she is worrying about him.

She realizes that martial art world is complicated after the battle, and he thinks White Emperor didn’t let her step in the martial art world. She shares that White Emperor didn’t teach her any martial art, and doesn’t expect that he got so sharp fencing. He thinks he has more duty than others as the chief of Listening Snow Tower, and tells her to be careful because Moon Sect arrives at Luoyang.

Prince wonders why Moon Sect wants to kill him, and asks about Ye Huo’s wound. Qing Lan shares that she got poison needle, and she cannot resist it if she doesn’t take antidote. He thinks there is a spy in the bodyguards of Prince, and Prince says that he will obey Qing Lan. Qing Lan intends to take Ye Huo and Prince to see White Emperor, and asks him to treat for them.

But Ye Huo wants to stay there alone, but Qing Lan tells her that he won’t abandon her. She is moved to grab his hand and wants to visit South River with Qing Lan.

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