Love and Destiny: Episode 10 [Recap]

Ling Xi sees her kissing Jiu Cheng from the crystal, and thinks she insulted War God. She finds the water and moon tripod, which can restore everything. Seno tells Ling Yue that her daughter is there. Ling Xi puts the ashes into water and moon tripod, and sees Yuan Cheng becoming demon. The tripod is with her, and she cannot take it off.

Love and Destiny: Episode 10 Recap

Love and Destiny

Qing Yuan reports to Seno that he didn’t catch the thief, and Seno tells Ling Yue to wait for some time. Jing Xiu asks Ling Yue where she went, but she tells him to report it tomorrow if he has a business.

Jiu Chen scolds Ling Xi for leaving Fuyun palace, but she shares that Xiao Bai is dead and doesn’t think he offended anyone because he is just a dog. Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen if he feels wronged, and he thinks being wronged won’t get people to die.

Ling Xi points out that Xiao Bai died, and claims that she won’t bring trouble to Jiu Chen. She arrives at Yuan family and blames Yuan Zheng for getting Jiu Chen wronged, but she promises to keep the secret. She tells him to take care of Xiao Bai, and is going to burn the battle report.

Yuan Tong sees Ling Xi taking the battle report, and attacks her. But deity granule protects Ling Xi. Yuan Tong asks for battle report, and Ling Xi learns that Yuan Tong knew the truth early. Ling Xi refuses to give the battle report to Yuan Tong, and Yuan Tong chases Ling Xi to the wash immortal pond.

Yuan Tong reminds Ling Xi that she will lose her immortal root if she jumps into the wash immortal pond. But Ling Xi refuses to give the battle report. Yuan Tong pushes Ling Xi into the pond. Qing Yao brings pill to Jiu Chen, and asks to get Ling Xi to visit her. Hua Yan promises it.

Shi San thinks Qing Yao is a good immortal, but Hua Yan points out that Qing Yao did it for Ling Xi. Jiu Chen asks Shi San about Ling Xi’s whereabouts, and she lies that Ling Xi is making medicine with Qing Yao.

Madam Yuan tells Yuan Tong that Tian Lei will take Yuan Zheng’s heart nail to the honor palace. Madam Yuan shares that Jiu Chen’s armor will be taken out from honor palace, and thinks he will lose face. Madam Yuan tells Yuan Tong that Du Yu visited, and asks her to marry him.

Yuan Tong tells Du Yu that she wants to rest, and he leaves. Yun Feng shares that he ran into a fairy in Youdu mountain and she asked her men to kill him. He adds that the fairy is Ling Yue’s daughter. Jiu Chen tells the three to watch Yuan Zheng’s stuff, but Han Zhang points out they saw Yuan Zheng’s crying, and the stuff isn’t worth to take a look.

Kai Yang thinks Tian Lei bullies Jiu Chen to take off his armor, and Jiu Chen claims that he will celebrate for Kai Yang if his weapon can be taken into honor palace. Si Ming reports to Jiu Chen that Shi San beat the men who intend to touch dragon teeth armor. Kai Yang thinks Shi San did a good job, and wants to catch Tian Lei. Jiu Chen stops Kai Yang.

Qing Yao finds Ling Xi at the wash immortal pond, and Tian Lei is gong to put the heart nail into honor palace. Madam Yuan promises to remember Tian Lei’s kindness, but Tian Lai regrets for cannot do that with the title of War God.

Zi Guang takes Shi San arriving, and reports to Tian Lei that Shi San ruined the side palace. Tian Lei asks to take Shi San to Ziyun stage, but Zi Guang reminds Tian Lei that Jiu Chen will be interrogated at Ziyun stage. Shi San warns Zi Guang to return the dragon teeth armor, and Tian Lei asks to take Shi San down.

Jiu Chen shows up to save Shi San, and intends to take her to leave. Madam Yuan asks Jiu Chen if he killed her son Yuan Zheng, and he admits it. She asks the men of Yuan family to kill Jiu Chen, but Qing Yao stops them and asks Shi San to take care of the bird. She tells Jiu Chen that Ling Xi’s hurt, and Jiu Chen helps Ling Xi get her body back.

Du Yu wants to end the case, but Madam Yuan still asks for a explanation. Qing Yao takes the war report and tells people to open the eyes, and they see the truth.

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