Love Better Than Immortality Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Love Better Than Immortality Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1, the girl Chun Hua travels to get love experience, and she is charged to ate immortality fruit. The man Xiao Bai she falls for points his sword at her and takes her home.

Love Better Than Immortality Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Love Better Than Immortality

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Better Than Immortality Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1.

Human being accomplish immortality in 2016, and if you wears the love helmet, you will get physiological stimulation. But the girl stops the system and asks for love experience. The system tells her that she needs to give up immortality, and shares that it’s her true love that she meets the first man. The girl wakes up and sees a handsome young man. She calls him husband with sweet voice and wants to be close to him, but he stops her with his sword. The old man accuses her of eating immortality fruit and killing the doctor.

But she thinks the old man wrongs her. The servant reminds the young man that the person is still alive, and the person points at the girl and dies. The old man begins to attack the girl Chun Hua, but Qiu Yue stops him with bamboo leaves from outside. We sees the murderer who wears a mask. Chun Hua shoots Qiu Yu with her eye, and the old man goes to chase Fu Lou. Xiao Bai asks Chun Hua why Fu Lou saved her, and puts the sword on her neck. He tells her that he visited the doctor to cure his father’s illness, and asks her to tell him something.

But she whispers that she is his future wife. Chief Feng returns and shares that he failed to catch Fu Lou. He thinks Chun Hua killed the doctor, but Xiao Bai doesn’t believe she did it as he checked her hand, and decides to take her home. The woman tells the chief that Xiao Lei betrayed him and ate the fruit, and she is saved by Xiao Bai. Lady Ye wants to arrest Chun Hua and gets the message of immortality fruit, but the chief Qiu Yue thinks immortality fruit is just a stuff to bewitch human’s heart.

Chun Hua falls off the horse and asks for a hug. But Xiao Bai takes the horse away. Chun Hua and Xiao Bai arrive at phoenix singing village, and he asks Lv Xiu to take care of Chun Hua. Xiao Bai tells his father that the immortality fruit is gone, but he took back a girl. Chun Hua asks Xiao Bai what is immortality fruit, and Lv Xiu thinks it’s Qiu Yue’s trick. She shares that he belongs to demon sect. Chun Hua smiles and thinks Qiu Yue is her relative. Xiao Bao rages to put down his chopsticks, and thinks Chun Hua cannot distinguish evil and good. She swears to draw the line with Qiu Yue.

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Xiao Bai asks Chun Hua if she remembers how she got back to life. She lets him stay alone with her in the room, and is close to him. But he stops her with the sword. So she speaks with low voice to make him close to him. She shares that she only remembers him, so he decides to leave. Chun Hua reminds Xiao Bai that someone will kill her, but he thinks Lv Xiu will protect her. Lv Xiu tells Xiao Bai that Chun Hua doesn’t know etiquette, and he asks her to observe Chun Hua secretly. Lv Xiu tells Chun Hua that Qiu Yue is ugly, and Chun Hua gets the points that why Xiao Bai is against Qiu Yue.

Lv Xiu asks Chun Hua to go to the mountain with her, but Chun Hua rejects it. Lv Xiu threatens Chu Hua with sword, and Chun Hua thinks they need to go now. Chun Hua asks Lv Xiu if she likes Xiao Bai, and Lv Xiu shares that he has engagement with Xiao Lei. But Xiao Lei died. Chun Hua sees the handsome man Qiu Hue hanging on the rope, and is lost by his beauty. But the snake climbs to her body and opens his mouth. Chun Hua screams. Qiu Yue saves her and tells her to open her eyes. She thanks him for his saving and wants to… He thinks she wants to marry him.

But she says that she wants to thank him with money. He thinks she is priceless, so she wants to leave. But he asks her to marry him. Chun Hua claims she is Xiao Bai’s wife, and lifts her basket to attack Qiu Yue. Lady Ye stops Chun Hua and recognizes her. Chun Hua claims she is Qiu Yue’s older sister, and wants to see her. But Qiu Yue tells Chun Hua that she has seen her. Chun Hua realizes Qiu Yue is a man, and Qiu Yue thinks Chun Hua doesn’t remember he is her older brother. Chun Hua asks Qiu Yue if he is really her brother.

He attacks her and shares that she has a birthmark with red flower bud. Chun Hua sees the red flower bud on her chest, and thinks Lady Ye saw it. Qiu Yue offers to get rid of Lady Ye’s eyes.

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