Love Cures All Chinese Drama 2017 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Love Cures All Chinese Drama 2017 Episode 1. An Jie goes back to China after her mother passed away. Xi Chen picks her up, but she doesn’t want to see him as he slapped her face ever for some reasons. She moves out as he tricked her to stay in the family, and runs into her ex Ye Lin. Ye Lin rages for getting dumped and takes his girlfriend Ya Li shows up in front of An Jie.

Love Cures All Chinese Drama 2017 Recap: Episode 1

Love Cures All

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Cures All Chinese Drama 2017 Episode 1.

Someone gives flowers to Jian Anjie, and she travels to her dream. She looks for someone named Ives at the street, but the man cannot help her. An Jie wakes up in the plane and stares at the pocket watch, calling Ives.

Xixi Chen is told that he was nominated to be top 10 outstanding young men, but he doesn’t care. His friend reminds him the meeting with the director of Teri. We sees that Xi Chen has same pocket watch with An Jie.

Xi Chen asks Secretary to cancel the wine party and tells Nian Yi that she will come back while taking out the pocket watch. Xi Chen picks up An Jie at the airport, and she remembers that he slapped her. He tells her that Uncle Jian asked him to pick her up, but she claims that someone will pick her. He tells her not to wait as he thinks the driver is late. But she likes to wait and doesn’t want to waste his valuable time.

Xi Chen tells An Jie that he is happy to see her coming back, but she reminds him the intent of her coming back. He explains about her mom’s passing away, but she stops him and thinks that he and Shen Qingyu don’t have qualification to comment her mom. An Jie shares that Mom didn’t want to throw funeral because she didn’t want to get commented like a loser.

Xi Chen thinks An Jie misunderstood her, but An Jie points out that he broke her perfect childhood. Pu Zhen drives by and hugs An Jie. She leaves with him. Pu Zhen wonders why Xi Chen was at airport, but An Jie complains that she saw the person she doesn’t want to her once she came back. He asks her how she lived overseas the past six years. She says that she is fine, but he notes that she is thin. She says that the bone style beauty is a trend.

Pu Zhen thinks the six years living overseas isn’t nice like what she said, but she points out that she is alive and thinks being alive is important than everything. He thinks she didn’t let the things go after six years, and she points out that something cannot be taken down when saying to take down. He wants to send her to Jian family, but she rejects it as she wants to face it on her own. She says that she doesn’t fear reunion since she doesn’t fear parting.

“After six years, I returned the familiar and strange family.”

An Jie takes the suitcase to return her family, and the maid doesn’t know who she is. So An Jie tells Maid that she wants to visit Mr. Jian. Maid tells An Jie that Mr. Jian isn’t at home and wants to close the door. Xi Chen stops Maid and introduces An Jie as Mr. Xi’s daughter. Maid apologizes to An Jie and lets her in. Xi Chen touches An Jie’s hand while taking suitcase for her. It reminds her Ives’s hand.

Xi Chen asks An Jie if his hand is beautiful, she agrees with it but thinks he is a jerk. She walks in the room and takes her mom’s photo.

“Room is same like before, but Jian Anjie isn’t the used Jian Anjie anymore.”

An Jie sits in the couch and finds the cap gun. Xi Chen takes the cap gun and says that it belongs to Yu Lin and he likes her room. He tells her that Yu Lin is her younger brother, and she is surprised that Qing Yu brought a younger brother to her. He wants to tell her what happened after she left, and she thinks he has come the master of the family. She adds that he was the master when he came with aunt. He explains that he is just accustomed to live there.

An Jie thinks she is the redundant person, but Xi Chen says that she is the master of the family. She says that the family isn’t her family anymore, and mentions the room becomes her unacquainted brother’s amusement park. He offers to get someone to clean the room, but she tells him to take back his self-righteousness. She is scared to step back when he is close to her, and he thinks she fears him. She denies and claims she needs to rest, asking him to get out. He wants to call her when the meal is ready, but she says that she doesn’t starve.

“Mom! I came back. According to your last wish, I came back to the place, which is strange and named family. Everything doesn’t changed, but it’s changed to me. Being changed to make me not know, fear and confused. Please give me the courage to face everything. I miss mom and dad.”

An Jie calls Jian Zhenlin and tells him about his coming back. He asks her to confirm the equity with ministry of law, but she isn’t interested in it. He reminds her that it’s left by her mom, and she claims that she will keep it if it’s left by her mom. She wants to see him, and he says that he will return the day after tomorrow.

An Jie scolds Xi Chen for not telling him that her dad would come the day after tomorrow, when he is preparing meal for her. He says that she didn’t give him the chance to him at the airport, and asks her to eat. But she points out that they haven’t gotten along well since childhood, and asks him if he fears that she drops poison in the medicine. He says that he doesn’t fear, and asks her if she minds to eat with him. She says that it’s not related to food but people, and walks away.

Xi Chen stops An Jie’s leaving and tells her that her father will returned home soon. But she asks him to appoint her father. He tells her to get along with him since she returned. She thinks he should push her over instead of giving her a slap, and reveals she feels disgust when he pretends to be close to her. He begs her not to treat the family as battlefield, and asks her if there is only war in her mind. She tells him to let her go, and he thinks she wants to flee away again.

An Jie points out that she was driven away, and Xi Chen thinks nobody drives her away now. She agrees and thinks she doesn’t belong to there, and she needs to be reservation to see the person, who has blood relation with her.

An Jie sits on the bench and thinks she had forgotten Ives after five years. But she remembered him when she came back. She asks him where he is, and calls Pu Zhen.

Pu Zhen knocks at the door of the bathroom and asks An Jie if she is ok. She opens the door, and he thought she took her life in the bathroom. She says that she is tired and wants to sleep. He regrets for not going to Jian family with her, and tells her that the cover is new. She thinks he didn’t have to do it, but he claims that she is the younger sister he loves. She asks him if there is something else he wants to talk, but he asks her to pay the rent.

Xi Chen stares at his pocket watch, and An Jie stares at her pocket watch as well.

The next day, An Jie is surprised to see Ye Lin. She remembers she pushed him from the swing and he wonders why she pushed him since the thing should be done by men. She laughed and thought he is handsome.

Ye Lin blames An Jie for not informing him, but she points out that they’re not friends. He is awkward and thinks she is out of his league. Pu Zhen gives milk to An Jie, and Ye Lin thinks An Jie is cloes to Pu Zhen. She tells Ye Lin that her business isn’t related to him, and Pu Zhen thinks Ye Lin misunderstood them.

Ye Lin asks An Jie why she is in Pu Zhen’s house, and she says that she doesn’t have any place to live in. He asks her if she will leave again, and she says yes. It makes him think that she doesn’t have people or things to miss, and he is furious to close door heavily.

An Jie is startled to break the glass, and Pu Zhen tells her to stay aside. Ye Lin walks out of the building, and looks at Pu Zhen’s house. He wonders why he raged when he wanted to care for An Jie.

It’s flashback. An Jie tells Ye Lin that she needs to leave to overseas, and he rages to break up. She runs away with tears.

Pu Zhen asks An Jie why she didn’t call him brother, and wonders why she was in love with Ye Lin since they’re all stubborn. She thinks she is childish, and he shares that Ye Lin stayed with Yang Yali when An Jie went to overseas.

Ye Lin remembers Ya Li and An Jie drew him but he only chased An Jie after she drew him as a pig. Pu Zhen asks An Jie if she regretted for being in love with Ye Lin. She says that the love was like sulfuric acid to be corrosion of her organs, and she wouldn’t walk in if she knew the ending.

Ye Lin calls An Jie and asks her to go downstairs, and threatens to break her phone if she hangs up. But she hangs up and it makes him think that she has way to make him be cheap.

Xi Chen texts An Jie that her father will return today. He helps Zhen Lin get the land from Maigu in the auction, and they both agree with the cooperation. Jia Zhen calls An Jie and apologizes to her for giving her number to Ye Lin, and shares that he threatened to break her wedding. An Jie comforts Jia Zhen that she won’t use the number after returning overseas. Jia Zhen tells An Jie that Xiao Di will treat meal, and An Jie thinks Xiao Di is in Taiwan. Jia Zhen explains that Xiao Di bought the ticket to came after hearing An Jian’s return.

An Jie wants to take Pu Zhen to take part in, and Jia Zhen remembers that Pu Zhen gave coat to An Jia and thinks they’re in love. An Jia explains that Pu Zhen is the son of her aunt’s second husband, and she treats him as big brother. Jia Zhen thinks An Jie’s family is complicated.

Nian Yi wants to take part in the charity dinner as there are many girls there, but Xi Chan asks Nian Yi to accompany him. Xiao Di welcomes An Jie and blames her for not telling her about her return, but An Jie thinks it’s useless because Xiao Di is in Taiwan. Xiao Di disagrees and mentions her coming. She thinks nothing cannot be done when there is enough passion.

Xiao Di lets An Jie in, and Jia Zhen asks An Jie if Ye Lin brought trouble to her. Ye Lin shows up with Ya Li, and blames the classmates for not calling him. Xiao Di explains that they’re shame to call him because he is the big star. But he doesn’t mind to lower his status occasionally.

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