Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap of Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 3. An Jie is surprised that Xi Chen drives her, and he remembers he asked the driver to let him drive An Jie. An Jie thinks Xi Chen’s action is very ridiculous, but he points out that she took the car wrongly. She asks him to drop her, but he thinks the road is very dangerous.

Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

Love Cures All

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Cures All Chinese Drama: Episode 3.

Xi Chen chases An Jie and holds umbrella for her. She asks him why he is there, and he explains that he went to see his parents. He wants to walk her home, but she says that she can walk on her own. He reminds her that she will be sent to hospital if she is wet.

The two go home, and Xi Chen tells her to call him if she meets the similar things. But she says that he doesn’t need his caring, and she prefers to lie in the bed of hospital when comparing to take his car. Lin Mom notes that An Jie is wet, and asks her to get changed. An Jie asks Lin Mom to boil the noodles for her.

Lin Mom asks Xi Chen if he wants a bowl of noodles, but he says that he will cook it himself and wants to cook noodles for An Jie. An Jie is choked when she learns that Xi Chen cooked the noodles for her, and refuses to eat.

Mom picks clothes for Jia Zhen, but Jia Zhen says that she won’t wear it. Mom asks Jia Zhen to manage their family company, but Jia Zhen dreams to be a lawyer. Mom points out that the society isn’t lack of the new graduate lawyer like Jia Zhen. Jia Zhen thinks she just interned, but Mom reminds Jia Zhen that she doesn’t have any case source.

Jia Zhen says that she will do law works, and sees Piao Zheng walking through. She chases him and asks him to take her away. He offers to get a place to drink.

Xi Chen sees An Jie eating junk food, and thinks she has great personality to not eat his noodles. She thinks he cares for her too much, and he reminds her that the junk food will damage her health. She tells him not to peep at girl’s room.

Piao Zheng takes Jia Zhen to the restaurant and notes that she just points at the dishes without eating. She reveals she is on diet and doesn’t know which dish she should eat. He tells her to eat more because she is slim. Cheng Jing is surprised to see Piao Zheng, and she thinks he is eating with his girlfriend. He explains that Jia Zhen is just his younger sister’s friend, and introduces Cheng Jing as school goddess.

Piao Zheng tells Jia Zhen that he and Cheng Jing were playing together, and they lost the contact after she made a rich boyfriend. He realizes that he didn’t ask for Cheng Jing’s number, but Jia Zhen thinks Cheng Jing has the child. Piao Zheng is disappointed, and she comforts him that Cheng Jing doesn’t look like giving birth because her shape is hot. She thinks he has a chance, and he explains that he misses Cheng Jing because he haven’t seen her for a long time.

Jia Zhen tells Piao Zheng not to lie if he likes Cheng Jing. He gets the chicken leg and rice cake to her. The director reminds Zhen Lin that Yier group is out of the range they can burden because Xi Chen keeps seeing the people of investment banks. Zhen Lin worries that people will look down on Jian group as they knew that Jian group will be acquisition of Yier group. Ms. Shen offers to be acquisition of Tairui design, which is under the Yier group. Zhen Lin asks Ms. Shen to arrange Xi Chen and his meeting.

Xi Chen reveals Tairui keeps loss these years, and thinks only Jian group can save the company. Lu Lu calls Ya Li and tells her that Ye Lin is drinking. Ya Li arrives and asks Ye Lin what’s the matter. He shares that he can only forget An Jie while being anesthesia by alcohol. He says that his heart has been cold for six years when she has left for six years, and she doesn’t need him when she returns. He thinks An Jie is heartless, and falls asleep.

Lu Lu tells Ya Li not to put Ye Lin’s words in her mind, and Ya Li asks the workers to boost their process. She threatens to let them get lost if she doesn’t get the thing tomorrow. Piao Zheng calls his classmates and learns that Cheng Jing broke up.

An Jie meets with Jia Zhen in the cafe, and thinks the black tea is good. She shares that Xi Chen is living in her house, and Jia Zhen has the guts because Yier and Jian are fighting. Jia Zhen asks An Jie to keep her, and shares that his mom asked her to manage the family company. But An Jie points out that Jia Zhen’s mom still cares for her.

Jia Zhen asks An Jie if Piao Zheng likes someone, and An Jie shares that he doesn’t have any girlfriend. An Jie asks Jia Zhen why she asked it, and Jia Zhen claims that she is just curious. But she smiles.

Xi Chen asks Zhen Lin to keep the independence of Tai Rui, and thinks it’s the only way to win win. Zhen Lin agrees with it but he wants to get Ye Lin to be the spokesman of Jianai apartment. He asks Xi Chen to take An Jie to do the heritage handover of her mom.

Secretary thinks they should gave too many works to Ye Lin as his younger sister is in the hospital. Xi Chen points out that Ya Li can take care of Ye Lin’s sister, and wants to pay the operation fee of Ye Lin’s sister. But Secretary thinks Ye Lin won’t accept the help of Xi Chen. Xi Chen tells Secretary not to tell it to Ye Lin.

Ye Lin is called to the lake by his sister Xiao Xiao, and is surprised to see Ya Li. She tells him that there was a boy that she couldn’t move the eyes from him after she saw him. There was a girl in his mind, but she couldn’t help but to love him. They stayed for a short time, but it was the best memory all her life. Even if they broke up, but he is still the person she wants to walk together all her life.

Ya Li wants to try hard for herself, and hands over the gift box to him. He opens the box and finds the ring with blue diamond. She confesses her love to him, but he points out that they broke up for a long time. But she says that many people think they’re together. She thinks Xiao Xiao is like her family. He thanks her for taking care of Xiao Xiao but thinks it’s not love.

Ya Li tells Ye Lin that her love to him isn’t less than the his love to An Jie, and thinks the person who has been with him is her these years. He feels sorry, and she hugs him and asks for marriage. But he returns the ring to her.

Xi Chen notes that Yu Ling just cried, and guesses he missed An Jie. So he takes him to see An Jie. An Jie asks for Xi Chen’s phone, and takes a photo of herself. She gives the phone to Yu Ling and asks him to see her photo. Xi Chen wants to send An Jie to sign the contract, but she says that she can go herself.

The next day, An Jie visits Xi Chen and asks him to delete her photo. She asks him to hand over his phone, but he claims it’s his personal stuff. She points out that he took it out very fast, but he says that it depends on his mood.

An Jie is surprised that Xi Chen drives her, and he remembers he asked the driver to let him drive An Jie. An Jie thinks Xi Chen’s action is very ridiculous, but he points out that she took the car wrongly. She asks him to drop her, but he thinks the road is very dangerous.

Xi Chen reminds An Jie that she will be late as she appointed the lawyer at the 9 am. She wonders how he knew it. He mentions that Yier and Jian are families, so he and she are… But she says that they’re strangers. She asks for his phone, and he promises to give to to her when they arrive at the company.

An Jie runs into Ye Lin in the hall, and she chooses to walk stairs. Xi Chen walks her and thinks she should go to exercise. Ye Lin mentions the two took stairs instead of elevator, and An Jie says that life is about exercise. Ye Lin thought An Jie avoids him, and says that the boss is under his foot when he was in a high rack before.

Ye Lin tells An Jie that Xi Chen is his boss, and he looked up on him the past six years. He thinks it’s funny. But Xi Chen reminds Ye Lin that he wouldn’t get the performance if he didn’t cultivate him. But Ye Lin thinks his achievement is exchanged by all of his regret and paying out. Xi Chen reminds Ye Lin that he will make him fall, but Ye Lin says that he wants to walk down if there isn’t the scenery he wants at the top of stairs.

Ye Lin asks An Jie to design the advertising of Jianai apartment, but she walks away. Xi Chen stops Ye Lin from chasing An Jie, but Ye Lin thinks she will agree with it.

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