Love Designer: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Love Designer: Episode 1. Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat) is taken wedding photos with her husband, and he gets a call from Xiao Zhang. The husband goes to pick up phone, and Zhou Fang tells the girl that the wedding dress was designed by her.

Love Designer: Episode 1 Recap

Love Designer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Designer: Episode 1.

The husband talks with the girl over the phone, and lies that he’s in the meeting. But she tells him to turn around.

The girl thinks Zhou Fang and the husband Zi Yang love each other, and Zhou Fang tells the girl that she will meet someone like Ze Yang.

But Zhou Fang sees Ze Yang arguing with the girl Pei Pei, and Pei Pei tells Zhou Fang that she is Ze Yang’s girlfriend. Zhou Fang gives Ze Yang a slap, and she walks away.

Zhou Fang walks on the road, and takes off her shoes. Song Lin drives by and he trips. Zhou Fang goes to see Song Lin, but he blames her for walking on the motorway.

Song Lin gets Zhou Fang to push motorcycle for him, and he treats her the meal. She complains that her boyfriend cheated on her. But he thinks it’s not his business, and he leaves when she’s drunk.

Song Lin is told that there’s only one room, and he drags Zhou Fang to the bed. He calls someone and asks for a car.

The next day, Ze Yang reports to police that his fiancee is missing. Zhou Fang tailors her wedding dress, and Song Lin gets her to drive the car.

But the police stops the two, and take them to the police station. Ze Yang shows up, but Zhou Fang pretends not to know him.

Ze Yang tries to explain it to Zhou Fang. Qin Qing shows up and lifts a brick. Ze Yang has to run away. Qin Qing recognizes Song Lin, and Zhou Fang wants to return money to Song Lin. But he walks away.

Qin Qing takes Zhou Fang to the nightclub, and she joins the gathering for the foods when she doesn’t know anybody in the gathering.

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Qin Qing tells the guy that she knows Nan Ge. But Nan Ge is there, and thinks the two cheated for foods. Yu Lin claims that Qin Qing is his friend, and she drinks with him.

Qin Qing thinks Song Lin matches Zhou Fang, but she reveals he has a girlfriend Luna. Yu Lin waits for the two, and gets the driver to drive them.

Qin Qing thinks Yu Lin is good at hooking girls, and mentions he said that he knows her. Zhou Fang returns her company and finds out that the place is empty. She calls Zi Yang.

Yu Lin walks Qin Qing home, and she gets him to catch her cat Ke Ke. She gives her number to him.

The lawyer Lao Shen tells Zhou Fang that she cannot sue Zi Yang as it’s compliance with legal procedure.

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