Love Designer: Episode 10 Recap

Luna teams up with Zhou Fang on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 10 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer: Episode 10 begins with Song Lin telling Zhou Fang that Yu Shan might use her to attack him. She gets angry and threatens to quit the game. The design game begins. Yu Shan goes to see Zhou Fang and praises her talent. It makes other designers jealous. The director announces that only Zhou Fang got a pass. The designer gets angry and thinks she has a background as her design is better than Zhou Fang.

Zhen Dong goes to see Zhou Fang’s competition, and he runs into Yu Lin. Zhen Dong asks Qin Qing if Yu Lin is her boyfriend. She says that he isn’t her boyfriend anymore. Zhou Fang knows that got a pass because of Yu Shan, and she asks Song Lin about her design. He says nothing about it, and tells her to focus on her design.

Yu Lin reports to Song Lin that nobody wants to team up with Zhou Fang as she is a newbie. Song Lin tells Yu Lin to leak it to Zhou Fang. Qin Qing blames Song Lin for not helping Zhou Fang. But Zhou Fang thinks he is right that she should does it on her own. She takes her resume to see people one by one, but she gets rejected.

Song Lin knows that Luna wants to team up with Zhou Fang, and he tells her not to ruin Zhou Fang. She knows that he wants to protect the girl, and she is surprised to see his soft side. Yu Lin tells Zhou Fang that Luna wants to work with her. Zhou Fang sees Luna and asks her why she wants to help her. Luna tells Zhou Fang to treat her as a chip to fight with people. The two make a deal.

Ru Hui and Lao Zhou intend to cook for Xiao Di. They runs into Xiao Di and Song Luo. Xiao Di introduces Xiao Di as his classmate. Ru Hui invites Xiao Di to their house. Xiao Di tells Song Luo to go home as he worries that it will be a trouble if Song Lin comes.

Love Designer ends with Song Luo telling Xiao Di that she likes to see the trouble. Song Lin walks in the house like a master, and asks Xiao Di if there are guests. Ru Hui catches Song Lin.

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