Love Designer: Episode 12 Recap

Luna wrongs Zhou Fang for stepping in her and Song Ling’s love relationship on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 12 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer: Episode 12 begins with the man telling Qin Qing that Yu Lin shared what she likes to him, and he likes his character. She waits for Yu Lin and thinks he still wants to watch her. He explains that he just recommended a restaurant she likes to his rival in love.

Yu Lin tells Qin Qing that he didn’t visit her because he knows he is annoying. He thanks her for not indulging him, and thinks he has the right to pursue her again.

Luna walks Assistant and thinks she is old. Assistant blames Luna for rehearsal the show many times. Luna thinks the fans won’t be disappointed when she is serious. Assistant points out that Luna just doesn’t want to disappoint Song Lin.

Zhou Fang shows up and tells Luna to get changed in the restroom. But Luna trips. Song Lin arrives at the hospital and sees Luna. He notes that Zhou Fang was hurt, and chases her. Luna gets angry. Song Lin treats Zhou Fang’s hand, and she thinks he likes to help people.

The reporter Pei Pei visits Zhou Fang and wants to interview her. Zhou Fang remembers that Pei Pei was the girl her ex-boyfriend cheated on. She doesn’t feel well and goes to the restroom. But Pei Pei leaves when Zhou Fang returns. Luna introduces Zhou Fang to her fans, and tells them to support her.

Zhou Fang achieves the eighth place, and she celebrates it with Yu Lin, Qin Qing and Zhen Dong. Yu Lin walks Qin Qing home and asks her out. She doesn’t promise it. So he tells her to turn on the light he gave her if she agrees. But the switch is broken when she tries to turn it on.

Zhou Fang receives the flowers from Song Lin, and he cheers her up. Song Luo notes the flowers in Zhou Fang’s room, and thinks it was sent by her brother. But Song Lin denies it. He visits Zhou Fang and makes sure if she eats the foods he gave her.

Ru Hui feels happy for her daughter, and gets her friends to vote for Zhou Fang. She tells her not to contact Song Lin as she thinks he is with bad moral quality. Qin Qing tells Zhou Fang to take a look at the news, and Zhou Fang finds out that the news says that she stepped in Luna and Song Lin’s love relationship.

Wang He tells Song Lin to work with Luna for the company, but he rejects it. Luna waits for Song Lin and tells him that she didn’t hurt Zhou Fang. He tells her that she cannot kidnap him, and he walks away. Qin Qing thinks Luna framed Zhou Fang, but Zhou Fang doesn’t believe it.

Love Designer ends with Quan Ye threatening to quit as she thinks there is a shady deal in the show. Zhou Fang cannot stand it and she tells Quan Ye to talk directly.

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