Love Designer: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Love Designer: Episode 2. Lao Shen thinks Ze Yang has planned it. Qin Qing is furious and wonders why Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat) loved Ze Yang so deeply. Zhou Fang doesn’t know and wonders how Ze Yang had acted in front of her for 5 years.

Love Designer: Episode 2 Recap

Love Designer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Designer: Episode 2.

Song Lin gets Chen Cheng to look into the factory. Yu Lin joins Chen Cheng, and the two take back the clothes. But they got beaten.

Song Lin visits Lao Shen, and Lao Shen tells Song Lin that Zhou Fang was tricked by her fiance.

Qin Qing scolds Zhou Fang for not seeing the real face of Ze Yang, and Zhou Fang’s mom calls the two back. Zhou Fang tells her mom Ru Hui that she broke up with Ze Yang. Qin Qing adds that he took away all of the money. Rui Hui gets a heart attack.

The nanny reports to Song Lin that Song Lin’s music makes her heart sick, and he tells his sister Song Lin to turn off the music.

Qin Qing reminds Zhou Fang the order so that Zhou Fang calls Director Wang. She is told that the order is production. The two feel happy.

Zhou Fang tells the employees her new plan, but she receives lawyer letter from Shen Yuan. Zhou Fang calls Shen Yuan and asks him to help her. But he rejects it as Song Lin is in his office.

Zhou Fang and Qin Qing wait for Shen Yuan, and they want to see Song Lin. Shen Yuan calls Song Lin and tells him that Zhou Fang wants to see him. Zhou Fang takes the phone and pretends to be close to Song Lin. But he hangs up. The friend tells Song Lin not to be single.

Zhou Fang and Qin Qing wait for Song Lin, and ask him not to sue them. He rejects it and thinks the two fear to take duty. Qin Qing stops Song Lin and tells him that Zhou Fang wanted to be a designer as well. She doesn’t want to him to look down on Zhou Fang. But he points out that the the respect is by herself.

Zhou Fang asks Qin Qing about Wu San, and she says that he hadn’t contact her after he left. She thinks he intends to hook her. Wu San texts Qin Qing but he cancels it soon. She misunderstands him more.

Luna asks Manager if Song Lin called her. Manager denies and tells her to stop loss. Luna thinks Song Lin will choose her in the end. Manager asks if he meets someone he loves. Luna claims that she won’t allow it to happen.

Director Wang tells Zhou Fang that they cannot produce her clothes, and she takes back the cloth. Zhou Fang shows her design to her employees, and tells them that she decides to produce clothes herself while the employees think they’re lack of designer.

Zhou Fang takes the clothes to see President Qi. President Qi hesitates. His wife shows up and complains about the dress. Zhou Fang shows her design to her, and promises to make the dress.

Yu Lin calls Qin Qing and asks her what she’s doing. She lies that she is staying with handsome men at the bar. But she sees him after opening the door.

Yu Lin tells Qin Qing that he wants to pursue her, and promises to work hard to match her. She tells him that love isn’t about money, and asks him out.

President Qi’s wife likes the dress Zhou Fang designed for her, and Qin Qing donates her expensive ring. President Qi gives the order to Zhou Fang. Shen Yuan thinks Song Lin is cruel to Zhou Fang, and reveals she designed clothes.

Zhou Fang meets with Elder Female Cousin who asks her to take care of her son Xiao Di. Xiao Di joins the class and he reports to Teacher that Song Luo listens to music. Teacher rages and tells Song Luo to hand over her earphones.

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