Love Designer: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Love Designer: Episode 3. Song Luo tells Xiao Di to change seat, but he ignores her. Ru Hui blames Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat) for not reporting to her, and gives the drumstick to Xiao Di. Zhou Fang laughs.

Love Designer: Episode 3 Recap

Love Designer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Designer: Episode 3.

Dad tries to give her bank card to Zhou Fang. She rejects it and reveals she sold her house.

Zhou Fang learns that Song Luo beat Xiao Di, and wants to see her parents. Song Lin shows up and tells Song Luo to apologize to Xiao Di. But she is furious to run away.

Zhou Fang takes Xiao Di to infirmary and asks him about Song Luo’s background. Xiao Di reveals Song Luo is raised by his brother Song Lin.

Song Lin waits for Zhou Fang and asks her about the bank card. She says that it’s the fees when they were in the island, and tells him not to be strict to his sister.

Yu Lin gets his first salary in his life, and treats Qin Qing the meal. Qin Qing sees Zi Yang, and tells his client that he’s a liar.

Ze Yang abuses Qin Qing that she is a shrew. She slaps him, and he tries to beat her. But Yu Lin stops Ze Yang. Ze Yang intends to flee, but Qin Qing tells Yu Lin not to let Zi Yang leave.

Qin Qing calls Zhou Fang and tells her to come to her house. Zhou Fang arrives and she sees Ze Yang.

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Song Lin fails to persuade Song Luo to eat. Zhou Fang calls Song Lin and asks him to help her interrogate Ze Yang.

Song Lin asks Ze Yang where he got the design, and Ze Yang wants to talk with Zhou Fang. He tells her the truth. Zhou Fang tells Song Yin that she wants to do original design. Qin Qing thinks Song Lin will catch the chance to be close to Zhou Fang.

Song Lin gives the tickets of music festival to Song Luo, and she feels happy. Yun Lin visits Qin Qing who is going to travel. He tells her that he will pursue her again after she goes back.

Qin Qing asks Yu Lin why he likes her. But she tells him to leave when he keeps sneezing.

Song Lin needs to leave and he cannot attend the music festival with Song Luo. She is furious to leave. Ru Hui arranges a blind date meeting for Zhou Fang, and tells her that she cannot avoid it.

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