Love Designer: Episode 4 Recap

Zhou Fang and Song Lin go on the blind date. Luna decides to frame Zhou Fang on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 4 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer begins with Zhou Fang’s mom arranging the blind date gathering for her, and she has to accept it. Song Luo goes to the bar with her bad friend. Song Lin calls his sister, but her friend turns off her phone, and gets the jerk to take care of drunk Song Luo.

Song Lin calls Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat) and asks her to find Song Luo for him. Zhou Fang arrives at the nightclub, and sees the man taking Song Luo away. Zhou Fang stops the man and sends Song Luo to the hospital. Song Lin arrives at the hospital and scolds Song Luo, and the two have a fight.

Zhou Fang intends to move her office to the cheap area. Song Lin visits her and hears her mom asking her to go to the blind date gathering. He find her there and takes her away. Hui Ru sees Song Lin and mistakes him as Zhou Fang’s new boyfriend.

Song Lin takes Zhou Fang to the cafe, and he asks her to help him persuade his sister. Someone takes a photo of them. Zhou Fang tells Song Lin to cook for Song Luo, Song Luo accepts her brother’s apology. Love Designer shows how Zhou Fang helps Song Lin, and this is why he falls for her.

Luna sees the photo of Zhou Fang and Song Lin, and she asks her to design the dress for her. Zhou Fang accepts it. But Qin Qing suspects Luna’s intent, and points out that Song Lin loves Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang doesn’t want to be Song Lin’s mistress as he has a girlfriend.

Song Lin goes to see Zhou Fang, and she asks him if he likes her. He admits it and claims that he doesn’t intend to pursue her. He says that Luna isn’t his girlfriend. Yu Lin takes the girl to see Qin Qing, and Qin Qing promises to design ring for the girl. Yu Lin explains that the girl is his friend’s girlfriend, and he asks her out. She agrees to it and lets him hold her hand.

Song Luo paints the wall of campus. The teacher asks her to call her brother. But Song Luo calls Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang arrives at the school, and she is surprised that Song Luo painted on the wall of campus. She tells her that she has a better place to let her paint.

Yu Lin is allowed to take part in the board meeting, and Song Lin asks him how to promote their original brand. Yu Lin offers to send the designer to the stage with the stars. Song Lin agrees to it and wants to get the stars into players.

Luna asks Zhou Fang to take the dress to see her, and Zhou Fang arrives at the hotel. But she is surprised to see Song Lin in the room. Love Designer ends with Luna showing up wearing the pajamas, and she scolds Zhou Fang for giving her cheap clothes in front of Song Lin.

Zhou Fang and Song Lin become friend after she helped him make up with his sister. But Luna mistakes their relationship and frames Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang’s path is hard after Luna appeared. Luna treats her as enemy even if Zhou Fang doesn’t want to fall in love in Song Lin.

Song Luo loves painting, and Zhou Fang takes the chance to be close to Song Luo. The girl’s birthday is coming, and Song Lin asks Zhou Fang how to celebrate birthday for his sister. She can help him make Song Luo happy without any problem.

Yu Lin plays the big role in the company after he gave Song Lin the useful advice. He and Qing Qin’s love will run well. He matches the goddess if he becomes the director of the company, even if she doesn’t care about it. Luna scolds Zhou Fang in front of Song Lin, and he will dislike Luna as she’s rude to the girl he loves.

Luna isn’t aware of it. She thinks Song Lin will love her when she steps on the girl who flirts with him. She will lose on Love Designer in the end.

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