Love Designer: Episode 5 Recap

Zhou Fang gets humiliation by Luna, but she still doesn’t give up design on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 5 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer begins with Luna stepping on Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat)’s clothes. Zhou Fang doesn’t get angry and promises to bring the dress that Luna likes. Song Lin (Johnny Huang) visits Zhou Fang and takes her to the beach. She releases her anger to the sea, but he tells her that she needs to improve her design. She is furious and talks back the his clothes make people feel comfortable even if he has concept on it.

Zhou Fang’s mom Hui Ru talks with her friends about her daughter, and the friend tells Hui Ru to marry a man who is divorced and has a child. But Lao Zhou thinks his daughter will bring back an outstanding son-in-law. Zhou Fang takes the new dress she designed to see Luna, and tells her not to treat her as enemy. She reveals she contacted Song Lin just because of his sister Song Luo. Zhou Fang knows that Luna won’t wear her dress, and she leaves. Luna’s assistant throws the dress.

Love Designer is a Chinese drama about design, and Zhou Fang is fated to meet the problems. Luna as a famous actress she must bully Zhou Fang. Because she knows that Song Lin doesn’t love her and their relationship is just based on business. She is arrogant and cannot stand an unknown man robbing man from her.

Mr. Wang and Song Lin have a meeting. Yu Lin joins them. Mr. Wang praises Yu Lin for giving him the idea, and he wants to hire the designers. Luna calls Song Lin but he turns off his phone. He goes to see her, and she asks him to drink with her. But he claims that he needs to drive and rejects it. She asks him if he gets angry because she bullied Zhou Fang in front of him. He denies and tells her not to step in his personal business. She thinks she is the best choice to him. But he points out that she isn’t the right choice to him.

Qin Qing (Viann Zhang) hears weird sound and mistakes that there is a thief. She takes the wine bottles and goes out. Yu Lin opens the lights and gives her a big surprised. She blames him for climbing over her wall instead of taking the door.

Zhou Fang’s clothes need some promoting but she doesn’t have enough money. The employee tells her to take part in the designer show, but she hesitates because the show is sponsored by Song Lin. The employee tells her to ignore it and just take part in.

Zhou Fang and Lao Zhou is watching animal world. Ru Hui shows up and sees Song Lin on the TV. She recalls Song Lin is the man who took Zhou Fang away from the blind date gathering, and thinks the two’re in love. She worries about it after knowing Song Lin has a child.

Luo Luo brings her design to her brother and wants to study fine arts. But Song Lin is against it. She gets angry and reveals Zhou Fang always supports her. He blames her for believing what the outsider said, but she points out that he brought Zhou Fang to her first.

Luo Luo shows some talent on Love Designer, and I think she becomes the outstanding designer in Zhou Fang’s help. Luo Luo sees that Song Lin likes Zhou Fang, and she tells Xiao Di to call her aunt because he will be her nephew if Zhou Fang marry to Song Lin. Luna brings present to Luo Luo and promises to take her to watch concert. Luo Luo feels happy first time as Song Lin’s sister.

Zhou Fang looks for house for her and Xiao Di, but the rent are expensive. Song Lin drives by. Love Designer ends with Zhou Fang getting call from seller that the landlord rents out with half price. Zhou Fang and Qing Qin are surprised, and thinks the the landlord isn’t lack of money. But our designer doesn’t know Song Lin helped her because of love.

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