Love Designer: Episode 7 Recap

Zhou Fang wants to move out but Song Lin disagrees on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 7 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer: Episode 7 begins with Yu Lin telling the boss to give the cat to him. But he is sent to hospital. Qin Qing knows what happened and she arrives at the hospital. She scolds him for toughing cat when he is allergy, and promises to be his girlfriend for three month.

Song Lin goes to see Yu Lin as his boss, and he runs into Zhou Fang. He asks her if she is allergy to love, and tells her to drive him home. She tells him not to sit the backseat as she isn’t his driver. But she drives away after he got off the car.

Mr. Wang tells Song Lin that the president Yu Shan asks for the naming right of the show, and asks him what he will do to deal with it. Song Lin doesn’t know. Luna shows up and tells him that she can help him. But he claims that he has a business and he leaves.

Luna asks Mr. Wang about the relationship of Song Lin and Zhou Fang. He comforts her that the two knows each other just because of lawsuit. He tells her that he will marry her if she doesn’t get Song Lin.

Mr. Wang brings the food to Song Lin, and asks him if he likes Zhou Fang. Song Lin says that he has a crush on the girl, and gets Mr. Wang to see the house Zhou Fang lives. Mr. Wang reports it to Luna, and she meets with Zhou Fang.

Luna tells Zhou Fang to move out from Song Lin’s house, and promises to give her the money as she looked into financial situation. But Zhou Fang tells Luna that she won’t use money from someone else. Song Luo joins Zhou Fang and Xiao Di when the two are having hot pot. Song Lin shows up and wants to join them. But Zhou Fang claims that it’s her house and drives him away. He has to leave and tells Song Luo to leave the soup to him after she eats up. It makes Song Luo and Zhou Fang laugh.

Zhou Fang calls the manager and wants to sublet the house, but he tells her that she must get the agreement from the landlord. Love Designer ends with Song Lin asking Zhou Fang if Luna saw her. He tells her not to move out as Xiao Di needs her. She promises to think about it.

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