Love Designer: Episode 8 Recap

The rival in love appears. Song Lin senses the crisis on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 8 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer: Episode 8 begins with Zhou Fang being drunk to return home. Song Lin reminds her the designer game. She promises to draw a tortoise on her arm if she fails home. Zhen Dong takes Qin Qing home. Yu Lin waits for her, and Zhen Dong leaves her to Yu Lin. But Yu Lin doesn’t know the code of the door. So Zhen Dong opens the door for the two.

Song Luo and Song Lin see the red stuff in Zhou Fang’s room, and they mistake her to take her life. The two break into the room, but they find out that it’s just the wine. Zhou Fang thinks Song Lin doesn’t respect her privacy. She visits Luna and tells her that she and Song Lin are just friends. But Luna doesn’t believe what Zhou Fang said, and treats her as the rival in love. Yu Shan and Song Lin have meal with the president, and the two compete for the design show. Wang He tells Song Lin that Luna promises to help him if he lets Zhou Fang move out. Song Lin thinks it’s too ridiculous, and he rejects it.

Luna shows up when the president is going to give the show to Yu Shan. She tells him that she is interested in taking part in the show. He feels happy as she is a hot actress. Song Lin tells the drunk Luna to get in the car. She rejects it and mentions she helped him. He promises to repay her, and she hugs him when the reporter is taking photos of them.

Song Luo shows the photos to her brother, and thinks he is a jerk who dates two women at the same time. She tells him to sort it out. Song Lin sees someone driving Zhou Fang home, and he goes downstairs to see the two. she introduces her classmate Zhen Dong to him.

Song Lin buys Song Luo and Xiao Di the bicycles. Song Luo hints Xiao Di to get Zhou Fang to teacher him how to ride bicycle. Song Lin’s eyes are fixed on Zhou Fang when he teaches his sister how to ride bicycle. Song Luo trips many times because of it.

Song Lin brings the drink to Zhou Fang, and asks about Zhen Dong. She tells him that Zhen Dong likes Qin Qing. But he doesn’t believe it. Zhen Dong meets with Qin Qing, and asks her about Song Lin. She explains that Song Lin is just the landlord of Zhou Fang, and thinks Zhen Dong wants to pursue Zhou Fang.

Love Designer ends with Song Lin driving his car showing up when Zhou Fang walks out of her house. He tells her that he is going to drive her to her office, and gets her to sit the front seat.

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