Love Designer: Episode 9 Recap

Zhou Fang is invited to take part in the design competition on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 9 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer: Episode 9 begins with Qin Qing noting Yu Lin tailing her. So she calls him and asks what he’s doing. He says that he does nothing. She thinks he doesn’t trust her and wants to break up with him. Song Lin thinks Zhou Fang designs alone and she won’t pass the selection. He takes her to the warehouse. She is shocked after seeing the clothes. He tells her to improve the quality of her products instead of promoting it.

Yu Lin follows Qin Qing and begs her not to break up with him. She is furious to get in her car. He stands in front of her car, and tells her to hit him. She gets off the car and tells him that they’re not suitable. Zhou Fang tells Xiao Kai to bring the clothes to her, and she improves the clothes. The employee stops Zhou Fang when she is going to take off clothes, and reminds her that the camera is filming her.

The president tells Song Lin that he will get Yu Shan to join the show. The follower shows Zhou Fang’s footage, and Yu Shan thinks Zhou Fang’s idea to improve clothes in 5 minutes is great. Luna tries to give the USB flash disk to Song Lin, and tells him to use it to hype his designer. But he rejects it as he wants to win the game with the quality of his clothes. She thinks he will need it one day.

Song Luo sees a man driving Zhou Fang home, and she visits Zhou Fang with Xiao Di. Zhou Fang applies the band-aid to Zhen Dong after he got hurt for repairing the sink. Song Lin calls Song Luo back. He gets angry after she called Zhen Dong as Dong brother, and points out that she never called him brother in such way. She talks back that Zhen Dong is kindness even if he is a scholar.

Yu Lin reports to Song Lin that Yu Shan let Zhou Fang pass the selection. Song Lin worries that Yu Shan will use her to attack him. Zhou Fang feels happy after knowing that she passed the selection. She is drunk to visit Song Lin, and thinks he doesn’t know her talent.

Love Designer ends with Song Lin taking Zhou Fang to river bank and telling her that Yu Shan made her pass the selection. He doesn’t know what Yu Shan will deal with the two as he helped him to grow up before.

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