Love Is Sweet: Episode 10 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 10. The girls talk about Tang Xin and think she was close to Wan Shan to become famous. The follower tells Wan Shan that they rejected all of the media. Wan Shan stops the follower and tells him that he doesn’t intend to reject the reporters.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 10 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 10.

Wan Shan walks downstairs. The reporters ask him to say something about Tang Xin. Wan Shan tells them that Tang Xin lied. He says that he will talk with her if she has evidences. He adds that Wan Xin keeps the right to sue Tang Xin.

Yuan Shuai tells the employees not to panic. He says that he will arrange tasks again, and tells Jiang Jun to visit the new CEO of Wan Xing Group President Luo with him. Qiao Na thinks Yuan Shuai had found the problem of Wan Shan, and blames him for not telling her. She asks him if she’s outsider, and wants to accompany him to the meeting.

Yuan Shuai rejects it and tells Qiao Na that Jiang Jun will accompany him. Qiao Na tells Jiang Jun to come to her office. She asks her to sort out the papers before tomorrow afternoon. Jiang Jun is shocked but she still accepts the task.

Jiang Jun carries the papers out, and tells Shen Xin that Qiao Na asked her to sort out the papers. Shen Xin points out that they have checked the papers, and thinks Jiang Jun cannot complete the papers in one night. Chen Yicheng thinks Jiang Jun dragged him again. But he takes some of papers from her.

Jiang Jun thanks Chen Yicheng. But he tells her not to thank him as he just repaid the grace she helped him the the interview. He says that they will be competitor after dealing with the case. But she wants to be his friend. He rejects it.

Li Xiaochuan helps Xu Li ti take the stuff when she’s too short to reach it. She catches the change to kiss him. He asks her if she feels uncomfortable in her eyes. She admits it. He takes the ice cream and gives it to her. She’s lost while holding the ice cream.

Li Xiaochuan wakes Xu Li up and tells her to check out. She does it. He gives 10 yuan to her for the net fees. But he points out that the speed is too slow as there were so many people using it. She tells him not to use it. He asks her if she gets angry. She denies and thinks she doesn’t have right to get angry as she thinks she’s just a normal employee of convenience store.

Li Xiaochuan realizes what Xu Li talks about is the label he did to her. He explains that it’s the fastest method to search her. He asks her if it was the reason he blocked her. She asks him how he knew it, and thinks he has paid attention to her.

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