Love Is Sweet: Episode 2 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 2. Yuan Shuai drives Jiang Jun to the hospital, and he tells the doctor that she’s allergy to tears. The doctor thinks Yuan Shuai know it, and sends Jiang Jun to the emergency room.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 2 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 2.

Yuan Shuai goes to see Jiang Jun when she falls asleep. He types something with her phone. Xu Li arrives at the hospital. She walks in Jiang Jun’s room. Yuan Shuai shows up and sighs.

Jiang Jun reads something. She thrills and thinks the roles are going to have a kiss. Yuan Shuai shows up from her back, and asks what she is reading. But she doesn’t want to let him read it. So he takes the book away and learns that she is reading love novel.

Jiang Jun tries to take her book back. But it’s ripped. She is furious and thinks Yuan Shuai is insane. He notes that she is crying, and forces her to look up. He tells her to bear it. He doesn’t allow her to cry.

Jiang Jun wakes up and tells herself not to cry while getting up. Xu Li runs to hug Jiang Jun. She cries and says that she thought she wouldn’t see her again. Jiang Jun asks Xu Li if she sent her to the hospital. Xu Li tells Jiang Jun that she told her to come.

Jiang Jun is shocked. Xu Li thinks Jiang Jun got angry by her to lose her memories. She adds that she never saw her crying even if she has known her for 7 years. She says that she didn’t believe it when she said that she’s allergy to tears.

Xu Li feels guilty as she gave out the bad idea. But Jiang Jun tells Xu Li that it wasn’t because of her. She remembers she and Yuan Shuai had a kiss. Xu Li tells Jiang Jun to take the medicine first. Jiang Jun sees the message she sent to apologize to Yuan Shuai. She is furious to throw away the phone as she wouldn’t send the message. Xu Li sees the photo Yuan Shuai kisses the girl, and recognizes Jiang Jun through the hairpin.

The girl asks Su Chang if he knows Yuan Shuai’s mysterious girlfriend since he’s close to the boss. She reveals Yuan Shuai admitted it yesterday. He takes a look at the photo, and thinks they can see nothing. She thinks Yuan Shuai hid the girlfriend deeply since Su Chang doesn’t know it. Qian Na is furious to show up and tells the employees to delete the photos.

Su Chang asks Yuan Shuai why he didn’t share the happy thing with him. He thinks the iron tree is going to bloom. Su Chang sees Jiang Jun’s resume and tells Yuan Shuai to hire her if he likes her as MH doesn’t lack the position. Yuan Shuai tells Su Chang to review the papers if he’s idle.

Su Chang takes Yuan Shuai to the yard. Yuan Shuai tells Ms. Zhang that he wants to rent her house. But she thinks she should be in good faith as the who rents her house is very nice. She adds that she gave her presents when there’re festivals.

Ms. Zhang tells Yuan Shuai that the girl has no home to stay if she takes the house back. But she has a deal with him when he offers more money. She tells him that he can take bag to live instantly.

Yuan Shuai tells the real estate agent to list his house online with a low price. The agent tells Yuan Shuai to rent it to him if he wants to do charity. Yuan Shuai tells the agent to renovate the house. The agent promises to complete the task.

Jiang Jun gives the clothes to Yuan Shuai and tells him that she has washed it. He tries to open the bag to make sure if he really washed it. She stops him. He tells her that being cautious is the basic literacy of the industry. He asks her what happened on her face. She points out that he asks it when he’s known it.

Jiang Jun shows the news to Yuan Shuai and thinks she was the only one who answered it right. She asks him why he kicked her out. He tells her that she really answered it right but it’s just temporary. He adds that Ma Yuke did it for the position of board of directors.

Yuan Shuai tells Jiang Jun to trust him, and thinks she’s not suitable for MH. She doesn’t believe it. He tells her that he will let her get into MH if he can complete his test. She agrees to it. He smiles.

Yuan Shuai takes Jiang Jun to the clothing store, and gets her to only try on the clothes without buying. She thinks he’s a demon and it’s a terrible test. She tells the seller that she wants to try on the clothes. The seller lets her do it but glares at her.

Yuan Shuai learns that Jiang Jun didn’t complete the task. He asks her why she didn’t continue to do it when she was going to win. He thinks the seller didn’t give her a good face was right because she tried on seven clothes and didn’t want to buy.

Yuan Shuai mentions Jiang Jun was awkward like she’s shot, and she ran away. She thinks it’s not a test but playing her. He sees that she’s a sensitive person from the test. He thinks she cannot do it because investment industry is like a battlefield.

Yuan Shuai tells Jiang Jun that consulting industry is suitable for her. He gives her the position of the Director Assistant, and tells her not to thank him. She takes off her mask and tells him that she won’t give up. She swears to get into MH. But he mentions what he said that she cannot get into MH.

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