Love Is Sweet: Episode 8 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 8. Yuan Shuai reminds Jiang Jun that she made the mistake while giving the speech. She tells him not to mentions. Qiao Na shows up and glares at Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun fails in the eye fight. She runs away from the office.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 8 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 8.

Linda takes Du Lei to the party and congratulate President Du on his birthday. He thanks her. Du Le gives the present to his dad. President Du thinks Linda got Du Lei to do that as he thought he wouldn’t come. Linda explains that Du Lei was very busy. But President Du tells her that he doesn’t ask her about it.

President Du tells Du Lei not to come if he’s not sincere. He thinks he’s hypocritical. He tells him to get out if he still shows the looks. Du Lei gets his father’s point and tells him to take care of himself. Madam Zhai thinks Linda is pretty. So President Du introduces Linda to her.

Linda walks to Du Lei and says that she thought he had left. He asks her if she won’t let him come if he leaves. He thinks he has to perform in his father next birthday party. She laughs and thinks his condition isn’t bad since he can crack a joke.

Lina tells Du Lei that she knew he didn’t want to come with her. But Dad treats him like real son. She tells him to think more from President Du’s situation. But Du Lei thinks he’s just a substitute. Linda tells him that she never treats him as substitute. He takes a look at his watch and thinks he broke the record as it’s over 25 minutes.

Du Lei congratulates President Wan on becoming the CEO of Wanxing Group. President Wan learns that Du Lei is the Little President Du. He tells him that he just gets trusted by people, not getting what he wanted. Du Lei thinks he used the words wrongly, and tells President Wan that his taking office is a good news for the IPO of Wanxing Group.

President Wan thinks Du Lei has a good sense of smell. But he says that MH has been the partner since the previous president. Du Lei tells President Wan that he doesn’t come to rob business, and reminds him that Yuan Shuai isn’t a easy person who can be fooled. But President Wan tells Du Lei that he doesn’t need his suggestion. Du Lei gives his business card to President Wan and thinks he will visit him soon.

Xu Li dances in her workplace. Jiang Jun asks Xu Li for a cup of coffee. Xu Li gives Jiang Jun the drinks instead of coffee, and shows the slippers Li Xiaochuan gave her. Jiang Jun thinks it looks good as it can be used to take a bath.

Xu Li asks Jiang Jun what happened. Jiang Jun asks Xu Li if she owed Yuan Shuai something previous life. Xu Li learns that Yuan Shuai bullied her best sister again, and wants to deal with him.

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