Love the Way You Are: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap of Love the Way You Are: Episode 3. Eva finds out that she becomes Yuan Yuan, and Dong Cheng hugs her. He recognizes her, and she runs out. He chases her along the street, and she calls Xiao Nan, asking him to save her.

Love the Way You Are: Episode 3 Recap

Love the Way You Are: Episode 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love the Way You Are: Episode 3.

Yuan Yuan hides under a trash can, and Dong Sheng tells her not to avoid him. She tells him not to approach her, and he is happy because she is like before.

Yuan Yuan tells Dong Sheng not to follow her, and she gets in Xiao Nan’s car. Dong Sheng fails to reach the car.

Dong Sheng remembers he kissed Yuan Yuan, and asks Yi Ren and Ni Hao to look for his fiancee for him.

Xiao Nan tells Yuan Yuan to be on knees while holding a pineapple, and thinks she won’t get pain as she is fat. He blames her for cheating him that she wouldn’t get fat after eating Dong Sheng’s food, when she wants to stay with Dong Sheng.

Yuan Yuan explains that she got fat because she drank wine. She says that she did it for getting Dong Sheng’s secret, and she didn’t expect that she remembered nothing after the wine reached her belly.

Xiao Nan asks Yuan Yuan if she hurt Dong Sheng, but she thinks Xiao Nan should worry about her first. Xiao Nan says that Dong Sheng is more safe than Yuan Yuan as she is a single of mother’s womb. He tells her to leave until she becomes Eva. So she asks him to take some clothes for her.

Xiao Nan takes Yuan Yuan’s clothes and walks out. Yi Ran tells Dong Sheng that Eva lives in the building. He gets off and runs into Xiao Nan.

It flashes back. Xiao Nan beats Dong Sheng in the rain when Dong Sheng asks Yuan Yuan to open the door. Xiao Nan tells Dong Sheng that he will protect Yuan Yuan and make her not get hurt.

Dong Sheng gives Xiao Nan a hug, but Xiao Nan pushes Dong Sheng over. Yi Ren introduces Xiao Nan as Eva’s manager to Dong Sheng, and offers to have a meal since they know each other. Xiao Nan agrees to it but drives away.

Dong Sheng asks Ni Hao to follow Xiao Nan, and Yi Ren asks Dong Sheng if he needs them to accompany him. Dong Sheng says that it’s the thing between him and Xiao Nan.

Dong Sheng catches Xiao Nan and tells him that he isn’t the guy letting him use fist. He asks him where Yuan Yuan is. Xiao Nan says that he hasn’t contact Yuan Yuan for a long time, and asks Dong Sheng why he looks for Yuan Yuan. Dong Sheng says that he wants to explain what happened and apologize to Yuan Yuan.

Xiao Nan says that Yuan Yuan lives well and she doesn’t need Dong Sheng’s apology. Dong Dong wonders why Xiao Nan knows Yuan Yuan living well since he hasn’t contact her.

Dong Sheng gets in Xiao Nan’s car, and asks him to take him to look for Yuan Yuan. Xiao Nan takes Dong Sheng to airport, and tells him that Yuan Yuan is abroad. Dong Sheng thinks it’s impossible because Yuan Yuan was at his house.

Xiao Nan says that he took Yuan Yuan to take the flight to leave, and Dong Sheng asks which country she went. Xiao Nan says that Yuan Yuan got married, and she asked him and Eva to help her see Dong Sheng. Xiao Nan says that Yuan Yuan left too late and Dong Sheng found her.

Dong Sheng realizes that Eva wasn’t drunk and she knew what happened. He asks where Eva is. Xiao Nan says that Eva replaced him to attend Yuan Yuan’s wedding. Dong Sheng doesn’t believe it because Xiao Nan doesn’t have any evidence. Xiao Nan shows Yuan Yuan’s marriage certificate to Dong Sheng.

Yuan Yuan thinks Xiao Nan is the scriptwriter who is delayed by her model career, and he thinks the hurt Yuan Yuan got cannot be settled down by an apology. Yuan Yuan asks Xiao Nan where the photo of the marriage certificate came from. Xiao Nan reveals he made the fake information of Yuan Yuan when the reporter wanted to dig Eva out.

Yuan Yuan praises Xiao Nan as he tricked Dong Sheng, but she worries that Dong Sheng will look into the number of marriage certificate. Xiao Nan tells Yuan Yuan to say it according to the script. She brags that she is good at acting.

Ni Hao tells Dong Sheng that the photo isn’t photoshoped, and Dong Sheng tells Ni Hao to get out. Ni Hao tells Yi Ren that he didn’t tell Dong Sheng about the video, and she says that she will deal with the video.

Dong Sheng returns to the school, and sees Yuan Yuan confessing her feelings to him. But she was abused by the students. He wants to grab her hand, but she disappears. Dong Sheng remembers Xiao Nan told him that Yuan Yuan got married, and her husband loves her very much. He asked him if he really wants to ruin her life again.

Yuan Yuan looks at herself through the mirror, and thinks she will be slim soon. She takes Dong Sheng’s shirt, and wonders why her heartbeat was so fast when he lay beside her. She says that she cannot control herself even if she knows he will hurt her again when she is close to him. She says that she didn’t intend to cheat him and she couldn’t let the previous herself appear in front of him. She couldn’t let him know she is Yuan Yuan.

Yuan Yuan thinks Xiao Nan’s script is lack of something, and realizes that she didn’t post on her social media. She remembers she goes overseas to attend the wedding in the script, and posts a photo which she appears at the wedding. She thinks Xiao Nan should thank her as she fixes the big bug.

Dong Sheng sees the photos Eva posted, and he smiles.

Eva runs into Dong Sheng in the elevator, and she’s startled. She says that she’s sunburn because she went to Caribbean Sea. He pushes her suitcase away, and tells her that he visited the places she posted. He tells her the photos don’t come from Caribbean but India.

Eva tells Dong Sheng that it was Xiao Nan’s idea, and she had to obey Xiao Nan for living. Eva asks Dong Sheng to forgive her, but he lets her in his arms, asking if she knows what happened that night. She says that she knows nothing, and he asks her where Yuan Yuan is.

Eva pretends to know nothing, and Dong Sheng takes her chin and wants to kiss her. She is startled to run away, and he sees the suitcase she left.

Yi Ren waits for Mr. Guo, and asks him to offer a price to delete the video about Dong Sheng. But he doesn’t want her money. So she threatens to sue him. Xiao Nan shows up and thinks people have the right to consume Dong Sheng since he earned money via his reputation.

Mr. Guo agrees to it and gets in the cab. Yi Ren and Xiao Nan joins Mr. Guo, and ask him to offer a price. But Mr. Guo asks them to get off. Yi Ren thinks they could win win, but Xiao Nan says that he wanted to win himself.

Eva visits Dong Sheng and asks for water. She finds the suitcase, but he asks her to open it. She intends to flee with the suitcase, but it opens itself. Dong Sheng asks Eva why the shirt is in her suitcase since it was worn by Yuan Yuan. He asks her if she is Yuan Yuan.

Eva hugs Dong Sheng and tells him that she likes him. So she asked Yuan Yuan for the shirt. Eva lies in the bed and asks Dong Sheng if he allows her to sleep over. He says yes and tells her that he likes her as well. He says that he will take duty for what happened that night, and throws her to the bed.

Dong Sheng reminds Eva that she was initiative that night, but she points out that the one he slept with is Yuan Yuan.

Dong Sheng startles Xiao Nan and asks him where Yuan Yuan is. He asks him why he cheated her, and Xiao Nan says that he doesn’t want Dong Sheng to be close to Yuan Yuan. Dong Sheng explains that it was a misunderstanding, and Xiao Nan asks why Dong Sheng was public of Yuan Yuan’s love letter. Dong Sheng says that it wasn’t him.

Xiao Nan thinks Dong Sheng doesn’t want the past to leave stain on his perfect life, and promises not to mention it to anyone. Dong Sheng has a fight with Xiao Nan and tells him that he just wants to make up the hurt he did on Yuan Yuan. Someone takes photos of the two.

Xiao Nan tells Dong Sheng not to pretend to be a nice guy, and thinks he cannot make it up.

The man gives the photos to Gao Quan, and Jason Wang chooses Gao Quan because the rumor of Dong Sheng.

Yi Ren tells Dong Sheng to clarify the rumor, and he thinks he cannot wait to get killed.

Gao Quan is happy for getting the sponsorship, but the cook visits him and asks for the money he promised. Jason Wang arrives and recognizes the cook. He leaves then.

Dong Sheng tells MC that he returned to look for his first love, but she transferred when he intended to confess his love. Eva sees the interview and thinks he is a jerk even if he pretends to be a gentleman. But she runs into Dong Sheng in the elevator soon.

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